Wednesday, 11 May 2011


So that you are encouraged to speak in Engllish at all times, you will be given a card every time you speak in Spanish.

  • For every card you get at the end of the lesson, you will have to leave TWO extra comments in the blog of 10 lines long (each one) for the following day.

  • If you happen to get 10 cards in all by the end of the week, you will draw a paper out from a tin and you will have to prepare the activity on the paper for the following Monday, (such as writing and reciting a poem, preparing an oral presentation on a fantasy story, thinking and writing 10 suggestions for posts for the blog, writing a summary on a fantasy story, writing a reflection, and so on)

What do you think??

I'm launching it on Thursday 12th.


Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

The rules that you put are very good (very good compared with what I was thinking that you was going to put). I thought you were going to things like extra homework because of one card like writing. The thing of the 10 cards but the end of the week is very good. The ideas of the posts in your blog is very good nbut you are going to put the name of the one that suggested to put that, I think everyone is going to put videos I will also suggest for putting videos.

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!
As 6A was the first group with the one you talked I remember we suggested you a lot of things like activities, extra comments, to do the black card, (or the pink card or any colour except yellow and blue jajajj, and you told us that we would always pay attention to the one who had it and not to the class. Next day, we asked you and you said you didn't know what you were going to do because you hadn't talked with the other classes, but at the end I saw you have chosen the comments!!!!!
PD:I will try not to speak spanish....
See you tomorrow!!!!

Conrado. MF said...

I think its okay. But instead of making 2 comments of 10 lines we could do five. I dont know what you think but thats what i would put

Conrado. MF said...

I mean 2 of 5 lines

pilar m said...

I like that idea but I think that maybe only when you et TWO cads you need to write the comments. O the second quarter of the year only ONE, and on the third quarter when you get 7 or 8 or 5 cards you need to do that oral presentation, writing a poem, etc

gabor.g said...

I like that you put that idea and not taking brake from us but i think that 10 lines for each post is to much. Some people cant do so much (including me).I am never going to not speack in spanish.

RocĂ­o PR said...

Hi Miss Ale,
The rules that you put are very good but I think that 10 lines are to much. I think that I cant make all that lines, I will suggest 5 or 6 lines, so I will never talk in spanish.

Jacques.G said...

I agree with what you say which is what i told you in class.The cards, in my opinion, is quite good because that will get you speaking in english and trieng not to get cards.

Miss Ale said...

Dear all!
I'm glad that you liked the ideas which I took mostly from your suggestions!! But unfortunately I won't lower the comments to 5 or 6 lines. They will have to be of 10 lines each!! I'm sure that you are all capable of writing them and much more!!
See you tomorrow!!

Gonzalo C said...

It is okay but doing 10 lines I think is a little long but is okay.
See you on friday ;)

Miranda C said...

Hi Miss Ale:
I think that both are ok, but insted of doing 2 comments of 10 lines to do 1 comment of 10 lines or 5 comments of as much lines as you want.
I will try not to speak spanish!
See You!!
Miranda :]

Pedro B said...

For me its very good instead making an oral Presentation,summarys of fantasy stories or things like that , the thing pf the 10 cards is very godo because we have a lot of time to have 10 cards of talking spanish, wich clase make this Idea or you choose them? In concluction there are very good orders to make us to talk in inglish (thAt we had to talk in all time).

Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale
The idea is fantastic! I wish to dont get 10 cards in a week, well I wish not to get any card... Comparing this sourt of punishment to the one last year I prifer this one!
See you tomorrow!
Ernsetina P.

juana O olivos said...

I think this is very good bacause if you dont put any rules all the kids would just ignore it as if nothing happened, but if you put this perfect rules, they would not speak mor spanish when they are not suposed to.

see you on friday

Mariano P said...

i love the rules that you put,who toat you those rules because their are very good to use in the clasroom.

Hannah R said...

Hi Miss Ale!!
I think that the rule spanich is very creative and good!
I am going to start talking in english because I dont want to leave two comments more or to do extra work or give an oral presentation..etc!
see you on Monday!!!

Milo C said...

I think it is very good to put these rules and consequences each time we talk in spanish because we will accustom to talk in englesh.

Ambar T said...

Miss ale:
DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY im never going to forget it!!
thank you for forgive us because it was the first class!
I think its a great idea because its going to make the people stop speaking in spanish!
for example im never going to do it again ( im going to try )
see yo next week! have a great weekend

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think that this is a very good idea because none of us want to do any homework like leaving posts of 10 lines or doing an oral presentation. This way we would speak english the whole time. And if we do speak in Spanish you would never forget the word in english again. It looks like you combined all of the ideas and made them into one. Like doing the oral presentation and leaving posts. These rules, like the comments that are posted said, are very good. See you on Monday!!

martina.o said...

