Thursday, 26 May 2011

Ghost Hunt

As we keep on travelling through this fantasy world, I challenge you to find the ghosts in this haunted mansion. You have to click on the image as many times as necessary to discover where the ghost is hidden.
Hope you enjoy it!
Good luck


Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

This game youre getting colderwas impossible I clicked and it said warmer I clicked again and it said warmer I clicked very near and it said Keep looking and then I clicked beside and it said. For me you cant found the ghost is a game of trust but if it wasnt I am going to kill myself

See you tommorow

Manuel.B said...

This game is very hard, I could never find the ghost!
maybe Franco's right: it's a game of credibility in which if the ghost is there or not. Anyway, it's still very hard

Sofia C said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I have to tell you the truth, I found it very hard. But like I Aam in fantasy world I won!!!If we can win wright. But I enjoyed it out of fantasy world and in there. I hope everyone enjoyes it like I did!

justo l said...

I clicked in every possible place and didn't find it. Miss Ale did you find it? If you did, how? It was totally impossible to find the ghost though playing it wasn't that bad

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
This game is really hard it was very hard because I couldn´t find the ghost.I will try to play another time and see if I can find the ghost,if I can find the ghost I will telll you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow!
Clara G

andres ku said...

Hello Miss Ale I liked the game a lot,
All though I never found the ghost, I think I checked all the places were he could be hiding.
I think it was a trick because in some ghost stories we have read as a class and the ghost stories I have read at my house have a ghost that can be invisible.
I think that is why no one could find it, because it is invisible. The game was very very very hard and I dont think anyone is going to find the ghost.
See you tomorrow Miss Ale.
-andres ku

Hannah R said...

Hi Miss Ale!!
This game was very hard because first I clicked in one side of the page and it said your warmer then I clicked again but very very near and it said very cold then I clicked on the other side of the game and it said warmer and then I found it but I think that the ghost go changing of place!
I hope they enjoy it!!
see you tomorrow!!

conradomf said...

Hi ale this game was really fun i wonn. I played again but it was still in the same place.

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!
I played it twice, first I played it and for 3 times I didn't win, the second time I played I won the second time, I improved!!Jajaja, but this game is not strategic, it's just luck, so I can win or I can lose many times!!!!!! Great game, keep posting them!!!
See you, after Uruguay, on Monday!!!

Pedro B said...

This game is going me mad! I could never find the ghost , were he was hide? I am crazy , i played lot's of times and i didn't won :( but the game its very good , I played with lucas and he won ;) but I didn't :(

Lucas N said...

Hello Miss Ale
I found it very hard at the begining but like it said 'you are getting closer' and 'you are getting warmer' I finally founded it. It was .... I can't tell you but if you try hard you are going to find it. I played with Pedro BM and I could found it :) but he couldn't:(.
See you on monday

Teo V said...

Hi Miss Ale.
This game is fun, but easy, but the first time I played it I thought it was impossible. But then I got used to so then It was easier. It is a very funny game.

alex d said...

Hi miss Ale
this game is very funny ahah and also very hard but I cold find the ghost but I tried many times

agustin e said...

Hello Miss Ale,

Ithink the game was very easy The first time I won it very quickly but the second no.

FRAN AL said...

Hi miss Ale
I played the game but it was very easy I fund it on the second click I did

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I played the game and I found the ghost!!! It was hidden in the thin tree beside the haunted mansion. First I clicked on the owls and it said "getting colder" and then I clicked on the door and it said " getting wormer. I did this several times and I thought I was never going to find the ghost but finally I found it. It took me several tries until I could find it though. It was a very fun game. See you on Monday!!

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I played the game and I found the ghost!!! It was hidden in the thin tree beside the haunted mansion. First I clicked on the owls and it said "getting colder" and then I clicked on the door and it said " getting wormer. I did this several times and I thought I was never going to find the ghost but finally I found it. It took me several tries until I could find it though. It was a very fun game. See you on Monday!!

