Monday, 30 May 2011

The Marvellous Homework

As we go on travelling across the Fantasy World, imagine that one day when you get back from school you find a BIG surprise in your room.
Click here and see what it is all about. After reading, answer the following:
Would you like to have one? Why?


Lourdes I said...

Miss Ale, that is very usefull for housework and homework doing!!!!
IT IS GREAT!!!!! I think i would buy for all te school!!! Would YOU buy one???

Florencia DL said...

Hi Miss Ale
I agry with Lourdes i will buy one for the homework because it is very usefull!!!!!
See you

Sofi k said...

Miss Ale:

Of course I would like a machine like that, is excellent. But I think that I would use it the most for the homework. Because I am actually very clean and tidy when it comes to take care of the room or keeping it tidy. Mabye in 50 years or some more that machine can exist but is it does it would cost like 10000000000000000000000000000000000euros!!
I hope it DOESN'T!!
See you!!

justina b said...

Hi miss ale
i agree with flori because im not realy good at doing homework .....
so i would use the homework one
see you

Roxie W. said...

Miss Ale,
Yes!!! I would love to have one! That would be great. It could do everything for me! That way I could do more things that I want!
See you tomorrow!

juli ch said...

Miss Ale:

I am not shure because it would be good to have a machine like that but I wouldnt learn ant like I dont go to school I dont have friens!! :(
So I am not shure!
see you at school

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

I cant believe you asked if we will like to have one of those the answer is very obvious is like asking:
Who wants to be billionarie?
Who wants to have all the wishes you want?

We read that poem in the class this one is a little bit longer thatn the other one. With that machine I would say to him give a 10000000000000000000000000000000 of house points.

See you tommorow

andy e said...

I will want to have one because it makes me all my homework and so could be in the bed watching tv having relax.

Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I would do anything for that robot homewrkmaker,cleaner of bedrooms and MUCH MORE!!!
I don't know what i could do without it. I would get 10 in every test and every homework!!!
It is a dream come true!!!
The onley thing is that if he studies for me ..... how am i going to know what i have to study. And how is he going to take a bath for me if i am still going to be dirty. Ihope he is watertype. I would by that robot for all my money(127 pesos)
Well i don't have much because i wasted it but that is not the point!!! THE POINT IS THAT I NEEEED THAT ROBOT. Too bad it does not exist.

See you tomorow!!!

Marcos L said...

As Lourdes said:
It makes all my math, it reades long geography bookes (they never gave us any geography long books to read). Hangs my clothes.
The "Marvelous Homework & Housework Machine" doesn't eat Brussels sprouts but that I CAN do because I like them, that's no problem to me.

Matias O said...

MIss Ale

this machine has to be marvelous because you would only say 'do this piece of writing for me I am going to bed and watch some T.V.
And your teacher will never know that a machine is doing your homework or pieces of writing.

I would buy one. would you?

hannah said...

Hi Miss Ale!!
I would buy it so it could do all my homework !!!!!!!!
and all the hosework!!
But it would be veryyy expensive like sofi said I hope thet not so I could buy it!!!!
see you tomorrow!!
I like very much this post go on posting like this!

gaborg said...

Hi miss Ale
I would love to have one!!!!!!this robot is incredible, the only bad thing about it is that it does not eat your brussel least it eats other vegetables like brocoli.the poem is very funny in the last part.i would buy millions of these so they do ALL my homework.

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!!!!!!!!
I don't even doubt it!!!! Of course!!! Since I was little I want one!jaja! Every kid does, I don't know if my parents would let me, but if it does housework I think they might! It's even useful for adults. I wish they could study for me, and when the test comes they pass me by a way all the information mentally.
See you

Manuel B. said...

Would you like one of these?
Who wouldn't!!!
Does your homework, chores, book reports while you sit in your comfortable sofa watching T.V!!!!
I think I could do (nearly) anything for that machine

Silvestre B said...

Hi Miss Ale!!
I would love it because if I had it now I don't have to write this comment in my house , the machine would do it for me!!!Imagine it I would be 'the president and dont do ánything.
But the problem it would be that I wouldn't learn anything and I would be very fat. And the machine would be very very expensive.

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Ale
We already read these poem it is very good because it is a funny fantasy fact with rimes.If I have these machine in my house I would do nothing all day because when we hav to study It does it for us and I dont now how, it takes a buth for you. This questions made me feel sad because now that I realize that super machine is not in my house wich I hope it does some day although I have it it will be an other thing that my brother and I fight for it all the same I think it would be great and wonderfull to have one .
See you Clara V 6A

Sofi C 6A Olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I would love to have that machine only that when it breaks I do not know anything so The teachers would notice me with low marks but like I am in fantasy world that would never happen! I wish I could have one right now for all my tests that I didn’t study for. Luckily I studied for all the tests I had up to now! Hope later on they exist in real life not only in fantasy world! I loved the poem it was very nice!
See you tomorrow!
Sofi C

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I loved this Poem!! I would love to have this machine. It would put all my toys away neatly and not spattered everywhere. It would also do my homework and if I speak in spanish it would write a 10 line comment. It would be like someone spoiling me and taking care of me all the time. It would be grate if a person invented a machine like this. I imagine it very good and useful at the beginning and at the end it would have problems, like in the movies where Robots take over.
See you tomorrow!!

Gonzalo C said...

I would like to have one of them for my house and specialy for school. I wouldnt mind to do my home work and I would play in the computer all the time I want with out thinking : oh no I have home work for tomorow!!!
It would be the best life I could have. The author of the poem should have a lot of imagination. But the only thing weird is that he cant take a bath for you or he cant study for you, or he cant read for you. I think he should have a cable that conects to your head and uploads or the data for your maths test or your geografy test.
Bye miss Ale.