Hello miss Ale:
I think that what you did about the thing of speaking spanish is bad is a good idea to do but what you have to do if you speak 10 cards?

Hugo P said...

Miss Ale,
I think these rules are very good so we will not dare speak in spanish in front of you!

Ana G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I remember that the first day that you asked us we had some ideas about what to do if you talked in spanish.
Some ideas were very simillar to this ones.
See you on monday

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I think that it was a very good idea.I thought that we would have to post in the blog but I didn´t think that we had to take out a card if we talked in spanish.At first when you said that the post had to be of 10 lines I thought that was alot but it is not to long it is normal for me.I think that the idea of doing an oral presentation,well that was a very good idea.
See you tomorrow!
Clara G

santino u said...

Hi Miss Ale

I think the game was very good but still some things dont have to do with language.there is some maths and science but I still liked it. I played with my mother and she liked it as well.
See you on Monday.

Sofi K said...

Hi Miss Ale:

I think this idea ws excellent!!Becausewhen we talk in spanish we don't do it on purpose, we speak in spanish becasue that is our language. But woth this idea, WE are going to try to speak in english becasue nobody is going to want 2 extras compulsery comment!! I think that with this cards our english is going to improve ALOT!! Because when we practice everything is going to get better!! I am glad you put this rule!! I am going to try speaking in english!!

MIss ale thank you for last class!! But I didn't have to put a post because I didn't finsihed the word!! ajajja

See you on MOnday

Eugenia.F said...

Hello Miss Ale,
The rules you have put to speak in english at all time are really good. But if there is a question in he blog, when you have to write 10 lines, if you have commented all the posts and there is only ONE or TWO you didnt comment and that dosent haves a reason to write 10 lines what do you do??
See us twomorrow,

andy e said...

I think it is a good idea but you tell us that a comment of ten lines long I think it is a lot but taking that I think it is a good idea.

Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Ale
We 6A was the first group that dicoused with you about it and i realy wasn't very happy about the options so i didn't give any. For now i haven't spoken in spanish.
I wanted it to be, if you speak in spanish we had to do 2 comments because i have a lot of comments to comment.

Pedro.A said...

I think that its a fair and a really good way for us to stop speaking in spanish in english classes, and for us to understund that our parents pay a lot and make a really big effort for us to speak in english and be in this school,because theres also many other important things in school.

See you tomorrow!

Paulina B said...

Miss Ale
This Idea is great, I like it very much because it is fare for every one. I think the activities could extra comments, or extra work.
How Agus said every colour exept for blue and yellow.

Teo V said...

Hello Miss Ale!
The rules that you put are good for us to speek spanish, it has a good consequences, now I will try VERY hard not to talk in spanish, because I hate exrta homework. I hope I don't get any card.
Teo V

Anonymous said...

I think that the rules are alittle bit very strict but there are ok. When you said that we had to give ideas to do for the people that talk in spanish, my idea was to do that if you get two cards you have to write one comment of five lains. But atlis t we don't have to write a story or samething like that!!!!
I to thought that the panish was that you would have to write a story etc. Thanks for don't do that the panish is to write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luca M said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I'am bloging for this reason. I spoke in spanish during my language lesson and I need to do two extra comments. I think that what you have done is very good because know that we are small we can change the attitued I can speak in English all the time. But if we grow and we have the habit of speaking in Spanish we will never change it. And its also logical that if you speak in Spanish 10 times in a week you wil have to do an oral presentation or something like that.
See you tomorrow

Florencia DL said...

Thank you for telling know i am going to speak a lot of english at all times
see you

Sofi C 6A Olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,
For us to speak less spanish it's a great idea. But if we have to study for a test we also have to make or do what we picked, What I like about that is that we have homework after ten cards so that means I have 10 lives to get to homework. It's like a video game only that you loose speaking in spanish not by being shot by someone and so on. I love the idea. At the end of the yaer I guess you will be giving out 1 or 2 cards per week per class. Up to now I havn't got any card at all and I wish I don't have one until winter vacation, and then I start again. Could you ask Miss Florence to do the same card thingie you are doing to her instead of a biography of a famous scientist. If you convince her great but if not thankyou for this method and everything!
Bye see you tomorrow!
Sofi C

Lucas n said...

Hello Miss Ale
I think this is fair enough because this will make us speek english at ALL times. I think as Conrado said that 2 comments of 10 lines could be replaced by to of 5

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I think that this rules for us to not speak english are fair but all the same I dont want to get a card because alot the homework that we have speaking english. For me putting this rules is very good to us so that we dont speak spanish because is for that that we come to these school to learn english and to put it in practice.
See you