Friday, 27 May 2011

Concert Songs

Dear all;

Here are the links for you to practise the songs for the concert.

You need to rehearse them at home.

Read the instructions that Mr Oscar included in each case. You need to be logged on with your school mail to be able to access the links.

Concert songs: No Bad News and Brand New Day

Concert Final Song: Way back into Love


Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I have been practicing a lot! I don't sing "No Bad News" but I still know it. Also, "Brand New Day" I practiced it with the dance moves to know them well and not to get confused and "Way back into love" which is the final song I know it by memory because I love that song. Still, I practice them all just in case. See you on Monday!!

Lucas E said...

I know very good the song but I think it is a very good post to be us more organized and to the concert to be nice.

Abril C said...

Thank you Miss Ale for putting the songs. I'm going to practice brand new day a little bit because I now it allot but I'll practice alot way back in to love because I don't know it very well
thank you

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I have been practicing alot the songs.I will try to know them by hard.Today I will practice more.I think that No Bad News I know it better than Brand New Day.I pratice Way Back into Love and I think that I have to study very hard this song because I don´t know it by hard.
I still have to pratice much more the three songs.
See you on Monday!
Clara G

Ana G said...

Hi MIss Ale
Thank you for putting the songs in the blog to practice them, the concert will be very good.
This post showed us that this blog is not only about English Language, it is also about things that happens here at school.
See you on Monday

Florencia DL said...

Hi Miss Ale
I agry with Ana thak you to put the songs in the blog i am going to practice a lot.
Im glad for this concert because it is going to be the last one.
See you

martina o said...

Miss Ale:
Hi, I think that the songs that mister Oscar gave us to sing are very good. Can you on monday give me all the things that you did on thursday and friday pleas? Is that I was apsent

Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale
Thank you for your help! It would be very useful for me to have the songs that I have to pratice in the blog! I am also having lot of fun watching the video of NO BAD NEWS its very funny!!

Luca M said...

Hi miss Ale,
Thank you for the lyrics of the songs so we can practice them. I know them but not so much. I am going to practisse them, so that the concert goes exellent.
See you!!!

Agostina G said...

Miss Ale
thank you for putting this songs in the blogg so we could practice them is very good for us im going to practice them.
Thank you!!

Roxie W. said...

Miss Ale,
I am going to practise the songs a lot that way I do not get stuck while I am singing in the concert. First I have to login to my email and then I will practise them. I know "Way Back into Love" because it is my favorite but I need to practice the other two.
See you tomorrow!

Juana O olivos said...

Miss Ale, thank you for take time to post this and to put us the songs because maybe lots of people dont know them yet. See you tomorrow

Milo.C said...

Hello miss Ale its a very good idea to put the songs in the blog.I been practicing a lot because I dind´t new "Brand New Day".

Sofi G said...

Thanks Miss Ale for putting the songs of the concert!!! This might help us a lot to study but we need to do more practicing all together or will wont know it perfectly well and we need to rehearse together so we can see how it goes.
See you tomorrow!!!!!!!

Matias O said...

Thank you miss ale when I was in trip I could see the songs but I couldnt live a comment but know I came back home and know yes I could blog.

Thank you alot for the songs know my mom knows it thank you again they were very helpful

Matias O said...

Miss ale

can you give me the things that you did on thursday and friday

santosm said...

Hi miss Ale,
I been practicing for very long hours and now I am very tired. Now I now them of memory ecept for brand new day. I love all the songs


Mariano P said...

Hi Miss Ale

I have practised alot but stil i dont know so well no bad newes but i know how to sing brand new day and the last song that we practiced wich i dont remember the name. See you on monday!!!

juan de g said...

hello mis ale
the songs are great thank you for puting them in your blog because it is very usefull.

Sophia O olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I have practiced a lot way bak in to love becaues i didn't knew it very well but now I know it
thank you


santino said...

Hi miss ale
It is very useful when you put things of other subjects so we can learn at home.

vicky b said...

Hi Miss Ale
i practice a lot now that i have the lirycs i knew them but to revice them
ok have a nice week

Bianca F said...

I think it is very good that you cooperate with Mr. Oscar, because appart from putting the music, we (children)have to also cooperate, because it is our concert so we have to make our best!!

Lourdes I said...

I already did it!
i know both of the firsts but i dont know ENTIRELY "way back into love"

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!
It will be very useful to me because as Oscar said it's a bit confusing to have to think, the movements you have to do, the lyrics, and the place were you need to move. So I think I will practice them, so we do our bests in thye concert!
See you!

justina b said...

Hi miss ale
Thank you for download the songs cause y think i needed a little of more practice im going to study them and y hope the concert is great ...Anyway until now its very FUN to rehearce
see you tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

miss Ale I had not practis because I know very well no bad knews, brand knew day and Way back into love. But this post helps allot to the students that don't know very well the songs:Know bad knews, Way back into love or Brand knew day.
It was a very good idea!!!!!! to put it here because nobody goes into the music cite but here yes.I hope that the concert get out very well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sofi K said...

