Tuesday, 31 May 2011

More Reading Comprehension Strategies

For Thursday and Friday depending which form you are in, you have to read "What the Cat told Me" by Diana Wyne Jones. It's long and not so easy. Do you remember some strategies I posted here?

Well, I'm adding one more to help you understand the story a bit better. Hope they are useful to you and that you apply them.

Determine Importance of Ideas

What’s the big idea? So what?

Good readers look for things that help them identify big ideas and why they are important.


The big idea is…

Most important information is...

So far I’ve learned…

The author is saying…

This idea is similar to…


Bautista T said...

Miss Ale
Thank you for helping us to read difficult texts. I wll use those tips so I will understund it better.}
Thank you!!!

Sofi K said...

Miss Ale:

Thanks alot!! I actually wanted to say to you something:

I am very excited to read what the cat told me because I think that is really going to be excellent because like the story is so long it has to be very detailed and when a story is detailed is great!!Tody I am going to read it!! I hope is excellent!!

Pd: This comment is one of the one I had to write for my spanish card!!

See you

Luca M said...

Hi Miss Ale,
Thank you for the tips. They are going to help us alot in the reading comprehension. I am going to focus on the part that says look for parts that can help you identify idas.
Thank you!!!!!
Luca M

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

Thank you for puting this tips for "What the cat told me" but I think I dont need them I didnt finish the story but I understood everything I read from the begining.

See you tommorow.

Agostina G said...

H i Miss Ale
Thank you for helping us with our homework so we could now more trips and i'm very happy because we are reading all this fantasy stories and they are very good for us. I'm also very excited like Sofi K said because I think is going to be so good and evrybody is going to like it, agin thank because all this things you are telling us are going to help us in the future.
The fantasy stories are excellent I like them very much. Also this stories are very difficult because we don't now because the vocabulary is difficult for us, with all this you are putting for us we are going to understand better.
See you tommorow.

Pedro B said...

Miss Ale , thanks for giving us this tips im sure that it will help me and all 6ยบ students.I started five day's ago and I didn't know this tips for help us to understand more the writing of the text and now that I nowit I'm sure that I will use it and i will understand the story a lot more that NOT having this tips.They are going to help us alot in the reading comprehension and in all the subjects that we read books or stories.

Sofi C Olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I just finished reading it but I would love to use some of these strategies for another oportunity! They are very helpful but hopefully I understood every single part only that the first part I forgot a little cause I read it 2 weeks ago! It really was long! The good thing is that like I already read big long books like Harry Potter that didn't look so long and it was fun! I wish I could read and write like my cousin the one who wrote that book about learning how to swim! It was really great! Her reading comprehension is great and I have improved alot since June or July last year! I had all nines and tens! I will still use your strategies!
Bye see you tomorrow!
Sofi C

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
Thank you for putting these strategies so we can use them to read better. I am reading What the cat told me and I will do a quiz afterwards with these strategies. That way I can see if I understand it well or not. See you tomorrow!!

SilvestreB said...

Hi Miss Ale!!!
I think that "What the Cat told me" is a very good story.It is a showing text , very long and with difficult text to us to learn difficult words. And help us to take ideas to write a new story .
When I saw the cover of the story I thought it will be a fantasy story because it was about a cat that could talk. I never read I story like that.
I liked it very much.
See you tomorrow.

juana O OLIVOS said...

Miss Ale,
thank you very much! It is very nice of your part to put us this "strategies" to read this difficult text

andy e said...

Very good tips! I will use them for the next story I read because I read this story and as it is very long I don t think of reading it again so i will use this tips for the next story I read. When i read what the cat told me it didnt have so complicate vocabulary or difficult to understand, it was somehow easy and not so complecate.
See you tomorrow And i NEVER TALK IN SPANISH AGAIN!

Marcos L said...

Miss Ale,
I have already read "What the cat told me" it very very long. I think I will include your tips but with some stories that are a little bit shorter than this one. The vocabulary is mainly easy but it has it special words which sometimes can be words that you don't know. As Andy Eskenazi said: I WILL NEVER TALK IN SPANISH AGAIN.

This coment also counts like homework because I talked in spanish.

Marcos L said...

It happened again!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wrote of 10 lines and it appears as if I wrote 7 lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!

santos m said...

Hi Miss Ale!
Thanks for the tips. It really helped me to read and understand the story of the cat and Boy. Besides, I'm sure it will help us to improve the performance on our tests, especially the one on Fantasy stories!
See you!

Jeronimo A said...

hi miss ale
Thank you much to put this tips because for me and for a lot of childs will be for a lot of help, I am not very good doing reading comprehentions but then to read this tips y well make bests reading comprehentions. I think I will printt them and when I have a test or have to write something I will read them n the breake or in the bus
Bye see you tomorrow

Jeronimo A said...

hi miss ale
Thank you much to put this tips because for me and for a lot of childs will be for a lot of help, I am not very good doing reading comprehentions but then to read this tips y well make bests reading comprehentions. I think I will printt them and when I have a test or have to write something I will read them n the breake or in the bus
Bye see you tomorrow

Francisco I said...

Miss Ale
I think that you are very good because you help us.Thank you i understand all thank you, i think the cat told me it was a very long book. It was very interesant and very funy!!!!!! It had a lot of difficult words and vocabulary. I read it with my sister and we didn`t understand nothing but then i read it again and we understanded better and did a resume.
See you tomorrow

vicky.b said...

Hi Miss Ale
i liked a lot that you are helpping us giving us all that words!
now is too late because i aolrady read the book and i understood every single word but i now that it had a very difficult vocabulary!
ok thank you for the tips (again)
Have a nice week

Sophia O. said...

Miss Ale
Thank you a lot for all this tips I know there are going to help me a lot in my next reading comprehension!!!
I am going to be more careful next time I do one

Sophia O.

Clara V said...

HELLO Miss ale
thank you for give us those strateges to read what that cat told to me that was very difficult altough those tips were very good I didnt understand some parts from that sroty it had a special vocabubarly because it was very dificult I could not understand the final part till we reade it in class.
See you clara V 6a

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
Thank you for helping us!! next time I will know more things to understand it better!! Also I think by reading the fantasy book, when we write it we will know more strategies while we write!!!
Thank you alot!!
See us,

hannah said...

Hi Miss Ale!!!
Thank You for putting those fantastic tips to help us to read difficult stories or books, texts
Go on posting like this!!

Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
Thank you very much for putting us these tips, they are going to help me and the other students a lot in 6th and in the other grades too. They can be yousfool when your reading,writing a story or even reading something that you like. We will remember you when we do this maybe in other grades.
And i like all the fantsy stories that we are reading like what the cat told me , the ghost story ,the canterville ghost, and all the others.
Right now i am about to read the other story that comes after what the cat told me.

See you tomorow!!!
Thank youy for posting these tips!!!

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!
When you told us we had to read "What the cat told me", I remember we said "BUT IT-S VERY LONG", but if you think it s not so long, (only if you compare it with the other stories of the book). I think the reason why I think it was long was because I read it very at night and the only thing in which I thought was "I WANT TO SLEEP"!! So every minute was an age for me!!!jaja
And I must say that the same thing happened to some people.. ah, but what it was true for me is that it WAS difficult.
We have already discussed this story, but I will use it for the next one, they will be very useful to me! Thanks for them! There s one tip that I think I already use, fortunately, almost always for the reading comprehensions. I higlight the main ideas I go finding in the text so it s easier to find the answers afterwards.
See you on Tuesday!
Agus T