Thursday, 9 June 2011

Compulsory post for NEXT WEEK!!!- Reflecting!

REPORT CARDS!!Compulsory post for next week starting on Monday, June 13th
Watch the video and answer the questions, reflect conscientiously about it!
Your comment must be SERIOUS and LONG! Answer all the questions in the video.

If you have already blogged this week and you leave a comment today, it counts as the compulsory post for next week. Have a nice weekend!


Franco s said...

Hello Miss Ale:

Miss Ale I dont know if we can share our notes of the report cards but I will share them because I am very happy with the notes that I got so I am going to share them. I got in all 8 except in one that I got a 7, but I am going to try to improve the 7 and all of the 8's. I will try to have my report card us my brother. He's lowest note was an 8!!!!! Referring to the questions I felt very good about it because that means that the first impression was good and a third part of the year is finishing. I didn't achieve some goals like taking a 10 that I will try again, but of giving a first good impression to all teachers is good
how I did it its simple complying with all the homeworks and trying to behave as good as possible. My goals for next term are to take a 10 (again) and improve all the satisfactory to a very satisfactory or maybe an excellent. My strategies to improve my performance it is not to do things quickly (but using the time correctly) and to try to come awake because I am always sleepy.

See you on Monday.

I said to much times"I" dont I?

Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale
When I got the report card I I saw my notes and the comments I was very happy! For me I achive my goals! My techniques were to take down notes during the class and pay a lot of attention in all classes! My goals for the next term is to hear more my friends when they want to talk or to participate in class or in a team work! For doing that for the next term I will do a great effort and apply the strategies to pay attention to them as we have to pay attention to the teacher.
Ernestina P.

Juan G said...

I think that I could have better marks and that I didn's give the best of myself. I didn's have goals for this year so I didn'd achieve any goal. My goal for the next term is to speak more in english in the language, math and social studies class. I am going to ask the teacher if she can tell me many times to speak in english.

Manuel B. said...

When I first got my report card I felt very happy because I had gotten all 8ts except for one 9 that was in Language!!!!
still I don't really think that was my best so I will try to do my best this term. The strategy I used for this term was pay attention and when a test came, STUDY!
Gladly, my strategy worked for my first term report card and I will be happy to use it again, but there is one little thing of my goals I wish to improve:
I really didn't do that well in Maths/Matematica, I really don't think I deserved the 8 but his term I will work much, much harder to make sure I have a good mark and more importantly,do my best
So that's my goal for this term, I hope it work,s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ambar T said...

HI miss ale:
I feel very proud of myself because I think I had a very good report card! my lowest note was an 8!! Im very happy! I was very nervous about the repord cards, but now Im calmed, and pleased with it!
I achieved my goals! some of my goels were: be house captain, have all the notes higher than 7, have a good comment on my report card.... and more!
my goals for this term is to go on like this!
With this good acctitude (as the teachers said) and with this good notes.
my strategies are: to try to talk a little less, try to do the homework the day is given, and DO MY BEST!!!!!
see you on monday!

Miss Ale said...

Dear Franco, Ernestina, Juan, Manu and Ambar!! Thank you for your comments and your well thought reflections!!! You will all go far!! Have a nice weekend!

justo l said...

Miss Ale,
I will try to answer your questions as fully as possible and after thinking about what you ask
1)I feel that I could've done better and I think that although I passed all subjects with good grades, it isn't good enough.
2)I could say that I achieved my goals because I passed all subjects but at the same time I didn't because perhaps I didn't give my best, as I could have better grades.
Maybe I just did the nesessary to pass.
3)For next term my goals are to improve my performance and get better marks, not to lower them.
4)To improve, I will try to talk less, so I can concentrate on my work and make better use of my time.

Have a nice weekend. Justo

martina o said...

Hi Miss Ale:
I think that my report card was very good in all the classes. But I will nead to improve more in language so I change thay 7 to a 8. Alsow I nead to participate more in all the classes and to pay alitlle of more atention. But I don´t say it only for language, I mean that in all the classes so I can change some 7 to 8. I no that a 7 is a good mark but you have to impruve always to a better mark! I think that if you want to improve a mark you have to pay attention and to participate. Alsow to improve a mark you have to listen to the teacher so when you have to do something you know what to do and you understand what she or he is explaning. But if you don´t sisten her or he you will not know what to do and you will not understand what the teacher wants to explane.

