Friday, 3 June 2011

Concert Rehearsal

Dear all,

In almost 26 days, you will be performing your last concert in primary school. Therefore, you need to learn the lyrics of the songs to be able to sing loud and clear. You need to show commitment, enjoyment, a positive attitude and an excellent disposition when you are rehearsing so that you all excel in your performances.

Mahatma Ghandi once said:

"You might be the change you wish to see in the world" I would adapt it to this situation in particular and say:

"You might be the change you wish to see in the concert"

What do you think??


Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale
I am very anxious about the conert, I think that it would be beautiful because Mr. Oscar and all of the people that are in 4th, 5th and 6 grade are making a great effort for the concert to be very special and nice!

Alex D said...

Hello Miss Ale:
I'm also very anxious for the concert, the concert is very funny and I like a lot the songs. I will try to do my very very best in the concert.
Alex D

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I am really nervous about the concert because half of the year dose not know the song by hard so some of the people who know the song by hard they can confuse with another letter.Because all the people sing diffrent things and in the concert when all the people will be wathcing us we won´t know the song.This week I am going to study by hard the songs!
See you next week!
Clara G

Sophia O. said...

Miss Ale
I am nervous because now that they have already gave my positions for my dance so I think I am going to confuse, because I don't think i can remember my steps and the song so I am very very nervous!!

Sophi O.

Miss Ale said...

Dear all!
When leaving a comment remember to stick to what the post is asking you to reflect about it. In this case, I`m not asking you about how you feel about the concert. Read the post carefully and leave a good comment. Have a nice weekend!

Pedro B said...

Hello míss ale:
Im auxilie to perform fue concert because all the second platform of school aré working hard to the consert to be cool! The best of all is That misa Óscar is making it ando the performance it is very good and im very happy to be part of the back stages of the concert

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think that we should all learn the lyrics of the song because if we don't know them, the song that we sing will be in understandable. I am getting so nervous rehearsing for the concert, singing and acting in front of everyone. I always think that I will forget a part of what to say, get sick or something like that. I will keep on practicing the songs a lot!
See you on Monday!!

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Ale
I am very nervous about the concert because although I am not a main character is our last concert all togrther because in secondary only the one that want do the concert and also because is our concert I hope I well be very good and funny I am going to practice the songs very much. I wish that the danceing also could be very good so that it is the best concert ever.
see you clara v 6a

Juana o said...

Misa Ale,
Yes, i think that every body has to know them
Very well because in the concert we would be all of us like saying mmmm.... I dont know the song!

See you on monday !

Ambar T said...

hi miss ale:
I like how sophia oxenford does as the bad witch! she does it very good!
I will sing louder but the thing is that my throughout gets tired! but im going to do it!
see you on monday!

Abril C said...

Hi Miss Ale
I think it is a very nice thing what Mahatma Ghandi said. I can't wait for the concert to begin we all worked very hard and we still need to work a little more but I now it is going to be perfect and we will enjoy allot.

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think this concert will be excellent, I think like you, we have to show more commitment. I didnt realise the concert will be like in 26 days!!! I am in enjoying too much!! And we also we have to give commitment cause Mister Oscar haved mae a great effort by making the scripts choosing the songs etc...
See us,

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

I am very anxious about this because I am back stage for me its very important to be backstage because in the concerts I am never a main character so this time I can be something else.

Lucas N said...

Hello Miss Ale
I think that if everyone studies the lyrics the concert will be great.
I am very nervious about it. I think that we have very little time left to rehearse
Hope it is great
See you tomorrow.

Andresku said...

Hello Miss Ale I can't wait for the consert I am ready to sing the songs. I think Oscar should try to do the consert with all 6th, 5th and 4th to see if it works.
see you tomorrow, byee

Jeronimo A said...

hi miss.Ale
I would like that the concert have to be tomorrow and I think that this concert weel be very good and funny specially when thay kill the bad wich with water.JAJAJA, and then we sing a song because now we are free (that is a very good idea)

Bye see you tomorrow.

justina b said...

Hello mis ale
y think the concert this year is going to be spectacular because this year we have the best main charecters .
i cant wait im so anxious ....
see you

Bianca F said...

I think that it want s to transmit that we have to make the change our selves, I am really excited about the concert!! I want at least to be the dress rehearsal. Iam verry happy!!

Gianfrancoe said...

Hello Miss Ale I also like Ernestina said im very anxious and more now thet I know that im backstage. I am anxious also because I want to do the general act.
See you tomorrow.

belen d said...

Hi miss Ale:
Im really ancious about the concert, I think that we are going to do a good job in the concert.
I would like to be back stage but Im going to do the balet, I like it.
See you

francisco.a 6b said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I speaked in spanish in the class so I have to do a coment of 10 lines. I am very anxious for the consert. Thank you for puting the song of the consert on the blog, it is very usefull. I know the song very well. I studyed the song two times. It help me because I learned it more. Thank you for puting the song of the consert.