Ana G said...

Miss Ale,
This game was very hard, I couldn´t find the ghost, because first I clicked somewhere and it told me youre getting warmer, but then I clicked on a place very near and it told me youre getting colder, so I never knew if I was near or far away.
See you on monday

Florencia DL said...

Hi Miss Ale
It was very hard i coudent find the ghost because i click every where and i didnt found it but i enjoyed it.
See you

Er said...

Miss Ale
When I started playing always the witch appeared and tell me "try again" but after a few trys it appeared me the sentance that said "you are getting warmer" after a few trys with that sentence I could found the ghost! was very well hidden, I would never imagine that a ghost could be hidden there!
See you on Tuesday!

Roxie W. said...

Miss Ale,
I found the ghost. For me it was very easy. He was hidden insode the tree next to the haunted house. I like games in the blog! They are very fun!
See you tomorrow!

santosm said...

hello Miss Ale,
In my opinion it is very hard,and it wass very very difficult to find the ghost.
I enjoy it alot


Benjamin.p said...

hello Ale I really couldn´t play but I think it is very good because all the comments telll me that it is very fun. As soon as I can play I will play it

Andres Ku said...

Hello Miss Ale I tryed for the tenth time to find the ghost and it is imposible!!!
See you tomorrow miss ale,
Andres ku

Santos lopez said...

Thank you for the song!! It is very useful!!
See you bye

justina b said...

hi miss ale
the game is very good but it is hard to catch de ghost
but anyway thanks for showing it to us
see you

Bianca F said...

When I played this game, I enjoyed it but it is VERY difficult!! But I enjoyed it anyway.

vicky b said...

Hi Miss Ale for second time in this post
i liked the game a lot i found most of the ghosts have a nice week viky

Lourdes I said...

Hi Miss Ale:
The first time i won in the first chance, then it went more difficult and i did it like in the forth time! It was REALLY fun!!!!!!

Sofi K said...

Miss Ale:

I liked ALOT this game, is excellent!! Everybody has to try it!!
See you!!

Santos L.A said...

Sory miss Ale I rote the coment in an incorrect place

Tomas.G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
The game was good, i got somne levels but it was difficult for me like all the others. When it got more and more difficult what happend was the same like Franco when it says your wurmer it says to keep looking.
See you tomorow.

Nacho B said...

Miss Ale
This game was fun I won but it was very hard.

Nacho B said...

It was exelet the game a enjoy this game you are good posting.

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Ale
What a great game to notice that the ghost was the scarecrow I had two trys because I firts thought that the ghost was the witch but then I saw the two kittens that were afraid and next to them it was the scarecrow that was with the hands up like trying to get them afraid them.
See you Clara V 6A

Francisco I said...

Miss Ale
the games are fantastic but are very difficult i never find it it was really imposible. But it was very funny.
See you tomorrow!!!!!!

fede dr said...

Hi miss ale,
When I started playing I didnt understand because I thought that we could see the ghost but then as it took me a long while I started clicking everywere but I still didnt find it then I touched a cat and said you are cold I touched besied it and it was there see you tomorrow
Fede d

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
This game is impossible, I couldnt find it!!! it always put me you are warmer or you are colder, I was like 15 minutes trying until one point, I gave up!! Im so sorry but, I got until oe point!!
See us,

Juan de G said...

Miss ale
For me this game is imposible it says always that you are cold or that you ar warm or that you have to keep looking
I think that is imposible.

Agostina G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I play the game but is very difficult a and impossible because you don't find more it always told you keep looking warmer but I never found it but I think that the people how found the ghost it was vey funny but for me no because I tray one hour and I didn't found nothing I think like hannah:the ghost is changing of place every time. But it was a little bit funny because always it tells you the same thing.
See you tommorow.

silvestreb said...

Hi Miss Ale
The wasnt so good but it was very easy.

Pedro.A said...

I agree this game is very hard I never found the ghost I also think the game is about credibility
See you tomorrow!