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I think I had a good report card.When my teacher was going to give me the report card I was very nervous because I thought that I was going to have lower marks than 7.But i think that this second term I am going to raise my hand in class because in the report card in the comments the teachers told me that I had to participate or raise my hand in class because some of the teachers have to know if I have any doubts or if I know things like the other students do.My goals for this year was having notes higher than 7 or having a 7, also have good comments in my report card.I think that for the next term I am going to try to participate more in class.I think that I had a good repor card.
I think that I said to much times 7. Like Franco!
See you next week!
Clara G

Anonymous said...

Hello miss Ale you have to guess who we are: now we are in year seven. last year we were in 6b and we are two boys. In the list we were ones of the last ones.

Anonymous said...

Hello miss Ale you have to guess who we are: now we are in year seven. last year we were in 6b and we are two boys. In the list we were ones of the last ones. bye bye

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!
I was very happy when I received my report card and I saw my marks!
I think I achieved my goals and I'm very proud of myself. Some techniques I used were:
. pay attention in class
. take down notes if necessary
. study a lot and with time
. Ask teachers if I don't understand something
. Enter to the sites and blogs frequently
I really don't have any goal apart from doing all I have done since the year started. That's why I won't change any strategy to inprove my performance for this term.
See you on Monday!

vicky.b said...

Hi Miss Ale
I feel very happy about my notes
Because i passed in all!!!
But i also know that i have to keep on tryng to have a bigger note.
I think my goal is that i have to improve in maths in spanish,languge and social studys.
ok have a nice week

Lourdes I said...

Miss Ale:
Im really happy with my report card, i really think that other people report cards are not of our bussines, but some people just cant resist it!!!

Hugo P said...

Miss Ale
I felt very happy about my first term report card. I was happy with my marks and my comment in the report. I did achieve my goals: I tried hard and studied the things that I didn't understand and so got better at them. My goals for next term are to participate more in class and get better marks in tests in lengua and maths/matematica. The strategies I will apply will be alot more studying and trying to understand things.

santino u said...

hi miss ale

I feel very good for my first term reprt card but I still have many sevens so I have to improve I could make some of the goals and some not I could have a good note in maths but I couldnt hav a very good note in social studies, I got a seven.
My goals will be to stop talking with my friends so much and to pay attention in class.
my strategies are similar to francos so I will try to use my time correctly.

Bye miss Ale see you on monday

Jacques.G said...

when i just got my report card i thought i was going to have very good notes but infact i just got the same as i had the last year. I felt i could do much better in science but i got the same thing.

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think doing this post is like time to reflect about your report card.
I feel really proud about my report card!! :) In some thing I haved improved and in other ones no. But beside that, I am really really proud!!
I achive one thing, I achived at maths, and i am really proud and happy of that. I achived this goal by trying to pay more attention on class, when we are talking about something, about a problem try to join in it and parcipited in. Also I haved achive in one thing that in the start I wasn´t so shure if I was going to do it, Uruguay. I was reaaly nervious, and more in the tim when I haved to give all my documents, and I knew there wasnt another time to think if I was going or not. Well, at last I went I didnt wanted to go!! It was one of the best two days of my life!!
For the next term I will try ro pay more attention on ALL the subjects, talk in class, when we are talking of a problem or a question. Be more organized with my folders, to be more tidy. Have all the materials I need for the class. Also I will try th method of my sister and all cause when we will go to pass to 7 grade next year, the way we have to study is different, so I will study subjects imagine if one is shorter than another one, imagine the largest subject (music, im not saying is not so important, I am saying is shorter imagine that if e hae to study maths) I will study 45 minutes, 30 minutes, and for the longest one one hour one hour and 15 minutes. In that way in 7 grade it will be more east to fit in the hours to syudy. Also to do tests more faster, but trying to do it well cause next year with the DPT´S I will do half a test!! And also try to have the same notes like m sister!!! I thought it cause Frnco Salaya said the same and the notes of my sister were better than mine :).
See us twomorrow,

Pedro s said...

I felt very happy about having good notes even if the most of the result are 7´s, I think that I should work a bit better if I want to have better notes, Try to work better in teamwork, same as last one.

Fran AL said...

hi miss ale
I think my report card wasn´t very good specialy on laguage, my goals are
1)start doing every thin from the day they give it to me.
2)study alot for all test specialy in the difficult subgects.
3)complete all my home work very well and put mor atention in class.

