Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Conjunctions- Connectors- Connectives

Watch the following video. What is it about? Why do you think I am asking you to watch it? What did you understand?


Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
This video is about teaching us conjunctions and I learnt that the most popular one is AND. Other ones can be but, or, nor, for and lots more. Its a word that joins other words together. There are different types of conjunctions like the subordinating conjunctions and they begin clauses which function as adverbs like why where and when. When I was reading the text in the video I didn't know what clause meant, and then it said that it was a group of words with a subject and predicate. Some of them can be because, after, since, unless and some more.
I learnt a lot of things from this video and tried to memorize the conjunctions. See you tomorrow!!

Eugenia F. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
You are shwing us this video to understand more tings, by tis videos I knew new thing (I took notes)
Coordinating Cunjuctions:
connect words, groups of words, of equal importance.

A word that lains words or groups of words.
Cordinating cunduntions

Correlative Cunjuctions
Used in pairs
neither....... nor
Subordinating cunduntions
begin clauses normally
Function as Abverbs
When. Why
What is clause?

Clause group of words with a subject anal predicate can be emtire sentence.

Imagine an exaple:
Because he cant sleep- It tells why
before it leaves- suggest why

I will haved put lots of things more I haved learn but I will be like one hour writing.....
See us twomorrow!!!

andy e said...

I think in mariana s class we are learning an analizis to find the predicate. I think you put it because you want us to learn about this. I liked very much the video and i remembered that in 5 grade i studied cunjunctions, but never an analizis of the senence, like where or why or when and more. i hope i learn more about this on class, in your class miss ale. see you.

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I think that you are showing us this video because you want us to learn new things.I think that when you show us a video in the blog you are trying to show us something that we never knew.This video is about conjunctions, I learnt alot from this video!I learnt that they arecan be connecting words and the words are and,for,but and there are more words.Thank you Miss Ale for showing us this video!
I learnt alot!
See you next week!
Clara G

Ana G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I learnt many things about conjunctions in this video, When I saw the video I realized that I use many conjunctions in all my pieces of writing, I also remember that last year at the end of the year, we had to copy something from the board and it was about conjunctions, But I realy didnt understund much last year, but know I understand it better.
See you on Monday

Francisco I said...

miss ale
this video is very interesant because you can learnt more and more conjunctions and i learn it. I learn that a conjunction is a line of words of groups of words. SOme parts i didnt understand it.
see you tomorrow

gaborg said...

Hi miss Ale
This video is very difficult to understand. I watched it several times but stil coldnt understand very well.I already knew that and is the most important coordinating conjunction.

Sofi C 6A said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I did't see it twice 'cause we had already seen this same video at class. And apart from that my mother is telling me to go to sleep so I can't make any noises or I will have to close this window so i'll do it fast and good! The conjuction I use the most like everybody does is AND but now that I know about all thesse conjuctions that some I already new were conjunctions I am going to include in all my texts If I need to obieslly! I will have to revise the clause part 'cause I didn't understand it so well so I hope we could get together and you could explain all the clause part better! I also hope that at the end of the year I know them all by heart and know how to explain the meaning of clause and MOREOVER If I knek them all for winter vacations! Hope everybody undersood them!
See you tomorrow!
Sofi C

Paulina B said...

Miss Ale
I understood a few things at first. But then in class you explained to us and I understood MUCH better.
Thank you

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Ale
What a great video because it teaches you in a funny way I liked the video but I didn`t liked because I liked cause the drawing were good and I did not liked because it is going to be another thing that we have to learn. When I read anita`s comment it made me remember about the thing that we rote at the final part of 5º, I didn't understad anything. I hope that this year yes. This video also made me remeber about the sentences that we are analazing in spanish.
See you Clara V 6ºA

Bautista T said...

Icouldnt understund much, but what I understand I already knew it.
See you tomorrow

Andres ku said...

Hello Miss Ale,
The video is kind of confusing I think you made us watch this because we have to learn about conjunctions and when to use them.
See you monday
-andres ku

Pedro.A said...

I like the faces of the people they are funny AND now I know a lot of Conjuctions.

Nacho B said...

Miss Ale
I like this video, I don't understad much but the things that understand I leared a lot.
see you tomorrow

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!
This video is showing us the different groups of conjuctions there are, and a basic description of what they are. I think you posted it and showed it to us (in class)because it was like an introduction to start using conjuctions. I remember one of most common ones were and- so- but. Afterwards you asked us which ones we remembered and they were a lot, but when you asked how much we used they weren't SO much. This was to see how we can improve the texts in some cases. I think that was not my case, because I had to improve it, the other way round, by adding full stops to make it scarier. I hope we can start applying conjuctions to our texts to improve them!
See you tomorrow!
Agus T 6A