Thursday, 30 June 2011


CONGRATULATIONS once again for your performances!!

You can see yourself in action!

Hope you enjoy this slideshow!!


Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!!
Thank you!! We enjoyed it very much, although I was not there in the last show!
But thank you for the video cause now we ALL appeared in it!jaja
Yet, I cannot believe this was our last concert..
See you!
Agus T

Sofi K said...

Thank yo Miss Ale!! I think this was ore best preformance!! But I am sad because it was our last PRIMARY CONCERT!

Sofi K said...

Miss Ale I forgot:

Like I said before I am sad because it´s our last concert in primary. But at the same time I am not only thinking about the concert, I am thinking about the class. I really dont wanna change classes but it is also a good thing because we can be closer to people.

See you

Ana G said...

Hi MIss Ale
Thank you !!!!!
Also thank you for puting a post in the blog about us.
I think that the concert was great.
See you on Monday

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

Thank you for puting this post but now I think it its kind of sad because I enjoyed this act more than anyone and I am lucky that the last concert I was backstage. Poor the people who you took photos to because allot of them was with there eyes closed but there were very good photos. But I remember that if thisis our last concertis the last year that 6B is not going to be 6B or only B I dont want that to happen because I am with them all thedays during almost 9 years (with someones).

See you tommorow

Teo V said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I am glad because it was an amazing oncert but as Sofia K said, its our last primary concert and MY last concert becuas after 6th I am living the school. I enjoyed it a lot being backstage its the best thing!!!

gabor.g said...

Hi miss Ale
I loved the concert and this slideshow.At first I enjoyed practicing the concert a lot, but then it got boring because i am backstage and i had to see all the concert a million times. Anyway it was very fun. I want do do another one because this is our last primary concert.

juan ignacio S: said...

hi miss ale
thank you for saying that.
i really felt that our last consert was a real good one

sincirely iñaki
p.s. it was funny when dorothy fell at the scene of evilleen the wiked witch of the west.

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Ale
What beautifull imagenes, they were all of the part that 6º acted. As I asked you, you kept on making videos. All the things that I commented in the other video also go to these one. When the last song started in the performance that we did today I almost cry I was very sad because is our last concert all together because i thing that in secondary only the good actors can act or if not it is optional, and I think that not all the people want to act so in a conclucion is our last concert all together.:(
See you Clara V

juanb said...

Hi miss Ale!!!!!
The video is very good. I like the phtographs of this video. The concert pass on one seccend. I dont like the idea that this was the last concert in primary.

mariaf said...

HI miss ale
thank you
Ireally enjoyed this concert i think it was very good, i am really sad beacuse is the last concert in primary school. I n the last performance i was really thinking about all the concerts we had made from 1st grade, and i was very sad.
see you on school

Miranda C said...

Miss Ale
THANK YOU! I enjoyed a lot this concert! It was great! But as Sofi K said I am a little sad because it was our last primary concert!
See you

Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale!
It´s great the pictures of the video, I love it , as Clara said I am sad because is our last concert :( all together. Apart from that I think all of us have a lot of fun and do it very well specialy backsatge!
Thank you!
Ernestina P.

ConradoMF said...

Thanks Ale
This concert was really good everybody did as told. Im really sad that it is over.
Then i thought we still got play in secondary and i was happy again.

Francisco.a 6b said...

Miss Ale,
I like a lot this video. It shows all the pictures that when we act. I appear two or three times. This will be our last consert in primary. Thank you.

Sophia O. said...

Hi Miss Ale:
I love this video but I am also sad it was the first concert in primary where I was main character and the last one. I loved all the concert is was so color full!! Now I am thinking about middle school and with witch girls am I going to be with .
see you

Sophi O

Fede D said...

Hi miss Ale!!

Thank you for putting this video I enjoyed alot doing the concert and now I can see how it did I look during it.
I am very sorry because is the last concert we would have all together.

Luli B olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale:
great video!!!
I really enjoyed the concert it was really fun to prepear it and to perform it.I cant belive its our last consert in primary.I would like to do it was a great consert.
see you on monday

Sofi G said...

Thank you Miss Ale who made all the movie???? It was very funny but I am sad because it finished!! I was our last concert but 6th grade of Punta Chica came and realized we've appeared very little!!! I think we appeared very little cause 4th and 5th stayed for one song of the main characters but we did not that was the problem and we had done three songs one after the other I think it was very short the concert!! :( See you on Monday!!!

juanchi T. said...

The concert was great I like it very much, I think Mr Oscar was tiered when the concert finnished.

Bianca F said...

Thank you very much, we put a lot of effort, and it showed in our three performances!!

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
Thank you!
I can´t belive that this was our last primary concert.But I had alot of fun and I enjoed alot his concert.I think that when we did our fist concert with audience it was a DESASTER but then it was much better.
See you on Monday!
Clara G

Matias O said...

Hi Miss Ale
Thanks for saying that this was a very good concert but in another way I'm sad because in secondary only some people have the chance of being at the concert the rest doesn't and in primary yes.My family on the way back home the talked and talked bout the concert like"it was the best concert ever"
Matias O

santino said...

Hi miss Ale

I loved the concert, it was very funny. I had alot of fun with all my friends. Everybody could see us so now we can see ourselves with this slide show.
see you

Hugo P said...

Miss Ale
I enjoyed the slide show alot and I also enjoyed my last concert. I was backstage and I thought that it was very interesting and I learnt many things that I didnt know before.

Roxie W. said...

Miss Ale,
I was very nervous about the concert but at the end I was sad that it was over. I wish that we had more concert performances because I had a lot of fun. It was our last concert in all of primary but am going to get into the secondary concert next year if I can.
See you tomorrow!

martina o said...