Andres Ku said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I feel good about my first report card but I think I can do better, and I will.
I did not achieve my goal only in lengua I achieved my goal. My goal for next term is to get all 8,9 and 10's.
I will study more for everything to get better grades.
Most of my grades were 7 but I am sure next time I will get 9 and 10.
I will start taking down notes in class, I will write the important stuff I need to know.
I am really happy with my grades because I passed in all of the classes, but I think I can do much better next time. Like Franco said, I am going to use my time wisely.
See you tomorrow Miss Ale,
-Andres Ku

juana O said...

miss Ale, I felt good but I realy, realy realized that I didn't put all my energy and efford and that I could do some better, I was happy with the notes but some I got a 7 and for bery little a 6, luckily I pastr all of them. Yes, I could achieve some things such as: some habits or get used to six grade, for them to be achieved I tried to do the best because I realized that if i didn't achieve them I would not pass a good year.
The goals I am going to use this year are: try to pay attention, cumply with all works and homeworks, be organize.
I would apply this strategies to improve a performance:Pay LOT'S of attention, cummply everything, study more.
I wish this can help me lot's and lot's!
see you tomorrow

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I had been looking at the notes that I got in the report card, but also the messages that the teachers wrote. I thought about how well I did and what I can keep improving for the next term and so on. I was very proud of my marks and what the teachers thought of me. I will try to improve my work and try to figure hard problems before I ask the teacher right away a question. The strategies that I used where to try to use my time correctly in my work and do it neatly and not in a hurry.
Last year, I didn't do so well in science so this year I will keep on practicing and paying more attention to that subject (to all of the subjects but that one especially). Also, I am not very good at history, so I try to improve this subject as much as I can. Some things, I will try to make the projects faster, like in art and not take a lot of classes to finish it.
See you on Monday!!

Francisco I said...

Miss Ale
my thre goals are
1:to pay more attention when you talk.
2: to practice me reading.
3: practice my rating
I got all the areas up of 7 but i think i could do more and for the next piriod get more good notes.
see you tomorrow!

francisco.a 6b said...

Miss Ale,
I am very proud of my report card, I could do better for maths, lengua, language, ciencias naterales, cience, sosial studies, and ciencias sociales. But I don't have anyone less than seven. My maximum was 10 and my less one was 7. I take 10 in arte. I have 8 in music and I have seven in most of all. I could do better than that. I don't do so much effort but in the rest of the year I am going to do a lot of effort.

Sofí K Olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale:

I have to say that I am ver y happy with my marks. But I am a little bit diasappointed with my only 7 . I know that if the teachers on that subject put me a se en it wad for something, but I am very courious about it. For what I know the best thing to do is that if you dont Agree or don't know about somethig is good to ask. So I am defenitly gong to ask about it. But leasing that seven apart I am actually very happy with my notes. But although I am happy I know that I have to try to raise my notes higher, I have to put even more effort in. I think we all have to because that is a very important part.

See you

Sofi G said...

Hi Miss Ale my answers are:
1: I felt nervous because I wanted to have it but at the same time not because I thought that in some things I wouldn´t get better than 7 to approve but I did.
2:I achieved my goals that were to be main character and get more than 7 in language.
3: My goals for next term are to talk more and to get better marks.
4: To improve I will try to raise my hand always that I know the answer and to concentrate more.
see you tomorrow!!!

mariaf said...

Hi miss Ale
I felt nervous and anxious at the same time, I really wanted to know if i had been i good student in the first term. My technique were to pay atention when i did things, in this term i want to be a better active listener in class.
My strategies are to come down when i am in school.
see you tomorrow.

santos m said...

hello miss ale,
I reflected a lot about the report card, I am very happy with my notes, I share it with my mother and she congratulate me because I improve but I have to improve my notes.


Luca M said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I am very happy about the notes I got. But this time was different from all the other report cards. Because this year are getting things more complicated. More homework, more tests and learning very difficult things. So I am very proud. But another thing is that I achieve my goals!!! I proposed my goals reflecting in the 3rd term of 5th report card. I am am going to focus a little bit more on my personal organization and try to be a little bit more responsible with my materials and belongings. I will try to do my homework during the week. Not the last day.

ines m said...

Miss Ale
when they give my the first report card I felt anxious see the marks when I saw them some notes I started thinking why was that I have that note. I felt that some goals cold done them but some no. My goals for the next report are pay attention, participate in class and improve in the clasess that I take 7.

