Monday, 23 May 2011

The Power of Words

Reading different blogs from other schools in different countries, I found this video. As we very well mentioned in our writing lessons that one of the main goals in writing is to create a picture in the reader's mind, the way in which we say things and how we say them can cause a great impact on others. Please watch the video and leave a comment. What do you think?

Thank you Otorohanga Primary School for sharing


Belén D said...

Hi Miss Ale:
At first I felt so sad for the man that was siting in the street.
I think that its a very good idea to put different words.
The different words made a very different reaction for the people, they gave a lot of coins to the man. And it was all because the sentence that the women put.

Juanchi T said...

I like this video, the lady was the same that was with the group of girls?

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
At first I really felt sad for the man because he was blind.But when the woman came and wrote another thing the people started giving the blind man more coins.I think that to change words it is a good idea because things can change better.I really liked this video.
See you on Friday!
Clara G

Jeronimo A said...

Hi miss. Ale
Ilike this video, i thought that the girl was diferent that the one on the group but not, it was the same.
Bye see you in thursday

Thomas E. said...

I felt so bad for the blinded man. When the woman went to him and started writing on the cardboard I thought she was going to put something bad. But when the people started to give to the blinded man many coins I knew she put something good. I was curious about what did she put on the cardboard. That woman was very kind.

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Ale,
What a great video, it is incredible how by changing the words of a scentence the people give to the blind men more many. I feel sorry abuot the men and I am very proud of the women that helped him to get more many, I realized that the blind men recognized the women by her shoes.
This video gaved me a lesson that by writing the same point but in difetent words the world can change.
Thank you, See you
Clara V 6A

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!!
At the beggining, as many said, that blind man really made me feel sad for him.
I think, that the woman was very kind with that poor man, he gave him a lot with only changing those simple words, for other words, she chose the correct words to express what the man was passing through.
When the people saw this sentence they reactioned, only because the poster had been changed. The words caused a great impact on the people who passed. In here we see the power of words, how, by saying the same in different words we can produce a HUGE change, (in this case, for the blind man). But, changing words doesn't mean it always will bring good consecuences, we also, have to choose well our words, because they can have different meanings. A simple word, or sentence can change the meaning COMPLETELY.
I also think it was a great idea from Otorohanga Primary School to post this, and yours, of posting it in the blog.
See you on Thursday!!

Manu T said...

Miss Ale thanks for the video it was great. It made me think a lot about that blind people cannot enjoy visible things and that we are very lucky of having the wonderful gift of sight. It was also very impressive how the blind man recogized the women by the tact. After the woman wrote another thing in the carton lots of people gave the man lots of money and I wondered what she had wrote and when it was shown I was like impacted and it was right for him to own all that money because he wasn't able to see.

Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale
At the beginning I would have gave him a coin because it gave me a lot of pear but after the card that the woman wrote I would have gave him three coins.....
I think is very important to know how to write a simple and telling sentence in a very interesting long sentence, expressing feelings and adding adjectives and for me that is what we have to take into account.
See you!!

Jacques.G said...

i think this is a quite sad story by the fact that at first he did not get any money.

Federico D said...

I like this video but, it was so sad that that man had to sit in the street. The girl that change the sign was kind and made something sentimental and showing because it make the reader of the sign as if they put there fit in the blind man feet, they could feel as he does (sad)
Fede DR

Hannah said...

I would never thought of writing that when the lady came and wroght it I wanted to see what she had wrote because all the people gaved him money only for changing word, you can get more!!! Like this man that was blind! I love when you post videos because I love watching them and discover other thing that happen in the world or of other people like this one!
I HOPE you post well all the times like this post!
hannah R

justo l said...

This video is a good example of what influence do words have in people. When I saw what the woman wrote I realised that I would have given that man money too because if I didn't, I would have felt really guilty for not doing so. If that isn't a good example, nothing is

Pedro s said...

I was left without words.

Matias c said...

miss Ale i really liked the way you expressed what you thought with this video. I really did like it and found the differences you allways have to think positive in any ways or if you are blind or death or others.

Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I felt very bad for him at first and i was so curious when the kind women wrote something else on his board. I think that better words can make a large diffrence even if you are blind.
Thank you for posting!!!
See you tomorow!!!

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
that was a very sad video and at the end I thought that we are so lucky to be able to see. That man was in the street waiting for people to put money for him and then this woman came and helped him. That was a very good gesture and I think we should help like that. The man couldn't see, he was blind, and the woman changed the words. People there started to feel sad and gave him a lot of coins. Like Agustina said, everyone reactioned. Everyone was shocked and sad for him. For me he was trying to save money for glasses and I would of helped him for sure.
See you tomorrow!!

joaquin C said...

I now with what you related it you related it to our storys, we can change the words

andres kw said...


Francisco I said...

Hi Mss Ale
I like the video, it was excellent i have a problem because i dont had audio but i understand it.
It was very good that the women wrote that on the mans poster.

