Sunday, 8 May 2011

Paraphernalia- A short animation

Watch this short animation made by Sabrina Cotugno which I found in Tom Barret's blog (an English educator). What do you think? Is it a fantasy animation? If so, which are the fantasy elements for you? Did you like it? Why?

Paraphernalia from Sabrina Cotugno on Vimeo.


Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale, for me it wasn't a fantasy animation because the it didn't have anything that couldn't happen in real life. There was a man who fell off the airplane and fell on the roof. Then when he is about to leave, the little girl gets the ribbon and goes with him. I liked it though, I thought it was very well made. even if it was a silent animation you could still understand it. See you tomorrow!!

SilvestreB said...

Hi Miss Ale
I liked the movie.It is fantasy animation? Everything is real.

Anonymous said...

It is very good!!I as silvestre dount know if its a fantasy movie. ferst I didnt know were the girl was but at the end I anderstuded

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I am not so sure about if its a fantasy animation or not. I will tell you my reasons:
Fanstasy yes:it looked like the old time, some years ago so, that round ball ting that the men haved seem to have lot of techonology, for me. Another reason is when the floor camed down, she survived and with anything broken not a leg or something in her body. when that little "airplane" the man haved the girl when she stopped it, for me with that simple ribbon stop it, you will fly with him in the air.
Real: All the rest of the video.
I liked this video for the same reason as Ariana: Even that is was a silent animation you could still understand it. The other reason what I enjoyed it was that have like a dramatic love, like no and yes no and yes jajaja. See us twomorrow if I feel good to go!!

Lourdes I said...

for me it wasnt fantasy because everytihing was real and could happen in real life, but the movie was great!!!

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale I forgot someting in Fantasy: I think their look like puppets how they haved draw it if its like this the thing of the floor that have fallen goes out and insted I will written: they were puppets that walks. I think this movie if it is of a puppet that is the reason the video was silent, puppets can talk.
See us twomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Mis ale the comment that says anonimus is main

Roxie W. said...

Miss Ale,
I liked the video very much but is it a fantasy animation? Because there was nothing in the movie that couldn't happen. Everything was normal.
See you in class!

Pedro B said...

Hi miss Ale for me its not a fantasy story because all the things that it had they couldnt happen in real life

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

For me it had fantasy things like the light that came out bubbles and whent to the sky. Yhe movie wasvery well made and also you can understand everything that happens in the movie even thou they dont talk. If you look it it seems all real but if you think it you see that they were fantastic things. This short movie is kind of love because of how they look and the thing of the ribbon. It is very well made, it looks kind of japanese the story for me no. At the begining I didnt knew what the girl was but then I think it and I knew what it was.

See you tommorow

vicky.b said...

hi miss ale
for me it isnt real because some thing that happen in the video cant happen in real life!
i liked this video!

Pedro A said...

Its really googd I like when you put games and videos

Lucas E said...

Hi miss Ale !
I liked the movie it is a fantasy story. I liked how it ends. I thought she would not went up to there and finnaly she do it.

Luli B said...

Hi Miss Ale, I really enjoyed the video its not completly a fantasy story because I agry with euge that the part that the floor felt down on her and nothing hapend to her that was kind of fantastic event. The video is really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loved it was a silent animation with really good drawings and music.
see you tomorow!

Tomas S said...

Miss Ale I realy don´t know if its a fantasy animation, I have allot of question about the video because there were allot of things that I don´t know if they are strange or fantasy. I realy like this video.

Marcos said...

Miss Ale:
Strange video, for me it is a fantasy video because it has something unreal and the rest is real.
The fantasy element is the tiny flashlight that is a projector.
It was more or less fun but it was good because it kind of caught you because I wanted to keep on watching the video.


Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I am not sure if it is a fantasy animation because it did not have anithing that could have happend in real life.Because there are many things that can´t happen in life like when the man fell off the airplane and then fell on the roof.Well but I really liked the video i think it was very well made.
See you tomorrow!!

Francisco I said...

Miss ALe
for me is wasnt an fantasy animation. I liked the video but at the begging it was a little bit scare because the roof brokes and a man apeers.
See you tomorrow.