Milo.C said...

I think that my report card was beter that I was preciuming, because of my paying attention in clas or actitiud and effort etc.I am going to improve on paying attention in clas or prepare an oral precentation and English.Beside the stratigies I mentioned I will review my work and and not rush to finish quickly.

Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I was satisfied with my report card but not completely happy.I did do better than my last year. It was my first year at St.Andres and it was so different from my other school. Many things where new to me and i saw and learnt things i hadn't seen in my other school. It was hard for me because i had skipped half a year when i came to Argentina. In Houston, Texas the school starts in August and ends in March or June. The summer break starts in June or at end of March.
In my report card i got all eights in the first column. My parents where happy about the report card because they know that i put energy into it. But i know that i can do more.
I reached most of my goals but i still have some to comply with this second treemester. I tried to get my self together to do all my homework. Also i did the homework the day they gave it to me so i don't forget later.
I also have to try to participate more in class, although i do participate some time. Try to get more 10 in the tests. Try to not be apsent any day so i don't miss anything and learn and enjoy.
I hope i answerd your questions Miss Ale!!!!

I do realy think i can do better and even if i had the best report card of all my family.

See you tomorow!!!

Conrado MF said...

Hi Ale

I was really happy about my report card but i know that i could do much better if i want.
I achieved some goals by deciding me to do them i still got one pending. HAVE A NORMALL HANDWRITING

My next goal is to get more attention in clas and my hanwriting
I would pay more attantion and dedicate more time in studyng and practicing my letter so I could do better

Tomas S said...

Miss Ale, what I felt of my fierst repor card was that I haved to improve allot of things and also it gave me allot of things to think. For the fierst three Months I didn`t achive my goals but I realiced that fot this three Months I have to set them. I have many goals because how I said you before I have allot of things to improve but the three more
important are to read with understunding, to use correctly the verbs and to talk less in class. For the next three months my stratigies are to focous more on my reading and don´t hurry up. To concetrate more on class and to read more books because on that way you learn more for using correctly the verbs.

Benjamin.p said...

Hellow Miss Ale:

Miss Ale I am very happy of my 1 term report card because I aprovated in everything.But I want to improve all my seven to 8 and some 8 to 9.I could say that I achieved my goals because I passed all subjects but at the same time I didn't gave my best in all subjects.For the next term my goals are: to improve my marks, to talk more when I need to and talk less when I can´t talk, I will try to use my time wasely and work well with a group.

see you tomorrow

Marcos L said...

Miss Ale:

1)In my first report card I feel like this: I think it is a good one because in the letter that each teacher writes, in general were positive things I did, so I am happy about it.

2)In general I didn't have many goals to achieve, of course, I wanted to get good notes by working hard, but nothing in general.

3)In the second term I will try to make my oral presentations clearer.

4)I don't have any strategies, but I can try to look for one.

That's it, that is how I feel about my report card.
I think this is a very good quiz!

Manu T said...

Miss Ale I have reflected and I got to this:
I think I did very well.
I didn´t have any goals but now I have.
To pay more attention and don´t talk in class.
When somebody wants to talk to me during class I will tell him to wait and I´m going to be focused on what the teacher is explaining.

See you tommorow! Manu

andy e said...

Well miss ale i think my report card was a nice one, For making new goals I read the comment you put me and I see my notes. Example, I have to Improve my pair team work as in the report card says. When I know what I have wrong, then i set a goals for an improvement of that Like Improving my pair team. Now my goal is that one, but before I started school, 6 grade, I put goals, academic goals, like: be good student or comply with your homework, and I am doing them. See you tomorrow and I hope I read well this questions as I answer them.

Anonymous said...

He miss Ale
I fill very happy to have finished my ferst term, for meany things. One thing is that we are more close to the bacationes etc. But I have to improve my report card. My goals are to comply with my home work, to Pay more atention in class, to study more for the tests of maths and matematica and I am going to tray not to distract myself or talk in class. I am going to do an efort!!!!!!!

Paulina B said...

I feel very happy about the report carts, about my notes and everything but I can also improve some. I liked the comments you and all the teachers left me in it.
I could achieve some goals, and to achieve them I made a great effort and really wanted to achieve them, because some times you have goals and you don't want to really do them so you need tmo want to make them.
My next goals are: pay more attention when some one tells a story or also really when I read it, to concentrate and don't distruct my self while I am working.
To improve I don't really have strategies but I need to concentrate more, really

Jacques.G said...

