Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Poem shared by a peer

Hugo P from 6C brought Roald Dahl's poem collection called Dirty Beasts (1983). It includes nine poems telling of the unusual exploits of unsuspecting animals, except for Tummy Beast which is made up.

Do you remember any other books written by this author? When did you read them? Which one did you enjoy the most?

Click here and read Tummy Beast. Why do you think I chose this poem?


Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

I have lots of books from Roald Dahl but the best book that I have is the "Roald Dahl treasury" you can ask Ignacio to bring it to school it has all the books of Roald Dahl including "Dirty Beasts". My opinion about "The tummy beast" is that it nrimes allot and it very funny.

See you tommorow.

Hugo P said...

Miss Ale,
I have many books by Roald Dahl but I took that one because it was poetry. We read many of the books written by this author in 4th grade. My favourite one is also Roald Dahl treasury because it has all the stories in it.

andy e said...

We made a project in 4 grade that was Roald Dahl and we read lots of books. This poem is very nice as in all the sentences, the next one ryme with the other. It is a nice poem and I like very much the style of the writting of Roald Dahl. This poem I remember I read it in that unit and I like it very much as i like it today. This poem gave me an idea for the next poem i will write.

Marcos L said...

Miss Ale,
I remember we have read Roald Dahl books in 4º grade with Miss Anne.
As Hugo said my one is Roald Dahl Treasury because it has all the storuies Roald Dahl wrote.
I also remember that there was a box in the class and we needed to get a book, read it, and when we finished it, write the title in a checklist that we had.

This comment is for talking is spanish in class, I still need to write anotherone with another 10 lines long.

Marcos L said...

Miss Ale!
The comment that I wrote just before this one has 9 line but when I typed it I counted very carefuly and it had 10.
I sware I had 10 lines but the letter became smaller!

santosm said...

Hello Miss Ale,

I have read at least four or five books written by Roald dahl. My favourite one is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it is fun to imagine that amazing place full of candies and chocolate bars!

Jeronimo A said...

hi miss. ale
In 4th grade we did a project like said andy from Roald Dahl books and we start walking in the hall and the teachers were taking pictures and we did like a modelage, but the party was not all they gave us chocolate of Willy Wonka and the one that get the golden ticket gets a pencil. They were five children that got the golden tiket. But the most important thing is that I loved that unit because we read the giant peach and that one was a very good book.
bye see you tomorrow.

Francisco I said...

Miss Ale
i have lots and lots of books of roald dahl because in 4 grade we celebrate the ROALD DAY. i think he is a grate author and he right very good books.´
see you tomorrow!!!!!!!

Conrado MF said...

I really like Roald Dahl books. I have lots of books in my house. In 4th I won a compettition of the best costume from Roald Dahl, I also know that his favorite color is orange, or yellow i can´t remember.

Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale
Of course I would apply this tips, I think that with these I would understand better the story!
Thank you for helping us by placing this tips on the blog!

Manu T said...

Miss Ale:
I know lots of books from Roald Dahl, I read them in 5th grade. The one I most liked was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Manu T said...

Sorry Miss Ale it was in 4th grade.

Pedro S said...

The twits, on fifth grade, the twits and I think you chose it because it rhymes a lot and its very funny.

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I also read a lot of books by Roald Dahl, but one of my favorites is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or James and the Giant Peach. I read them when I was in 4th with the teacher. He wrote a lot of Children's books which were very nicely written.
See you tomorrow!!

vicky.b said...

Hi miss ale
first good idea hugo, second is that i read a lot of books of roald dahl like Charle and the chocolate factory and a lot more i know a lot because we did a project in 4th of roald dahl and we act one of his stories.
It was very fun to act it!!
His books are all fantasy stories, it is just what we are studyng "fantasy stories"
ok have a NICE week

Manuel.B said...

I once remember that we made a project on roald dahl and we read many of his books. I remember choosing "dirty beasts" so I had already known about it, anyway, I still had fun reading it again!

Anonymous said...

I have lots of books of roald dahl like fantastic mister fox, Charlie and the choclet factorie etc. there are very good!!! To I think in 4 grade we studied about Roal dahl and read hes books, The one that I liked more is Fantastic mister fox. Know I don't like them but wuen we were like in 4 grade yes!!!!!!!!!!

jacques.G said...

we in 4c read a Dold Dhal book about some animals who had do clean windows. I enjoyed a lot that story. because it took alot my atencion.

Gonzalo C said...

I still remember when we read books of Rhoald Dalh. One day we did a show with cloth of the characters of his storys, and miss Jesica brought some pencils of Rhold Dalh and made a conquest for the one that won she gave him a pencil. One book of him that contains a lot of storys written by him is Rhoal Dalh treasury or something like that because sofia g brought it to the class one day and we read some storys.

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale
I 4 grade I remember, that he read book of Roald Dahl. i like a lot the books of Roald Dahl because its fun.

Nacho B said...

Miss Ale
I 4 grade I remember, that he read book of Roald Dahl. i like a lot the books of Roald Dahl because its fun.

Agostina G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I also read lots of Roald Dahl but I just have one is the James and the Giant Peach and I think is also the best one, this story is like how Roald Dahl writes it was very funny.
see you tommorow.

mariaf said...

hi miss ale
we read alot of books from Roald Dahl in 4th grade but the ones I liked most was charly and the chocolate factory an james and the gant peah becase i relly enjoyed reading them, i think you put that poem in the link beacuse it has fantasy and we are learning about fantasy stories and poems.

FranAL said...

Hi miss ale
I read alot of books of that author because in 4th grade we did a peoject on him. My favorit book was Chalie and the chocolate factpry

francisco.a 6b said...

