Monday, 2 May 2011

Fabulous comments!!

Two comments which are worthwhile sharing with you!

Mr. Oscar said...

Dear Students:

Congratulations to all of you! It is a very difficult task to choose the main characters, especially because you are all so talented. I really loved seeing you giving your best in the try-outs. However, you must not forget that main characters are only a part of the concert. I am looking forward to work with all Y6 in yout scenes and songs.
See you on Wednesday.
Mr. Oscar

Anne said...

Dear Students,
I was smiling as I read your comments. We could see some nervous faces as you tried out, but I have to say you were all fantastic. It has been very difficult for Mr Oscar and me to choose from such a talented and brave group of students. Unluckily there are just a few main characters, but I have to congratulate you ALL on your courage!

See you at school,
Miss Anne


Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I realy apreaciate what anne and oscar said because i was one of the people who went to try out for main character and i was nervous but i think i acted well like the others. It would be fun to be mai charecter but also difficult. One of the characters i would like to be was the metal man. He is like a robot. I already say what they are doing in the big hall room and there is a lot of sounds and light and colors. I thank Anne and Oscar for there comment.
See you tomorow!!!!

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!
Oscar and Anne, thank you for the comment!!!
As Tomas said I also really appreciate what Miss Anne and Mr. Oscar said. I would have like to be one, but, they are many people, as he said!! But on top of that it was really fun! I'm happy you say we were all fantastic, I didn't know if I have done well!!
See you tommorow!!!!
Agus T

Ernestina P. said...

Oscar and Anne, thank you for the comment!
I have a lot of fun during the try outs I was very very nervous....

gabor.g said...

hi miss ale,
im happy about mr oscar and miss anne because it is a very nice comment. i think being main character is very good and very difficult, im not going to be one but i congragulate all who are.

Federico d said...

Hi miss Ale!!!

When I had to act for the try-outs i was very nervous and i forgot what i had to say and i read the papers for lots of time
Thanks for the comment
See you tomorrow!!!

Tomas S said...

I was very nerves when I had to act like a character, but thank you for the coments Mr oscar and Miss Anne for what you said. I think that is a very good adventure to be a character, but I`m not one.

Pedro A said...

I really liked the comments that Mr. Oscar and Mrs. Anne left because its really suporting and he also they said that not only the people who went to the try outs of them were going to be the main characters also other people so still we dont know maybe no one of the group who went to try out is main character.

Conrado MF said...

Hi Ale
I relly liked the comments of Oscar and Anne I know i was nervous. Hope we get a super concert and everyone has fun

Marcos said...

Thanks Mr. Oscar and Mrs. Anne, thanks for your comments, there are positive!
I would injoy if you could make another coment in our next subject.

Manu T said...

Thanks to Mr. Oscar´s and Miss Anne´s positive comments now I have lots of hopes because in the tryout I was nervous and the didn´t call me for the second audition, but somebody told me that also people that weren´t called to the second audition could be main characters. So now I´m very happy!!

Clara V said...

Hi Miss Ale
What a beautifull coments miss Anne and Mr Oscar left, it made my fill better, cause I am not a main character I would love to be one. All the same I think that I made a big efort to be one. I apresate the coments alot that Miss Anne and Mr Oscar left, thank you the words were very nice.after all I think that the concert would be grat and I will have alot of fun.
Thanlk you see you
Clara V 6A.

Francisco I said...

thank you for the comment, i promess that i gould do the best for the concert, thank you Anne and Oscar.
See you tomorrow

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
Thank you for the post of Oscar and Anne. I was also one of the kids who tried out and I was very nervous. I think I did the best I could. Although a lot of people also were not chosen, its not because you dont act well. I still would love to be a main character but its very difficult. A lot of kids acted very well, if I am chosen I would be very happy and if Im not I will keep trying for other concerts.

Francisco I said...

i apreciate i like to act and i think i do it very well. I like the scarecrow.I was really happy when we do it. But my character is difficult.

Eugenia F. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I relay aprecciate what Oscar and Anne told us, it cheer me up, cause I told in the other post I really wanted and this haved cheer me up!

Teo V said...