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

This video is very nice I thought that I would give that blind man all my wallet. The girl in that case give him something more important than money what it wrote it is very very good but for me they only gave the money for petty.

See you tommorow.

Manuel.B said...

I think that woman who wrote " It's a beautiful day and I can't see " was a very kind woman because she was helping the blind man use different words to make it more creative so people left more coins and it worked!

andres ku said...

Hello miss Ale,
I really liked the video but I thought it was sad that the man was sitting on the sidewalk blind, the video was very good I liked it a lot and it was good the woman changed the words to say: it is a beautiful day but I cant see it.
It was very interesting how the man that was blind touched the woman shoes to tell it was her since he could not see her, at first when I saw him doing that I thought it was weird.
See you tomorrow Miss Ale.
-andres ku

Florencia DL said...

Hi Miss Ale
I like the video its very good i engoy most when the men got more money at the end of the video.
See you!!!!

ines m said...

At the beginning I felt bad for the man
but then I saw that all changes
if you change words such as this man that a girl came and when she changed the words they started giving more money. She change the words but expressing the same sentence

pilar said...

I had learn lesson watching this video:
That the things, you need to see them from a different point and that, such as it sais the video, if you change your words you can change the world.

I think that the women was very caind and very intelligent.

And, as clara and belen, I also felt sad of the blind man.

francisco. a 6b said...

Miss Ale,
I felt very bad for that man, but then I was not felling so sad, because when the women change what was written, the people gave him more money.

Nacho B said...

Miss Ale
I like this video because the lady help a man that cant see well.

gianfrancoe said...

Hi MIss Ale I liked very much the video, at first i thought the woman would write a bad thing on the thing that had the man but then i realised that the woman weite something good to this man because all the people were giving money to him.
Have a great day!!)

Mariaf said...

HI miss ale
Poor man he can't see all the things life has and I think what the girl did was very nice of her and It was very interesting how it was such a change in between " I am blind please help me " and "today is a beautifull day and I can't see it" that acshely both mean the same but whith different ways, also I thought it was very interesting how the blind man could notice who was the girl touching her shoes.
See you on Monday.

Roxie W. said...

Miss Ale,
At first I felt so bad for the man sitting there but then when the lady came, I thought that she had written something rude. But then I saw the sign and I saw that she helped him and I felt fine. If you change the words a little, it makes a difference.
See you tomorow!

Gonzalo C said...

In the first part of the video I felt very sorry but y felt happy when the women helped him so he earned more money than he ever had.

Mariano P said...

i was so shoct and not eaven i could know that she was blind until the wooman ho was with that groop of girs did somthing to that poster, that girl is realy good

vicky b said...

it is very nice how can other people help the more needed people
how they can progress
have a nice week

Bianca said...

Miss Ale
I enjoyed the video, what they try to transmit by the video is to change the words of every day to a better way! It is a very nice video, I enjoyed it. I hope you put another video like these , I also enjoyed the other video you posted (the one in the footbol). I really enjoy these kind of videos!

Santos L.A said...

Hi Miss Ale, now I understand why we have to show not tell. Now I'm going to use the showing no telling. My stories are going to be richer, longer and better. Thank you for the video its very helpful I enjoyed it very much.

Sophia O said...

Hi Ale
This video is so so CUTE I LOVE it i fell sorry for the man and the girl is a very good person I wish that when I am bigger I can be like her see you in class

Sophi O

Sofi K said...

Miss Ale:

I completly LOVE this post!! Is excellent!! At first I was VERY sorry for the man on the street and when the woman came I thought she was mean and a HORRIBLE person and what she wrote was bad but then when all the people started giving the coins mto the old man, I was SO SO SO SO happy for him!! I LOVED THIS VIDEO!! I am very glad you made this post!! Is excellent! And it becomes much better, The videos from other blogs are great!

PD: This comment is the second one that I had to write for my spanish card!

Conrado MF said...

That was really sad but true.
I thought the girl was writing something bad or, or I also thought she wrote something with bad letter so that the people knew that he was blind.

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think the same you can say a word but if ypu change your word, it will be more powrfull, it will give a diffrent wat of sensation of what your saying or a diffrent point of view. Also thanks for sharing and think of the video cause you know, I said thing like that you can say it with a better way. Really this video got to my heart cause also it is a lesson for life, how they told me and I think a word sometimes can be MORE THAN A WORD... i think it was like that. Put more video like this ones to reflect them I love them!!
See us,

Agostina G said...

Hi Miss Ale
When I satarted seeing the video I felt very sad and when I continue seeing I felt very happy because a woman help him and she just write the same thing but in a different way, when the movie have fineshed I was very proud of all the movie told us. To helo people but at the same time also try other people to help him not just one person all must hep him so the person with problems could have a lot of people in the world that help him but he also haves to now that some time in life this things happens but then you could find the solutin exepted in some cases no.
See you tommorow.