Saturday, 4 June 2011

Fantasy animals

Fantasy animals have always appeared in the world's stories and legends. Sometimes they were strong and killed people, sometimes they were symbols of good luck. Learn about some famous mythical creatures, and answer the questions. Play and Learn!
Read the instructions carefully!

Have a nice weekend!!!


Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I played the game which I had to answer 10 questions. I played it three times. The first try, I got 83 percent right because I got 2 wrong. Then I got 92 percent right and 1 wrong and the third try I got all the questions right. I knew all of them except the first two questions because I didn't know that much about those fantasy creatures. I hope you put more games like this one!!!! See you on Monday!!

Clara said...

Hi Miss Ale
I didn´t know what to click to play the game because I read the Instructions and then I was going to answer the first question but I couldn´t answer it.Maybe it is something with the comuter I will try to play the game in school.
See you on Monday!
Clara G

Clara V said...

Hello Miss ALe
What a great game I learned alot I did not knew lots of things that I did not knew all the fantasy animals that I know now are the: dragons giants, faries, unicornyou cans, elves, and any animal that you can imagene that it can not be in real world. At the first try in the game I got 84 and in the second one 100 I learnt lots of things.
see you clara V 6A

Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale!
The game was fantastic! For me most of the fantasy animals are cute, for example: unicors. The fantasy animals I dont like are for example the dragons. If we are going to talk in class about the fantasy animals I would be very happy and exited to learn about it!
See you on monday!
And happy weekend for all!
Ernestina P.

Sofi G said...

HI miss Ale the first time I played I did 92% it was very fun but in some questions I didn`t knew them so I put anyone.

andres kw said...

I like it a lot I did 84% very good no?

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I played this game like two times, the first one I took 75 percent and the second one 100 percent. I knew most of all in the first one but in the second one I knew it better. I have in my bedroom, a horse and a elephant ( they say they are for good luck. Like Ariana said, put more games like this ones I enjoy them most!!

Ana G said...

Hi Miss ale
I played this game, and I got 100% right, there were some questions that I didnt know, but I put the correct one.
See you on Monday Ana

Bautista T said...

Helllo Miss Ale:
I played this game and I have just scor 92 percent.

agustin e said...

Miss Ale, I played the game only one single time and for me it was vary easy(for me). I got 92 percent right and I didn't know absolutly nothing about fantasy creatures.
I hope you still put games in the blog its better!
See you on Monday!

Matias C said...

wow i really liked this game but i think that these creatures were all to strange from the outside

Federico del Rio said...

Hi miss ale,
I played the games and somethings from the questions I knew them from last year, I played 2 times in the first time I got 83% then in the second time I got 100%. The most difficult question was the first one because I don`t know what griffins are. I like the posts of games because i love playing on the computer.
See you on monday

justo l said...

The game was easy, I got 12 out of12 in the first try, some of them I knew bocause I knew their stories and in some I just guessed. Is there another level? I think the game es really short

santino said...

Hi miss Ale

I played the game and I got 58% I didnt know much about those legends but I still knew some.
See you on Monday.

Santos L.A said...

Hi Mis Ale, I played the game and Ive got 100% I think it was very easy.
See you on mondey bye.

justina b said...

Hello miss ale
thanks for showing us this game .....
unfortunatley y couldnt play because i didnt understand what to do
see you

Bianca F said...

The game looked really fun but I couldn't play it because as I was in the I-pad I didn't know were to click, I will try in a computer, I want to play it!!

Manuel.b said...

Great game I didn´t know most of the creatures or they´re answers but it was fun

Sophia O said...

Hi Ale
I am very happy because from the first time I played I got all right I think this game is very good, I love that game!!!I think I know a lot of fantasy creatures, thank you for the game!!!
See you tomorow.
Sophia O

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

I played this game with my lttle sister Morena we got 82 percent she laugheded at the mini alien at the bottom of the screen. We played it two times one 82 percent and in the second one 100 percent. For this game you didnt have to know allot of fanntasy stories.

Pedro s said...

I tried the game Miss Ale, it helped remember some things I knew!

francisco.a 6b said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I played this game three times, it was very good. I llike games of animals, I played the game and I answer 10 questions. I leant a lot of things of animals. My preferd animal is the monckey. Also the lion but that is my second preferd animal. The animal I hate is the snake. I hope you put another game of animals.