Miss Ale,
I like the poem, I like poems of Roald Dahl. I will like you to put another poem of Roald Dahl.

Sophia O. said...

Miss Ale
I read many books of Roald Dahl I love James and the Giant Peach also because I saw the movie and it is very nice so after I read the book I saw the movie so I understood it very well, see you on monday.

Sophia O

juan ignacio S.S. said...

miss ale, my favorite book of roald dahl i have read is charlie and the great glass elevator

Milo.C said...

Hi miss Ale,
I read a lot of books of Roald Dahl, now I am reading a book as. That poem I readed when I was 8 years old.I dont wanrt to say all the book what is about but I will recomend to the wans that are 8 to 9 years old but the story is very funny and has a lot of rimes.

Thank you miss Ale and Hugo and I wish you a lovely weekend.

Ambar t said...

HI miss ale:
in fourth grade we talked about roald dahl and i read the BFG and i liked it a lot!!
I also liked matilda!
i think you chose it because it is about fantasy and its really good!!
bye see you on monday!

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think you haved chosen this poem because it is very funny and it rhimes a lot (like franco salaya said) Also because many children do that, says that types of thing and makes exuses (I think so) really im not so sure why you haved chosen it but I think that ones of the reasons.
See us,

martina o said...

Hi miss Ale:
I like the books and poems from Roald Dahl because they are createv and good I think that thy are very funny and I think that they are for children of ower age and a little less

Bianca F said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I've read Roald Dahl's books in forth grada, we had a Roald Dahls day, do you remember?The one I enjoyed the most was The Twits and The BFG.
I think you chose "Tummy Beast" be ause, it is a fantasy poem, I laughed while I read it because the rhymes are very funny, and it repeats "I swear it mommy, there's a person in my tummy."

Mariano P said...

Hi Miss Ale

i have alot oj books of Roald Dahl and one thing i know of Roald Dahl is that he invents a lot of words but i did not know that he rote poems.

See you tomorow.

justina b said...

Hello mis ale y have many books of rohal dahl because we made a project in 4 about his book and y like it so y bought many
see you

Sofí K Olivos said...

Miss Ale:

I am so GLAD that you decide to take my idea!! I think we can really work this!! I love working in peers specially when we can choose because I actually think that I can really work well with Abru. Thanks alot and PLEASE can we work like this again?aúnan

Ser you on Tuesday!!

silvestreb said...

Hi Miss Ale

I read the poem and it was very funny.when we were in fourth we read a lot of books about Roald Dahl.
I think that you put this poem to us get ideas for ours.

Tmas .G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I have some books from this author and i also read a lot of these books when i was in 4th and 3rd in my other school in the United States. My school was called Awty. I think i remember some of them but not the name. I was very little and liked a lot those books. Some books i have now are " The Witches", "The Magic Finger",Fantastic Mr.Fox" and more. I liked pretty much "Fantastic Mr.Fox" and i saw the movie. The others i read them, and they were good but i liked more "Fantastic Mr.Fox".
Roald Dahl is a great writer!!!
I stopped reading them when i was 8 ,when i started reading Harry Potter and other intresting books.

I read Conrados comment and i think it was funny because he won the best costume of Roald Dalh. And that his favorite colour was yellow or orange.

Thank you for remembering me about this very known and very liked author!!!Many people read his books!!!
See you tomorow!!!

Tomas .G said...

Sorry Miss Ale i forgot to put the o in Tomas .G

Miranda C said...

Miss Ale
I remamber reading a lot of Roald Dahl books, I remember reading them in 4th grade, when we studied Roald Dahl. The one that I remember very good is "Charlie in the Chocolate Factory". As Franco S said it rhymes a lot and its funny.
See You

pilar m said...

I remmember many books of roahl dahl such as: (as marcos and hugo said) roahl dahl Treasury, The BFG, (as fsancisco said)
dirty beasts, the vitches. And many more because we read a lot in 4 grade so I cant remmember ALL the ones that I read. My favourite story was the BFG because I could realise that, besides that giant was very big, it was a very good and friendly giant.

I think that you chose that poem becase it is a fantasy poem and because is very funny, the ending was very funny. Also I could understand that you need to belive in the people if not you could have a very bad surprise, such as faint.

Sofi C 6A said...

Hi Miss Ale,
Since a long time that I do not comment so here it goes. My favorite book from Roald Dahl was MATILDA, It was great and very fun! I really enjoyed it and I understood every little bit of it! It has a great vocabulary and I think It is great for reading comprehension and to read at school! I have more books written by him like JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH, THE MAGIC FINGER,etc. Still the best one was MATILDA. I think that in fourth grade they read us a book by Roald Dahl and If I am correct it was DIRTY BEATS, or some other one. His stories are great. I love all his rhimes!
Bye see you on are next Language period!
Sofi C

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!
We saw Roald Dahl in 4° grade, and we read a lot of his books: The twits, BFG, James and the giant peach, The magic finger (in 3°), Charlie and the chocolate factory and Matilda, (which I so the movie of both), Fantastic Mr. Fox, The minpins, (which I liked very much), and many other books!!
I think you chose it because it's very funny and it rhymes!!
See you!
Agus T 6A

juanchi t said...

I think you choose it because in 4th we learnt Roal Dahl and the poem its long, you can understand it, it has many rhymes, Hugo brought it and youwanted to shoew it to the class, its kind of a mixture of a story and a poem, it has verbs, good punctuation, it has alot of dialog, it is written in 1st person and you want us to learn all this things to be a better writter and take into acound all this things to be better in language.