Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Bottle Imp

You read with Mariana "The Bottle Imp" by the Scottish writer Robert Loius Stevenson.
Did you like it?
What do you think of the story?
here and you will find one version in English.
This a summary of the story. Hope you enjoy them!

Keawe, a poor Hawaiian fisherman, falls in love with Kokua, a young girl of royal blood. Her father refuses to let him marry her, though, unless Lopaka can bring him two feather cloaks from a rare bird. While searching the mountains for the bird, Lopaka encounters a dying priest of Pele who sells him a wishing bottle in which Kono, the god of the volcanos, is confined. The priest warns him of the dangers of the bottle: if he dies still owning it, he will be damned, and the only way to get rid of it is to sell it for a price smaller than was paid for it. Keawe agrees and wishes to be rich, then marries Kokua and sells the bottle. All is well until Keawe contracts leprosy. To get rid of it, he must acquire the bottle again, and he is forced to buy it for the smallest coin of the realm! To save her husband's soul, Kokua is ready to sacrifice herself by buying the bottle for a smaller French coin. Fortunately, a wicked sailor appears with a still smaller Chinese coin and becomes its final owner when the bottle is lost at sea. Keawe's wealth vanishes, but he is happy to be with Kokua.


Alex D said...

Hello miss Ale:
I liked alot this book, I also liked the part when the sailor keeps the Bottle because he already knew he was going to hell. This book is very good and very easy to understand.
Alex D

Ana G said...

HI miss Ale
The English version it is very good to ,but I liked more the spanish version because It tells you more about everything, and it is more detailed, but still I like it.
See you on Monday

Luca M said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I read the book and it was excellent. The story is very creative. I liked the drunk man. I like a little more the spanish one because it is a little bit more funny and descriptive. but the two are very good.
See you tomorrow

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I have read the book with the Language teacher in spanish and I really liked it.I think that the spanish version is better beacuse it has more funny words that they don´t even exisit.It is also more descriptive.Even though the english version is very good to.But not as despcriptive as the spanish version.
See you on Friday!
Clara G

Teo V said...

Miss Ale
This book is very intesresting what things they do for eachother. I liked the one is spanish because its easier but I liked both, they are EXCELLENT. For me the best part is like the one of Alex when the sailor keeps the bottle and the story has a happy ending.

matias C said...

hi miss ale i really liked the story but i think that it didn't have much adjectives like luca said even dough it was funny i really enjoyed its language because of its expressing words

Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale!
The summary of the book in english was fantastic, I loved this type of books! For me the english version transmited me a different feeling that the feeling that the book in spanish transmited to me, in spanish I imagine the story was in one period, like more old and the book in english the feeling of the period that was more modern.
See you tomorrow!
Ernestina P.

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

I like allot this book but I readthe comments at the left and they dont realize that its the same story with a different ending (of the person) that we are reding with Mariana "El diablo en la botella" I dont understand how they didnt realized because I read the author and I remember the book.

See you tommorow.

Francisco I said...

Miss ALe
I enjoyed a lot the book, i think the story had a lot of detail. The end i didnt understood it very well but all the rest of the parts i undertood it very well. Thank you for putting the story.
see you tomorrow!

Ambar T said...

HI miss ale:
I really enjoyed ready the bottle imp!
For me it was great!
i didn't like the ending it was closed, but first we complained about open endings but now we realized that sometimes its better!
see you tomorrow

ines m said...

Hi Miss Ale
I read the book but I still like more the version in spanish because it is very detailed but version in english it also good.
Ines M

Juan de G said...

Hello miss Ale:
This book we read it in Lengua with Mariana. For me it is a very good book I liked alot. It is very funny how the man says that he will go to hell.

santino u said...

Hi miss ale
I liked this book it had suspense, fantasy and romance. I liked the book because it had a good ending. It was very funny when the drunk man wanted to keep the bottle, when that happened I got very happy for Kokwa.

See you

Eugenia.F said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I liked very much this book. Many parts were kind of funny!! As Alex said, this book is easy to understand. I haved enojoyed!! Thank you for sharing this to us!!
See us,

Milo.C said...