When i got my report card i thought i was going to have much better notes because of the work i had done in england but infact i just got the same as i had done the last year. I knew i could do much better in science and in Language but i just got the same thing.I dont feel proud of my report card nether happy im just fine! i had the same results with last year just that i had more difficulties the last year.
I did achieve my goals but not all of them like thinking before of writing or not concentrating enough to know what to do! I also read your little comment at the bottom of the report card for knowing what i have to improve next term (this one).
My three next goals to improve are:
Paying attention in class
Thinking before writing
Try to improve my workings
These are the strategies that i am going to use to try to get a much better report card.

Matias O said...

Hello Miss Ale

I am very happy with my report card and also my family is.All the effort that I made during this first term has been reflected in the report card. It also encourages me to improve some results during the next term. I achived my personal goals for example: improve my writings skills in english,improve my oral skill in english and in spanish. My goals for the next terms are improving my writing in spanish and get some excellent marks in english and maths. I would talk to the mirror to improve my oral skills in english and spanish.

hannah said...

Hi Miss Ale!!
I was very proud with my notes and the commets that the teacher write.
I think I didnt do all my goals for this term thay were:
pay atenttion
ask when I dont now
and dont talk
I think that my last goal I do it a lot so I am going to improve that goal and pay atenttion.
and another goal is to improve in math!!
bye see you tomorrow

andres kw said...

hello miss ale:
I was very hapy that I recived the report card I was very ancius and now o because I have all more than 6. the comments that my teachers gave my were very helpfull and I will take advtige of them.
good by miss ale

Nacho B said...

Miss Ale
My goals are:
.To improve my writing
.to practice my read

ThomasE. said...

Hi miss.Ale.
When I saw my reportcard I was happy, because I passed all classes. But then I thought and I knew I had to do more than that. So I'll try to improve on this second term. Mi highest note was an 8. I got it on maths, cuz maths is easy for me. I really do not have any techniques nor goals, I just do what I have to do, and study for tests. A goal for me for the next term will be to have bigger notes and to pay more attention. That would be all. I don't understans the last question, but I don't think it really matters, or yes? I don't know. I really, but really want to have better notes on the next term, so that my parents would be proud of me, and, of couce I would be proud of myself.
See ya on monday miss.Ale!

Alex D said...

Hi Miss Ale:
I think that I have to study more and I have to pay more attention. I achieve some of my goals, from now to the end of the year I will trie to improve all.

silvestreb said...

Hi Miss Ale

In the first term i was very happy about my report card no only for my marks, I forced a lot to have the marks and I am proud.Yes, I achieved my goals. My techniques were in the first day of school work well so all the teachers know how I work.My goals for the next term are:Work well, don't talk when I am working and study for my tests. My strategies to improve my performance are: come positive to class, sit with someone that I don't want to talk and the first day that they say when is the test I start studying.

Agostina G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I feel very proud about my notes, because I think I made a great effort this term, also I can improve some but it is great.
This first term my goals to pay more attention and I think I had improved some but I can make MORE.
For this second term I am going to set new goals such as concentrate more while working or maybe improving my work in group, and to achieve this goals I am going to put all the effort I can

MIranda C said...

Hi Miss Ale
I am very proud of my repord card because I have very good marks. I also think that I had a very good actitude towards school work and made a greate effort this term. Even if I couldn´t archive all my goals I am really very happy!
Some of my goals for last term were:
.To be House Captain or Monitor
.To be a main character
.To give a good impression to teachers
. To have good marks and a good coment in the repord card
My strategies were:
.To take down notes (if nessesary)
.To study for tests with time
.Not to do homework the last day
.Ask the teacher if I don´t understand something
And My goals for this terms are
.To participate more in class
.To turn the Satisfactory(even if there are very little) into MS or maby EXC
see you
Miranda :)

GianfrancoE said...

Hello Miss Ale im proud of myself I think that for the first term my mark were very good, exept on languag thet I had a 7, I think I have to study more on language because its my debility, and I knor that next term I will get a higher note in that area because I am going to work hard in class and I am not going to talk, i am going to consentrate thats my more important goal.
In thee other areas I think I achived my goals that last year I proposed me, because last year first term repord card I didnt like it at all but this year was much better.
For that my notes goes higher m going to be more focused on all the calsses, work harder and study more.
Bye Miss Ale see you tomorrow have a nice night.