Hi Miss Ale:
Thanks for saing that is very good for me! I liked the video and my sister to. I liked the part that Sofi O says SHUT UP!!!! because I fell she says it very good. But realy I liked alot all the concert.

Lourdes I said...

Hi Miss Ale:
I really enjoyed the concert! it was real fun! But in the last show i forgot my cap in my bag!! I think that we put all our effort because it was our LAST primary concert!
I think that te photos were really good!!!!!!!!!

Lucas E said...

Thank you we've enjoyed too a lot the concert. Te video was very good, the music and the scenes. i enjoyed a lot the practice. I also enjoyed in the three concerts with all the classes.

agustin e said...

I like it very much miss Ale!
The only thing was that I didn't participate in that songs so I am not in the slideshow but it's ok for me.
I am sad that this is my last primary concert.
I enjoyed being the gatekeeper!
See you!!!

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I haved enjoyed to much this concert!! I think that all the rehursles and (for girls) all the breaks we haved lost, it went very well, I enjoyed. All my parents when they saw it they love it. Mr.Oscar haved made a great effort on this concert, he haved put effort and love. I think Mr.Oscar really enjoy making concerts. I think every student and every teacher, all of us, haved put a great effort. I am really proud it went good!! When we haved finished our last concert we told us, this is the last concert in primary and all together. ¡Congratulations to the Main Characters!!
See us Twomorrow

Lucas N said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I thik that we did great in all our performances. I enjoyed this tslideshow a lot. I think that this performance was great and it was also our last in primary.

Paulina B said...

Miss Ale
Fantastic What a nice video, what a pitty I was not in it!
But with the images I see I can imagine that the concert was GREAT and that you enjoyed it a lot.
The images are great!!

Pedro B said...

Hi Miss Ale
Thank you
I was very happy of being part of this concert and im glad of being part of the concert being backstage that is very good and very funny!
Pedro B

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I loved this video of pictures that you took!!! Thank you so much!! I think this concert was the best one yet. I had so much fun doing it. I'm also very sad because it's our last Primary Concert!! I was so nervous in all of the three concerts we had this past week. I kept thinking what would happen if something went wrong. But now that the concert ended, I am thinking about which girls I will be with in middle school, although its still a long way to get there.
See you tomorrow!!!

Mariano P said...

Hi Miss Ale

I realy loved the video, we realy enjoyed the concert, to bad ut is our last one but still it was realy fun and I was realy hapy because I was mane character.

See You on munday

Belén D said...

Hi miss Ale:
I loved the video!
This was our last concert and I liked it a lot. For me it was the best concert that we did. I don't feel so sad of that its the last concert that I do. Is not my last concert because I'm going to do the plays in secondary, yes it was the last one in PRIMARY.

Abril C said...

Hi Miss Ale
I had a great time during the concert. It was great!! The only thing is that I am sad because that was our last concert on primary but I enjoy it alot!!!

Anonymous said...

HE miss Ale
I enjoyed a lot the concert, it was very good!!!!

Anonymous said...

HE miss Ale
I enjoyed a lot the concert, it was very good!!!!

Bautista T said...

I left a comment but it didnt appear

jacques.G said...

i hope we will do another concert.... BECAUSE I LOVED THIS ONE!! and i loved how you presented it...

justina b said...

Hi miss ale thank you for showing us this see you

SilvestreB said...

Hi Miss ale
I liked a lot this video of the concert I appeared many times.I'm not so happy for having no more concerts. And to me because I was backstage I had two toblerones and 1 picodulce. There were delicious.

Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I enjoyed it very much because almost everybody was there encluding the backstage!!!
I was not very happy about my last peformence because my microfone kept falling of in the song of brand new day so i had to sing with the microfone in my hand!!!
I think everybody sang well. I realy liked this concert.And like some poeple said , it was our last performence in year 6 :( :( It was preaty fun and hard being main charecter because if you forgot one word or a move or you sing bad......well its not good.

gianfrancoE said...

Hi Miss Ale I liked very much the video thanks for posting it bye!

Bautista T said...

I apear in the first photo!!!!
And in others two but my face never can be seen good.

Jeronimo A said...

Hi miss.Ale!
Thank you for giving us this pictures of the concert it was very good. And when we are singing No Bad News the positions where great and the clothes where very funny .
Bye see you tomorrow

Gonzalo C said...

I wasnt a main character nor a secondary character but I enjoy it a lot. I think that we had to apear a little more in the concert because it is our last concert in primary.
I also think that finishing the concerts in primary it is not that bad because in secondary concerts are better and not compulsary.

Benjamin.p said...

Hi miss ale!
thank you for posting the video, it was very interesting to see ourselfs in action! i think we all enjoyed very mucho our last concert in primary school. it was a very fun experience. i hope you also liked it and enjoyed it!
see you tomorrow
benja porcel

Pedro S. said...

thank you miss Ale! we did our best!

Thomas E. said...

Yeah, I think so!
I like to act, and I wanted to be main character.
But I did my best on this consert!

Rocío PR said...

Hi Miss Ale,
The video has nice photos I realy enjoyed. I am a little nevous because it was the last concert in primary school. I will try to remember it.

Pedro.A said...

Hi miss Ale

I like the video and the music because I couldnt see all the cocert and I wanted to see how it turned out

Marcos L said...

Cool video; what I would like is to include backstage!

Sofi C 6A said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I hope everybody enjoyed it as much as I did!
see you after the holidays
sofi C

Florencia DL said...

Thank you Miss Ale!!!
I enjoy it very much!!!!but i am sad because it was our las consert.
See you

juli Ch Olivos said...

miss ale:
very nice video!!
I engoyed alot the concert and I miss it alot!!