Miss Ale:
Thanks alot for this post. I think everybody needs them!! I trie dto learn them by heart, ALL OF US HAVE TO! I think that if we do the concert will be excellent!!
See you

RocĂ­o PR said...

Hi Miss Ale,
Thankyou for put the songs because I practice a lot. Now I know them more.
My sister always put "one way back in to love" so I practice all the time.

ines m said...

Thanks miss Ale now I can practice more for the rehersel.

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

I saw the videos you put one is a real part from the movie The Wiz the other wan was a karaoke and the one that is left its like a trailer. I dont sing them because it gives me a little bit of shame but I studied the letter.

See you tommorow

Luli B Olivos said...

hi miss ale
i know no bad news and brand new day but way back into love im still practising it. it is really dificult singing the songs at the same time you are dancing.thank you for the songs.

Luli B Olivos said...

i miss ale
i know no bad news and brand new day but way back into love im still practising it. it is really dificult singing the songs at the same time you are dancing.thank you for the songs.

Luli B Olivos said...

i miss ale
i know no bad news and brand new day but way back into love im still practising it. it is really dificult singing the songs at the same time you are dancing.thank you for the songs.

Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
Even if i am a main charecter that douse not mean i don't need to make an effort. I have to remember all my lines,act well and sing alone and not make a fool of myself.

See you tomorow!!!

Tomas S said...

Miss Ale I think it is a great idea to put the songs for the concert in the blog because in that way we can´t forget to stady the songs.I didn´t know very good "Brand new day" but now yes.

gaborg said...

i practised a lot but i sang it to the mirror because if i sing it to my mom she faints of the bad that i sing.

Nacho B said...

Miss Ale
Thank you for putting the song to practice drand nrww day, i practice and I now nome part more.

Francisco I said...

Miss Ale
i practice a lot i likie a lot the songsbut i thunk i have to practice it a little bit more.It has a lot of stranges words.
See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!1

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Ale
What a great idea to put the the songs in the blog so us to remeber to practice the songs and in the concert we sing them well. I've been practicing and brand new day I know it very well you should put in the blog also Way back into love wich is the final song wich I love it as Ariana I am going to practice the songs.
See you CLara V 6A

Sofi C 6A Olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I practiced alot and showed them to my mother. The one she liked the most was the one of way back into love, that is also the one I liked the most! It will really help me learn the coriografies cause I already know the songs !
Bye see you tomorrow!
Sofi C

Conrado MF said...

Hi Ale ive been learning the songs that i have to learn.
It is helpull for you to put the songs thanks.

SilvestreB said...

Hi Miss Ale!!!
I practiced the songs of the concert every day and now I know them all by heart ."No Bad News " and ,the best one, "Brand New Day ". The moves of "Brand New Day" at the beginning were a little bit femenine but now they changed them and I am very happy. I think that when I am in a concert I am a famous actor working in a good movie. Hope that the concert will be a success with many applauses.
See you tommorow.

Lucas N said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I want to tell you that during my extra time at home I have studied a lot this songs because I think that the concert has to be done with the effort of each one of us....! I think that if everybody studies the songs, the concert is going to be great! I think they are cool songs! Hope its great!
See you tomorrow,
Lucas N

Marcos L said...

Miss Ale,
I am studieng them because if not the concert will be ruined.

Juanchi t said...

Hi miss ale
I am studing to know the words by hard, I dont know them so much but I am going to revice them alot.

Miranda C said...

Miss Ale
Thanks for putting the songs. I will practice a lot! I know all the songs but I will practice a little more "No Bad News" because I know the words but I don´t know very well what satnsa comes next.
I will practice till I know the songs with the movements and all. I think the concert will be great
See youu
Miranda :]

Jeronimo A said...

hi miss Ale
Thank you for puting the songs know I dont have to be taking the songs to my house because Ihave them here. I think is a very good idea because we can practice with the song and the lycris and at the same time blog I well start doing this, whike I hear I coment and practice the songs. Aptu know I practice NO BAD NEWS AND BRAND NEW DAY, now I well practice Way back in to love.
Bye see you!

GianfrancoE said...

Hello Miss Ale thanks for the songs I think many of us will practise the songs, I alrady do it and I am going to continue practising, you and Mr Oscar had a very good idea of putting this post, its very useful. If all 6th
graders study the songs for the concert, the concert will be marvelous and I think all of us want that. Bye Miss Ale I hope you have a nice day, see you tommorrow!!)

Gonzalo C said...

I practiced a little bit the song No bad news but the song Brand new day I kown it very little.
I think is a very good way to practice when we dont have the music copy book. I still dont know when the concert will be so I can advise my mother.
Bye miss Ale

juan b said...

Hi miss Ale!!!!
I practice the song a little part because Im rong of the eye because gabor bump my eye. But I could practice but I cant remember then of the chouros.

Paulina B said...

Hi Miss Ale
Thank you for the songs, I´ve been practicing all the week the songs, because it is dificult to sing and dance at the same time and with the movements also it is more difficult
Thank you, Have a good weekend

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I haved been practicing the songs, but not SO MUCH like I haved to do it, cause I have to also study another things, but when I finish I will practice it but the best of all that there are not so baadd songs they are cool, they are faboulous.
See us,