Belen D said...

Hi Miss Ale:

Im feel very proud of my report card! I felt that I did a very good job in this first term. I think that i was very rood with myself, because in some subjects I was very sad because I thought that was going to have a 6 in that subject but I got an 8, that subject was the in that really make me very proud and happy.
I achieve some goals, but Im sure that if compromise to pay more attention, study harder and put more attitude in class, I know that Im going to improve a lot. For next term my goals are to improve in maths and language (Im not saying that I didn't approve those subjects!)and don't talk so much in the class of language. To improve my performance I will try to participate more in class and if I have time I could write down notes of what we did in class.
Thank you Ale, because while I was writing this comment, I really reflected about how did I worked during this first term.

Ana G said...

Hi miss Ale
I am very happy about My report card. I really fill that is a good report card and I am not desapointed about it, For the next term my most important goals would be to improve all the marks that that I expected more about my self in those, I also would like to go on having good marks in the tests because I make a lot of work studying for them. marks In wich I have an 8 I would like to improve them to a 9 or to a 10.(In this term I had no 7 or a lower mark, I am very hapy about that)
My goals for this year were to pay attention in the class, to study for the test and have good marks, to bring all the homeworks on time, to have a good hand writing and to have a tidy folder. I think that I could make all that goals, so I expect that on next term I can also make them.
My strategies to improve are very little and are to pay attention in the class, because everything that we have on the tests the teacher explained them in the class.
So in a few words I can say that I am very happy with this report card and I would like that next term my report card could be the same or even better.
See you on monday Ana

Roxie W. said...

Miss Ale,
I was very satisfied when I recived my report card.Before I got it, I was very worried but then once I got it, I was fine. My goals were to approve in each subject and to try to not get any 7s. I did achieve my goal and I was very happy. My goals for the next term are to raise my hand more and participate more because on my Report Card it said that I was very quiet. I am going to try to not be so shy also. To improve, I am going to try to blog more and do more things to get house points. I hope that I will improve even better in the seccond term eventhough I was satisfied with my report card this term.
See you on Tuesday!

Lucas Esteves said...

I think I could done much better in my report card but I still have to study a lot.I said that I could achieve more goals because I study a lot more to achieve a lot of more goals during this first term.My goals for next term are to study more, not to chat and pay atention to the teacher so I can consentrate a lot more. I will try to talk less and pay a lot of atention to the teacher.

juan ignacio S.S. said...

dear miss ale:
i will answer the questions in the order as they appear in the video.
1)I know this may sound silly but i just felt good. I just thought well im dooing fine at this class not bad nor oustanding just fine.
2) yes , a bit because I had only two goals for this class:1 pass to 7th grade with a note of 7,8,9 or even 10, 2 be the best student. so in fact i already knew that one of them was almost impossible but at least i tried.
3)simple the first is going to be the same but the second will be : dont get frustrated if things dont march your way because after all roads exept one will get to failure. 3 i want to find that lonly road.
4)only this one: think you know you can do it but you are just affraid of trying because you think it may go wrong. I KNOW I CAN!

see ya on tuesday
sincirely iñaki
p.s.:next time you want us to make these kind of things make it on a paper you can only read.

Anonymous said...

In this first term report card, I agree with all me notes.
my goals are:
1. improve me reading comprehention in lengua and in language.
2. effort more in: maths/matematica, lengua and language.
When I started reading the report card I thought that it was not fair and that the notes were not true but when I thought of all that I did in the class I realise that it was true and that the comments of the teachers were very fair.

Luli B olivos said...

Hi miss ale :
I am proud of myself because I could improve alot of notes. I could acive some of my notes like improbing at math and payng atention in class. My teckniches were take note and comply with all my homowork. My goals for next term are to improbe in "lengua" and to study more for the tests and to achive this goals I will pay atention in class and try to dont be so extrict with my self.
see you

Abril C said...

I felt very happy because I think I had very good notes but I have to improve lots of things because I can do them better. Because maby i had a 7 but I can have a much better note. I could achieve a goal but I didn't use any technique. One goal for the next term is to participate more in class and to study more when I have a test. I will try to participate more and when I am not sure if what I will say it is right I say my opinion and if it is wrong the teacher will tell me the correct answer and I wont forget it. I will study more because then I will had a bad note in the test and I will have to study even more.


juli Ch Olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale:

I felt very good about my report card!
It is the first time that I have more than a 7 in gym.
For the first term I didn't had any goals but for the second term I will like to sit properly in class and talk better in English.
To talk better English I will try to read more in English because I always read in Spanish.

