Monday, 16 May 2011

Some tips for writing showing paragraphs


Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale!
Thank you for all this tips I will use them a lot! There are very useful! This a great idea!
Ernestina P.

mariaf said...

hi miss ale
before i always tell in my storys but no i am satarting to incorporate showing. This tips are very usefull thankyou

Sofi G said...

Thanks miss Ale this will help us alot to do the stories better.This would be great to use this. It would be great if everyone improved this cause some people don't improve in these but i'll improve a lot!!!

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
Thanks for tips this tips will really help me for the paragraph!It would be great to use this as tips for the paraghap that we have to make!
See you tomorrow!
Clara G

Santos LA said...

Hy Miss Ale, I think we have to show not tell because stories are going to be better!!

Luca M said...

Hi Miss Ale,
Thank you very much for the tips. I am using them for the showing paragraphs. Our stories will get longer for this.
See you tomorrow
Luca M

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

Thank you for all the tips I agree with all of the tips except for the one of painting whats happening because I dont draw very good so for me from all the tips this was the worst one.

See you tommorow

Francisco I said...

Miss Ale
I think reading this we will understand more how to do a the story on the computer of a showing paragraph. I think is a very good idea. Thank you. I think. But i think to change a telling story to a showing paragraph is a little bit difficult because you can confuse.

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
When you write a story or even a sentence, these things have to be included because if you don't put them, it makes your story very boring and no one wants to read it. Sometimes when you are writing, you forget about these things because you are concentrated but when you reread it, you feel like something is missing. Tomorrow, when I will write my showing story, I will remember to put these to make my story much more interesting. See you tomorrow!!

Jeronimo A said...

Hi miss. ale
thank you for all this, i will read them a lot of times specialy when I need to write a story. I think is a very good idea, but like said fran is a little bit confused and difficult. I love writing stories but i have to admit, i am not very good, but with this tips i weel be very good writing stories at least best than now


Marcos said...

This tips will be very useful for us because I think that it is obvious that you will make us write a story using showing sentences, I always used telling sentences because there are easier than write a long paragraph instead of using a simple sentence.
It is just practice and get used to write showing sentences or paragraphs.


Pedro.A said...

Hi miss Ale

The tips are very useful so that afterwords we can use them in our writing.

Thank you!

santos m said...

Hello Miss Ale,

I am very thankful with you for all the tips you gave us,I will use them a lot. I believe this will be very useful for us to write better stories.

Federico dr said...

Miss Ale

Before when I write my stories of books i used most of the time telling but now i will start to use showing because is more complete and makes an image in your head and i would like that my stories could make images in the readers mind.
Thank you

Bautista T said...

Thank you for reminding it to us!!!
We talked about this in class!!

Paulina B said...

Hi Miss Ale
Thank you for this use ful tipos.
I think they are really useful, so I will use them a lot on my pieces of writing. I realized that the showing paragraph atracts the reader even more that with the telling one.
I could improve very much with this tips
Thank you, Paulina

Teo V said...

Hi Miss Ale!
Thank you for this tips on the post, it will help us a lot, its a great idea, I will take it in consideration for the text we are doing, it is difucult but if you make an effort, its possible.
Teo V

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!!
Thanks for including the tips, now that I know where they are I can use them for writing a showing paragraph.
Some people found it difficult, in my case I don't! What it's difficult to me is to want to write something but to have to translate it, something is that I imagine it in english and we are in spanish and sometimes is the other word around. What I also find a bit complicated is to find sinonims so I don't repeat words, but in that case I also have the things of my folder to help me, which now I say, they are very useful when writing a story!
But I found fun, because I love to write stories, preferently misterious ones, and I like the challege of changing a telling text into a showing one, I think it is the best way to learn it! I tried to include all this tips and guide me with the assesment, but apart from that I used all we talked in class in my story, I used all the strong adjectives, the similes, and maybe metafors, I used the vocabulary, I tried not to tell the main idea right to the point, and finally I could visualize my story in my mind!! I liked it very much!! I still need to improve it and change some details, but I think I've done really well! I'm very happy with it.
See you tomorrow!!!