Francisco.a 6b said...

Misa ale,
It was not a fantacy story, the only part with a litle of fantacy was when the boy go flying. I like it.

Manuel.B said...

I don't think it was a fantasy animation because nothing impossible happened really. But for a silent animation it was well done because, even though they didn't speak, you could completely understand the story

matias.c.6c said...

Hi miss Ale i really liked this video but i didnt understand it to much because they didnt tlk so i still have my doubts

Matias O said...

Miss ale
this was not a fantasy animation but it have some parts that could happen on the future like the lamp that then turns in a film. It was also confusing because you cant hear what they are saying

a said...

it was very nice but in the beginning it scare me the setting gut then it didn t. I think the fantasy element or thing is that rare plane.

andy e said...

sorry a was andy e

joaquin said...

ale very good I could understand very well even thow they did not talk, the bad thing was that my brother told me the ending.

andres kw said...

I coudent find the fanyasy element but I like it a lot.
good by miss ale

justo l said...

Honestly, I couldn´t see any fantasy in it though I think it was well made. I liked it. I really makes me curius how that light worked, it seemed as though hed fireflys in it, because when the man opened it that´s what I think came out, but when he put the little film for a moment I saw a light bulb

Belén D said...

Hi miss Ale:
For me that it was a very nice video. I think that the girl is in love with the boy.
I think that it have no fantasy element. But I think that it could be the bike with wings, but now a days we can fly.
I loved the video, because is has no voice of the characters but I could understand it a lot. They express their feelings by the movement and by the actions.

Sofi C 6A Olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,
but poor girl!
everyone sais it´s not fantasy! but did you say it had to be fantasy or why are they saying that!
Sofi C

Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale
I liked the video a lot but it could be real if it wouldn´t be on animation y you do this short movie with human beang it could be true. Well at the begging of the movie I thought it was going to be a scary movie that the girl dies because of that type of airplane, but at the end was a very romantic and great video!
I loved this videos you post sometimes in the blog they are fantastic!
Ernestina P.

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I think that this video it is not a fantasy video because all the things that happened there could happen in real life. I liked this story it was very nice and romantic although it was a silent movie I could understund it the girl at the begginig was a little bit shy, and I think that the boy invented things and fell in love with her when he first saw her. But then the girl when the boy was going she hold a tie and whent with him.
See you tomorrow
Clara V 6a

Rocío PR said...

Hi miss Ale, I like the movie but I think that is not a fantasy animation because all could be real.

Jacques.G said...

Miss ale, i did not find any fantasy elements although i did like it

Conrado MF said...

Hi Ale it wasnt fantasy to me but i realy liked the way the film was made. Even do their is no sound (people dont talk) you can still understand what they are saying. The most fantsy i think there could be was that those inventions cant do such things. I dont really know in what years it is based but it can be old. It is a really mixed up story in some ways cause they dont decide what to do, the girl is afraid and then not he loves him and gets scared again until finnaly they decide theireselves. See you tomorrow!!

juan B said...

Hi miss ale!!!!!!!!!!
The video was good. I like it because it was a cartoon. The first part I thought that it a doll. but i like that tipe of flashlight, It was incredible. you can do allot of things with that. then of that i dont like much the video.

Jeronimo A said...

hi miss ale
in my opinion it dont have a lot of fantasy elements, or fantasy things. But i like it, i would like to find a fantasy thing

bye see you tomorrow

GianfrancoE said...

Hi Miss Ale I also think there are no fanasy elements and if there are I didnt found then. I also didnt like it much because nobody talked and there was only music.
Bye miss Ale see you on monday!¡

Paulina B said...

Hi Miss Ale
How everyone said I don´t understand if it was a fantasy movie, because there was no fantasy element
Everything was real!!!
See you, Paulina

Mariaano P said...

Hi Miss Ale

I dont think it was a fantasy story because everything was real,the plane,the tea element i cant understand the fantasy part

Florencia DL said...

Hi Miss Ale for me it wasent a fantasy animation because i think that everything was real.
See you