Teo V said...

Miss Ale
I am very nervous about the concert, and the backstage to be great, becuase I am backstage and It would be nice to do everything well and give our bests. I hope the concert goes fantastic.

Francisco I said...

Miss ale
Im very emocionated about the concert i think we are going to do the best. I hope that all the children know the songs. The songs are very difficults and have a bocavulary that most people didnt use it. but i hope that if we practice 1 hour or 2 hours in your house i think that with that time we can learn it. Im glad because also we ar egoing to do the concert withe the boys of 4 grade and 5 grade and they can help you on the songs. If they do an effort the concert is going to be FANTASTIC!!!

Gabor.G said...

MIss Ale.I will try my best in the concert and in backstage.In the sentence of:"You might be the change you wish to see in the world" I would like it like this:"You might be the change you wish to see in school"

Marcos L said...

Miss Ale:
Interesting words the ones that used Mahatma Ghandi.
I think I'm not the kind of man that will change everything. I think that if I want to be the man that will change everything I think that I need to be main character, I just remembered that I am BACK SATGE and I can be the man that changes everything.

Agostina G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I think is a very good sentens that he said Im very happy and nervous at the same time because some songs are a little bit dificult and not all of us now them, the ones how don't now the I recomendyou t study the songs at home so its nobody get's confiused.
Good luck for the main characters and study a lot, thank you for putting the songs in the others post so we could practice them I like very muche the songs Oscar chosen.
See you tommorow.

matias.c said...

wow i never thought this would be our last concert i will miss primary

silvestreb said...

Hi Miss Ale
Im am very happy with the concert because i do two things backstage and sing but in backstage I lose sometimes periods.

Pedro.A said...

I think that every people has a good time watching and acting in the concert so we are going to do it great and nice so everyone has to practise the songs and know the movements and the main characters have to know what they have to say because if somebdy forgets a part you cant understand the the next thing that is going to happen I really like when evilenne gets wet because it is really funny how she acts and Andys parts a hilarious because the expression that andy puts on his character is amazing it was the right character for him and Im very nervous because I dont know if its going to turn up well or its going to be ok or horrible and maybe I myself get nervous.
See you tomorrow!

Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
At this point of time there are less than 26 days for the concert!!!
I am so anxious and at the same time very nervous because the fun part is act and you know.....have fun!!! But the part when we have to sing!!! And me alone!!!
Like conrado says in the script.
Oh god im so scared!!!!
And we will have to do it twice, for the parents and for the school. I din't realy make a decision of being main charecter. I just said yes and them when they told me i was main character they i was happy to act but then they told me i had to sing ALONE and i didn't want to do it but i did it anyways. One thing is to sing with somebody, and onother thing is to sing alone in front of all the poeple looking at you and everybody depending of you to not get the note to hi or too low or to know the words. My song is pretty long and difficult because i have to shout and sing very low and suddenly the tone vhanges and i have to sing high. I think all the main characters that sing have the same problem. I have to walk like a robot but still act like a human. The concert is very funny like the part when Evelline dies that everybody laughs at her.I know my song but it seems some poeple don't know "Bran New Day"

See you tomorow!!!!

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!!
I am not anxious about the concert, I am only a bit intrigued because we haven't seen the other grades parts and I am willing to see the whole entire concert!! I think we are all making a great effort.... but I think all the rehearsal won't be for nothing!! We'll do great!!! I expect..

ines m said...

Hello Miss Ale
I'm so anxious of the concert just 26 days and we would be on stage acting but I think we would do it very well because the main characters are doing it very well as well year 4th 5th and 6, it is very funny the ideas that Mr Oscar is putting and that makes it funniest.

pilar m said...

I agree with Mahatma Ghandi because we need to make effort and so then, the concert will be very esplendid and we will be very, very glad of ourselves and we will understand that all that effort was not for nothing, it was for something.
Beides, to rehease so much is very agotate, we need to have a great fun because all that effort is for us not for the teachers or for our moms or dads, is for us.
From now on I will have fun in the reheasals and I will sing very loud and clear, knowing the word by heart

Luli b said...

Hi Miss Ale, what You said is true we have to put more actitud and comitment to make the concert posible. Seeing this in another way I think this is goin to be a great consert.

Andres ku said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I will study for the consert.
Do you know what day it is?
See you monday Miss Ale
-andres ku

martina o said...

Miss Ale:
I think that the last concert is very important so we can be happy in our last performance. It is very good to do music and to perform.

Sofi C 6A said...

Hi Miss Ale,
To tell you the truth I really didn't understand thet sentence or It's meaning! I am so sorry to be leaving such a short comment but I didn't understand it!
Bye see you on the next period!