Abril C said...

Miss Ale
l this tips are very useful. they will help all of year 6. Now I will remember them and use it on my righting.
Thank you!!!

Pedro S. said...

Thank you Miss Ale for the tips im sure it will help me!

andres kw said...

Thank you for teach us howe to do a do a showing paragragh becaus you can do a better story and to improve a lot your story. And also you are showing us howe to do alarge it and aslo beaus before you taght us this my storys were of 20 or 30 lines telling the story but know I do them of 40 or 50 lines
goodby see you tomorrrow
(this coment is for talking in spanish)

Anonymous said...

Thank you miss Ale,for all the tips,the are very useful I am going to use them allot and chak in my story that I have dan it.
In my story I had put same sentences showing what was happening, I put in my story to allot of adjectives, the sentences that you said that we had to use in the story, and I to had already chaked with the correcting code.
I hope you like my story!!!

juana O OLIVOS said...

Miss Ale,
thank you for this ideas, they will help me A LOT!!!
specially for writing storys, I wish all the people and me can comply all or most of them because a showing story is NOT the same as a telling story, see you tomorrow

Juana OtaƱo

Sofi K said...

Miss Ale:

Thank you MIss Ale for all the tips. I am really liking the showing work you are giving us!! Most of it because almost everything is by compuer. I think is a very fun way to learn!!
See you

SilvestreB said...

Hi Miss Ale!!!
They are very useful tips I will use it in my story.

Benjamin.p said...

Miss Ale !!!!!
Before I used to tell every scentence but now I’am incomporing showing and similes to my stories.

Agostina G said...

Miss Ale
Than you for all this tips it will help us a lot they are very good ideas and usful we are going to learnd a lot with all this you are putting for us.
See you.

Tomas S said...

Miss Ale, this tips are going to be very important for my storys but now we have to know how to incorporet them on the story because it is difficult to remembered them but with practice all can be done.

Elizabeth said...

That's cool, Ms.Ale! Mr.Miller has taught us how to use "Step up to Writing."

Florencia DL said...

Thank you Miss Ale for this tips i will use them a lot in my stories and i will write also showing paragraphs no always telling
see you

juan b said...

Hi Miss Ale!!!
I like that you gave us tips for ours stories. For making ours stories better and mor descriptive. Thank you for giving us that tips.

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
thank you for the tips, in the future when I will write a story I will use it a lot.
Thank you, if im feeling good twomorrow, See us twomorrow

MIranda said...

Hi MIss Ale
Thank you for this tips! they are very usefull! As Ernestina said, I will use them a lot, especialy for my showing text!
see you

Bianca F said...

Hi Miss Ale
I think these tips for writing a showing paragraph will be usefull at classtime and not only in english, I could use these tips but in "Practicas del Lenguage". I think (and they are) these tips will be usefull to all the class. Even more when we have to write the showing fantasy text. Some of these were in the checklist, that when I did the showing paragraph and checklist I read it all at once and then I realised that it was wrong, so I went again to the checklist, and I answered all the questions slowly and if there was something wrong I would change it.

Hannah. R said...

Hi Miss Ale,
Thank for putting this tips I am going to use them in my stories or when I am going to do a showing story!
thank you!!

Sofi C 6A Olivos said...

Thank you Miss Ale,
I really need all those tips! They are great hope everybody is thankful for those cause they help us write better showing paragraphs. I see that this year we are going to heve to write and read many showing paragraphs!

I will use them alot!
Sofi C

Andres ku said...

Hello Miss Ale, I just read that and I thought of my text, It is going to help me a lot thank you.

andy e said...

good tips, i will use them.

Clara V said...

Hi Miss Ale,
What a grat tips I am going to use them to write stories so us to made them more attractive, this tips helped me alot and they are very good with these ones you can write a very good story.
See you

Luli B Olivos said...

Hi miss Ale
great tips they are very usefull because now I know how to wright a showing paragraph. When I read a story, I can tell that the story would be much less interesting if it didnt had showing sentences. This will help us a lot when the time to right a story arrives, and will make our pieces of writting interesting and detailed. Thank you again!

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