Hello Ale, Anne and Oscar
I really liked your post because i was one of th ones whoe were nervous about the main characters, and I would LOVE to be a crow, it will be a very cool concert, its difficult to act as a crow, but I will make my best, on any character. It doesn´t matter what character, but I want to act.

Luca M said...

Hi Miss Ale,

I think that what Anne and OScar said. I would have like to be a Main character but I was on Mexico. But it doesn´t means that the other people who are not main characters are not important. I congratulate all main characters.

Luca M

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

As I said before this is not a post for everyone because allot may be jealous of not being main characters. For me that people think "Why he and me no" and that is very bad for being a person.

andres kw said...

I like the coment Mr Oscar and Anne did. I am not a main charecter but I am happy for the ons thar are.

SilvestreB said...

Hi Miss Ale!!!!
I like what Anne and Oscar
Because now i think that we were all good doing the practice to be main character but i was very nervous.

francisco. a 6b said...

Miss Ale,
Mr Oscar and miss Anne leave a very good coment, i was the scarecrow, it was very fun. I wanted to be main character.

Miranda C said...

Hi Miss Ale!
Thank you Oscar and Anne!
I would have like to be a main character, but, as Oscar said, there are a lot of people that are very good actors. All the same, it was fun to try out, and I think that the concert will be fun even if I'm not a main character. I imagine the concert will be great.
See you!

justina b said...

Hi miss ale,
I thank to oscar and anne for posting the coments.Y realy wanted to be a main character but im realy glad for the people that are!!!
Thanks for the comment oscar and anne
see you tommorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

andy e said...

i appreciate what they said and they are right. i was nervous when i was going to act but then i made it ok and i am happy

Manuel.b said...

Thank you both for the wonderful comments and especially for choosing me

Paulina B said...

Hi Anne, Oscar and Ale
How Agus T said Thank you!!! I like doing the try outs, but the bad thing is that I am not a main character, but I have oportunity in secondary. I think the concert is going to be great.
Congratulations for the ones who are main characters.!!!

Alex D said...

Hi Miss Ale
thank for the comment Anne and Oscar
I will study hard for the concert and thank you. See You tommorow Ale

Benjamin p said...

Hellow Ale, Anne and Oscar thank you for your comment.Ass Tomas and Ernestina said I also really appreciate what Miss Anne and Mr. Oscar said. I didn´t want to be a main character but it could be fun.
See you tomorrow

Belén D said...

Hi Miss Ale:
I really appreciated the comments of Oscar and Anne. I would love to be main character but I'm not main character but it docent mutters because I am going to be part of the show, and I know that I did my best.
I had so much fun!!!
I'm sure that I am going to do the plays in 7th and the next years, because its optional. And I have a lot of years to be main character.

Ambar t said...

miss ale:
i had a lot of fun in the auditions but unluckily i was not chosen, It doesn't matter because i know i did my best!
I congratulate all the main characters because you really deserve it!
Its going to be a great concert!!

PD i think y already left a comment but as i couldn't find it I left anotherone

Thomas E. said...

I went to the triouts on a wensday and in break, when we had field alex said that I was a very good actor.And that evening when I was getting out off school miss.Caroline said to me: good audition.So I thought I was going to be main character.Next day I had to do the triouts but with less children(the second one) so I was convinced that I was going to be main character. BUT the next day when oscar was telling the main characters he said: "tinman (the one Iwanted to be) tomasG.(I said well I can still make as the lion)"lion conradoM.F." (well even scarcrow I thought)"scarecrow" a I don't know who BUT I am no main character not even a crow!!!!!!
I was from 4th grade to now to be main character and I'm no main character........

Roxie W. said...

Thanks Mr. Oscar and Miss Anne,
I was very nervous as I tried out but I am still happy about being anything else thatn a main character in the play. I am happy for all of the people that are main characters and I wish them luck in the concert!

Lucas E said...

Hi miss Ale!
I thank Oscar and Anne about their comments. I apreaciate about what they said, I think like that too.

juli Ch Olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I like when you put comments that are from other classes of the school.
Thank you miss ann and Oscar.
See you tomorrow