Sophia O said...

Hi Ale
I would LOVE to have a home work machine because if you see my room it is a total mess if I had this machine I would be so so happy and my mother to see you
Sophi O

Conrado MF said...

I wuld like it but some things are really akward like taking your bath. Anyway it would be really awsome.

Pedro B said...

Miss Ale.
Who is not going to buy this machine , its the paradise for children of my age and for other ages.I will love to have this machine in my house , it will be amazing , for mi it will cost 11000000 $ dolars.For me it will be the perfect thing for a child. It will be the best project in all life , all the world will give their things to have that amazing machine.Maybe in 25 30 years it will exist...... and if it doesen't I will make it and I will soldit for 100000000000000000 billion dollars!. I will give My life to have one machine of that. And the best of all that they make all for you , they clean your clothes , they make your bed all mornings and the best of that that you could be dirty and the machines cleans your body for you.

Agostina G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I think this very good to have one at school if you want one thing you asked to the machine and the machine gave it to you. But now a days this we don't have it at home or in school or in any place but perhaps when the time pass it would exsist I wish this would exsist is preaty good for us because we don't have to buy things we ask the machine and he gave to us so if that exist we don't have to buy enithin if the persons conitnue working they would be reach and is no by magic is real life.
See you tommorow.

pilar m said...

I think that I would bu it, but use it only if I need to do a lot of homework or if I need to clean up EVERY PART OF MY ROOM, because if not it would be very borring cause´ I won´t do anything, I would only lay down and wach T.V. or watch how the matchine do all my work.


Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale
Yes I will buy one of this! My dream is to eat ice cream watching TV!!
I think that the poem rimes a lot and the author Kenn Nesbitt is very good at doing them!
Is very useful this machine for lots of things my favorite is the one eating ice cream while you watch T.V!
I love this poems you post on the blog and if you find one more poem of this auothor I would like if you could send it to me by mail or show it to me, for me the poems and the rimes he used were fantastic!
Ernestina P.

Lucas N said...

Hello Miss Ale
YES I would have one because when I am tired I would watch T.V instead of being writing and reading all the time. But there is one problem:
If it studies for you then when you have a test the machines knows the answers. Two possible solutions would be: One, that it would turn invisible. The other one would be thatit would be like a clon so it would be exactly like you.
Hope it exists in the future.
See you tomorrow

Benjamin.p said...

Miss Ale:

Of course I would like a machine like that, is perfect. I would do nothing I would be in bed with some lays, seaing TV

Thomas E. said...

I'd love to have one! I would never ever do house chores nor nothing!
It would be like I playing all day and this machine doing my boring things.
But it takes your bath?!!??!?!?!?
How does a machine;robot, can do that? Well it doesent matter I'ts fantacy after all.
I imagine the price......

santos m said...

Hello Miss Ale:

I absolutely agree with my friends!!!! I definitely want to get one of those amazing machines to do my homework!!
Would someone get me one for Monday as my Birthday gift?

Francisco I said...

Miss ale
this machine is very usefull you can do a lot of things like study and watch tv at the same time. I hope that in the future will exist. If it like that i buy it. The machine studie for you. I like when it says that you can brash your teeth . I think this machine is going to be very famous on the future and all the people gonna buy it.

Miranda c said...

Hi Miss Ale!
Specially for homework!
It would be really great!
See you!

Jeronimo A said...

hi miss ale
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!, I would love to et home have a homework magine specialy for math, and when I get home my house is the cleanest in the world, well if I had one of them. But the problem is thaat it would cost alot like 10.000 dolars, Iwould be very happy with out homework. Specialy I would love that homework machine to do exelent mathematic works.
By see you later!

vicky.b said...

HI MIss ale
Thanks i agree with everyone
this helps us a lot!!!!!!!
i think i would be VERRRYYYY CHEAP
this is one of the compulsory post i am so so so sorry of talking in spanish.
ok have a nice week viky
oh wait
have a nice week

Teo V said...

Hi Miss Ale, I would give everything to get that machine, specially when I have homework that's IMPOSSIBLE, if someday it exists another one for other things like bringing you things for somewhere, I would buy i YES or YES. But the one of the homwork I really don't know becuase as Julieta said, we would not learn.
See You tomorrow.

Belen D said...

Hi miss Ale:
Of course I would like to have this robot, but I think that when the day of the tests comes, I would don't know nothing. Because the reboot does me the homework and all the thing that you should do for school.
But the other part of claning and all things that are not for school, I would love to have it.
But I would also would not like to have from the reboot is that he takes your bath (in one week im going to smell like a pig)
OF COURSE I would like to have one but I wouldn't use it for every thing.

Paulina B said...

Hi Miss Ale
In part I would want to have one of those because it would make me everything and I can rest and do my things, or really what I want. But I also won't like it because I wouldn't learn anything
I liked the poem!!!

Lucas E said...

I would want to have a homework machine because I always would be seeing television. But if it existed it would be very expensive but I would like to have it

Pedro A said...

Hi Miss Ale

I really think I need one of those

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I wont like to have one because then when you grow up, and you have to do things you wont know for the school. It is not so good to have one for me, if not the homework he will do it for you and it will be a kind of cheating. It dosen matter imagine you are bad you will get a 10 but like you didnt make hat, it made it the machine.
See us,

fede d said...

Hello miss Ale,

I would buy one because is very usefull not only to me but to my mom that dosent have to clean but specialy to me because I dont have to do my homework and would clean my room. Where do you buy them because I want one of those.
See you tomorrow

mariaf said...

hello miss ale,
yess i would love to have one because when i have many things to do she or he can do the homework for me, and also i know that my work is going to be olright because generally machines do everything well