See you at school,

Pedro.A said...

1) I felt really nervous because Its the first report card and maybe you get lost in something and you think you are going to do terrible.

2)I achieve some of my goals really most of them but its the first report card thres always something to improve.

3)To remeber to do homework and to study a lot more.

4)I will check the blogs every monday and do the homework the first day so that I have the hole week to study or do anything.

Lucas n said...

Hello Miss Ale
I feel that I can improve my first term report card but I think it was good.
I achieve some of my goals. I tried to give the best.
I will try to talk less and to pay more attention.
I think that I will achieve my goals . I will try to do my best
See you tomorrow

Florencia DL said...

Hi Miss ale
I am mosstly prowd of my repord card but I think that I can do better in the next term, specially in language.
My strategies were to listen when the teacher talks and study for the tests.
My goals for next term are to inprove my spelling in english and spanish.
See you tomorrow.


Fede d said...

HI miss Ale
when I saw my first term report card I felt good in a way because I didnt had any thing below 7 but I would like to improve, I achived some of my goals my techniques were try to pay lot of attention in class that I did but not always and study for test or read all the fantasy books- my goals for the next term is try to put all my attention every time and every minute in the explication of the work- my strategies are not talk to my friends and talk in break.
See you tomorrow

Bautista T said...

I am sure I did a comment already but I will do it again.
I could have done much better but I am satisfied with my notes.
I will improve in all the subject my attitide and commitment.

Clara V said...

Hi Miss Ale,
When I got my report card I didn't knew if I showd open it or not beacause I was very nervous, when I open it I shwed it to my friends I was very happy with the notes and when I saw the comments they puted me more happy than what I was.My goals for the next term report card is that I shod not talk so much in class and be more tidy also to study more. So us to not talk I showld pay more attention and focus on the teacher and to be more tidy I would use sharp pencil an colours also so as to study more I can make a good use of time in my home and to pay attention to the teacher because if I do I don't have to study alot.
See you Clara V 6A

agustin e said...

Miss Ale,

In my first report card I was very happy because I had good notes and comments, I did achieve my goals and my technique is to try to understand all in class so I don't have to study a lot. My new goals are to talk less in class and pay more attention. So this are what I want to do for next year I hope To make them I will put a lot of effort!!!

Sofi C 6A said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I am so sorry I didn't do it earlier it's that it didn't work but here it is!About my first term report card I feel very proud because It is my first year that on the first term I don't have any sevens or less! I also feel thet starting this way It is going to be a wonderful and joyful year. Language it one of the subjects I like the most! I think I did achieve my goals and I really liked what you wrote about me so at the same time I think you also think I have achieved my goals or some! My goals were to enjoy have fun pass all my grades by doing my best at all subjects and learning alot but that is only the first term , what I do is putting me goals more difficult esah term as the year go by! Sincve Language Is one of the subjects I like the most I will put extra effort and to get to a 9 that is my goal for language and speaking of all subjects couning in spanish my biggest goal of all is to participate more than ever, Today for exampe in each subject I raised my hand like six and more times, some answers were correct and some wrong but still I made a big effort working and participating alot or more than before! My strategies for my feformances are to first of all to dedicate some time to every thing and subject, sudy for all tests and like to have everything organized and ready. If you think I should improve something apart from my goals could you please tell me so I have it on my mind. I am very anxitous about our second term report card!
see you tomorrow!

Gonzalo C said...

Hello ale
I felt good about my repord card but know that I can do better. I dont care if people know my note I got an avreage of 8. I didnt set a goal but I set the goal of participating more this term and being more focus on my work.
On this term I will take the strategie of talk less, and if my friends talk to me I will tell him to tell it to me later. Also I will study hard because one day I studied a lot but I didnt focus and I was playing while I studied and when they gave me the test I had a mark that I didnt expected.
Bye miss Ale

Sophia O. said...

Miss Ale
When my teacher gave me my report card I felt very proud because I think I have improved a lot in all my subjects. I achieved all my goals except for one in maths.
My techniques were pay a lot of attention in class and also take down notes in class.
My next goal is get that mark in maths so that I can get better marks, to improve that mark i will pay more attention in class.


juanchi t said...