SofĂ­ K Olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,

I liked alot this game!! I really enjoyed it!! I played the game twice, at first I got three wrong but the second time I only got one!!!
Please put more games!,
See you!!

Nacho B said...

Miss Ale
I played the game and it was very good. I leared a lot of thing. First I do 83 percent right and in the second i do 92 percent. Thank to puting games that i leared a lot.
Nacho B

agostina g said...

Hello Miss Ale!!
I played the game two times the first time I had like three wrong but then I played again and I could get a better percent!!
But then it was very easy to me!!
I hope you still go on posting like this: putting games videos and lots of fun things like voting or doing serveys!
bye Miss Ale see you tomorrow!!!

Tomas S said...

I like it allot, I found it a very good game I got 92 that is 11 points. I liked the idea of puting a game that is for learning, I enyoed it allot.

Francisco I said...

Miss ale
I played the game it was really funny and very fantastic. I like all the creatures. First off all i didnt founde the botom that said play but when i read it all again i found it. I got 84 porcent the first time but the third and the second i dont remember. But the game was fantastic, i really enjoyed it.
See you tomorrow!!!!!!

Marcos L said...

Miss Ale:
I played the game and first I had 57% but then I had 100% (the questions were the same).
In the first time it was complicated but in the second one it was much easier and faster.

Manu T said...

Miss Ale:
The game was fun I like trivia games,I only tried once and in the first try I got 92% right because I didn´t answer well one about griffins because I don´t know anything about griffins.
Thanks for putting that game on the blog! See you tomorrow!

Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I played the game and got 75 percent right and the second time i got 100 percent right . It made me remember in last year the question of chiron wich was a greek worrior. We studied Greece last year and i liked it a lot. I read a seeries of books called percy jackson and started to recomend to people in the class and they all started to read it and they all liked it i think and 3 or 4 finished the seeries like me. I also brought the movie of the first book and it seemed that everbody liked it.
Also the game was about dragons wich are mithigolical creatures. Which i like much.Also the unicorn which can cure people that said in the game and the legends that very traditional poeple made and told.

I would hope there would be more questions and thank you for showing us this game!!!!
See you tomorow!!!!

silvestreb said...

Hi Miss ale
I entered the game and it was very difficult in the first 10 questions I had 58% and in the second one 100%.
Im the best one.

juan ignacio S.S. said...

hi miss ale
i couldn't find the text with the explanation but i knew most of them

see ya' tomorrow

pilar m said...

I've played the game and I was not very good so I played again and I had all correct exept one.
I liked a lot this game but I think it was a little bit borring, but it doesn't matter.
The first time I played this game I had 78 percent, the second time I had 98 percent (as ariana)
Before playing this game, I didn't knew so much about all that creatures but know yes so I wish you could put more of this games because I can learn a lot, having fun, but please, if you put a game like this, put of another thing not again of fantasy animals.

andy e said...

I could answer all the questions but when i got to the result i got 92 percent right and i got only one question wrong. Then i tried it again and I got again 92 percent right but it wast the same question i got wrong was another one, that in the first time i tried it i got that question right. I could remembered some things from last year when we studied Egypt and too as you said i learn.

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Ale

I played this game and I got 60%, I didn´t knew very well the cuestiones! Miss Ale you could put in the blog fany bloopers!!!(funny videos)!!!!!!!

Thomas E. said...

Hi miss.Ale
I got 75% in the game.
I like very much drgons. I draw them offently. It would be animal I like most, it is acctualy. Well I don't know much what to say.... But I'll see you tomorrow!

Sofi C 6A said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I only did it one time 'cause on the first try I got 100% right. It was very fun! Like Ari and other people I wish you could put some other games like this one, only if you find 'cause I am not obligating you so do what you prefere! I really would enjoy them and you could use it to learn about a specific subject like right now FANTASY STORIES AND FANTASY ELEMENTS!
See you tommorrow!
Sofi C

Mariano P said...

Hi Miss Ale

I loved the game but i have to admite that I have alot of luck because i got 100 percent and i had to gess on three questions