1) I felt good because I passed all but I want to improve all because I have all 7 exept in music that I got an 8.

2)I pay attencion in class but I couldn´t participate very much.

3)Pay even more attencion in class and participate more.

4) Be tidier, participate more and pay more attention.

Patchwork y Cia said...

Miss Ale
When I saw my report card I thought that my marks should be a little better but I can't change them so I was a little dissapointed but in general I thoght that It was good enough although in some subjects then marks were as a diserved because I felt that I didn't do my best. When they gave it to me I felt very nervous because I love the report cards. I also felt A little bit dissapointed because last year my marks were EXCELLENT and this year not so good.

Teo V said...

Patchwork y Cia is my mother, without meaning I didn't put my name sorry.

Pedro B said...

Miss Ale I have reflected a lot in my house and I was happy with my report card but i feel that i can get more of what i could do and go further and achive good notes and achive my goals.Im happy of reflecting my report card with my parents and i am happy because i could reflect and i want to give all my skills in this term so I can achive my goals and be proud of my notes.Tnakeyou im sorry for not bloggin this when i have to , its because i didn't saw it. Sorry
See you tomorrow
Pedro B

Santos L.A said...

Hi Miss Ale.
I am going to share my thoughts on my report card.It wasn't great such as Francos one. In maths it wasn't even good. The teacher told me that I should have a much better one if I make an effort. I realised that I don't like having bad notes. For next term I am going to make a lot of effort, I am going to study a lot, pay attention and behave. I am sure I am going to improve and make my self proud.

Jeronimo A said...

hi miss.ale:
When they where going to gave us the report card i felt very nervous, and when I open it I saw that I didnt had any matter I felt vry well. I could achieve my goals, during the 1st period I could understand many things of math, that before I couldnt like some things of Operations and of geometry, but after seeing the mark of the report card, I thought that I could be very good in math in all my life. To improve my performance I would apply more concentration in class and study more in my house for that in the 2nd period, I could improve my mark and also in tests.

Juan B said...

Hi miss Ale!!!
I wasnt so sorprised for my report card because I could do better. I got my notes lower than the last year.
When the year start mey mother said to me that I was emproving allot, but when I bump my head I start to destract allot in class, I dont study.
Now I want to keep on that so my goals are to pay allot of atintion in class, partisipate allot and study the dubble. Also I want to do all the homework that the teachers gave to me.

matias c said...

hi miss ale i really liked my report card and reflecting on it but i think i could have achieved more goals like paying attention but after all i think that we all tried our best to do what we reach to and squeezed evary thing we could posibly do.
Generaly we all had good and satisfactory marks but i think that they could reach a little further

Maraino P said...

Hi Miss Ale

I am realy hapy to have my report card because I could acheave all my goals and with good marks but still i want to have a 9 in PE but I had an 7 and in maths as well but i wont give up I will still work very hard to have that 9,for my next report card propose my self to work harder and dont give up.

See you.


Bianca F said...

In my first report card I feel:that I really achieved from last year and very proud of my marks.

2)My goals to achieve would be to make better writing, make good use of my time(because maby when I have to read a book I leave it for the last moment.

3)In the second term I will try to do better with my actitude.

4)I don't have any strategies when I have leisure time I would use it for doing my homework (for example when I am absent ask some body to bring me the homework we did and I do it in my house.
I am glad to do this comment, I fell much better with my first term report card.

gaborg said...

Hi miss Ale
I am going to answer all the questions, here they are:
I feel great about my first term report card because i passed in all the subjects, although i could have done much better.
I could achieve most of my goals, to achieve them i tried to: Pay atention, if i dont understand then ask questions and last, to study.
My goals for the next term are: To pay more attention in class and not to talk to much, and not to leave homework for the last day.
My strategies for next term are the same as in the first one but i have to pay more attention to them and use them more often.

justina b said...

hello miss ale
I think my report card was good...
I think y was very weak in the ferst term but ill pay morw attention in class,study with time,and ask the teachers if y dont understand.
I hope y get a better report card next time ...
and make my goals
see you

joaquin C said...

if fell happy for my first report card, and I like my notes. I know I can give more. My goles where to get good notes and keep them up I achived that by concentrating in class and hearing to the teacher, my next goles are to try to improve my notes. I will try to pay more atention and try to not to talk in class, get distracted by my friends.
bye see you on monday.