Hello Mis Ale I enjoyed very much this book because it was descriptev and it had a lot of suspence.

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I loved this book!!! I liked both versions but the Spanish one for me is better. I think that its better because Mariana read it with s and made it sound more interesting. The author has a lot of imagination and mixes everyday things with one object that causes everything. The ending was very creative and I liked it a lot. See you on Monday!!

Francisco.a 6b said...

Misa Ale,
I lijes a lot tris book, it was ver y good. When we read this book with Mariana I understood more because it was in spanish.Bye

Clara V said...

Hi Miss Ale
What a great idea of reading the story of the bottle imp for the ones who liked it very much. I liked the sory alot it had some of suspence because you never know what was going to happene with the bottle, I also liked it because although all the problems that the bottle brought in the story there was a love sory between Kawe and Kokua, in a part of the story that Keawe has lepra I felt sorry for him and I coud imagene that he was going to look for the bottle so as to not have lepra and marry Kokua. I was very sad for Kaewe in the part that he coud not sell to bottle and finally he does it thanks for the help of Kokua. Although I liked a lot the story for me is not the same reading a book two times because you already know what is going to happene.
See you Clara V

Francisco I said...

Miss ale
the book is very good, the best part of the book is when keawe felt in love with kokua. Is "el diablo en la botella" only that on the inglish version but i liked more the spanish version,
see you tomorrow

martina o said...

Hi Miss Ale:
I liked this story because it was very good. I read the english version that you put and it is very diferent to the one that we read with Mariana. I think that is a good story and is very inerestant to read and I recomended it. I think that it was a good idea to chose that book. A part that I like was when the man does the house that Keawe wanted so much.

Luli B Olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I really liked the story but I still think that the spanish version is better than the english one. Ilike the part when Keawe realises that the person who had bought the bottle was his wife,Kokua. !Great story! see you tomorrow.

Hugo P said...

Miss Ale,
I enjoyed this book alot. I liked the way Keawe got his house. I also thought that it needed to be more descriptive and I liked the drunk sailor.

Abril C said...

I loved the story!!! when I started reading it I coudn't stop. I finished it in 1 day. The Engkish version it is also very good but I liked more the one on spanish. See you on monday!!!

Lucas E said...

I´ve liked a lot the book about the bottle imp. Because it cause me a lot of intrigue because it is easy to understand.

Sofi g said...

Hi Miss Ale
I really liked the book and sometimes I like best to read stories in english but sometimes not becasue they use words I don´t know and that are really difficult but I liked a lot this short for "The Bottle Imp".
See you tomorrow!!!

Tomas.G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
At first i didn't understand but then i started to remember who was Keawe which is a funny name. And about the bottle which was posesd by the demon of hell. I liked the book at the end because it is finished with a close ending and there was a lot of fantasy in the story. And at the end it was funny because the druged man had kept the bottle and he was going to go to hell. I liked pretty much the story just that i don't like romance. I like more problems and war or a destination.
See you tomorow!!!

Marcos L said...

It's interesting to listen the asme story in another language because you, learn a lot of complex words in diferent languages.
See you tomorrow

Manu T said...

Miss Ale:
I really enjoyed the two books and as Marcos said its good to read the same book in different languages even though it isn´t the same story.

See you tommorow,
Manu T

Paulina B said...

Hi Miss Ale
I enjoyed a lot this book, in english the story and in spanish the whole book. Every version is different and it is good so we can see the different ways you can tell and read a story.

hannah said...

Hi miss Ale!!
I like the english version it is good as the one in spanish.
But like we read in spanish the whole book it is better because it is not summerized but I also like the english version.

Agostina G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I like very much the story we are reading in Spanish but it english is very good, I like to compare the books in Spanish and in english, that story for me is very funny and interesting and I like it very much.

juana o said...

Miss Ale,
this version of " the bottle imp" it is very good, I realy like this story, it is very atractive but as Ana said it is better (for my opinion) the spanish version because it has more details.
see you tomorrow,


pilar m said...

I realy like this verison but, in my opinion, the spanuish version is better because it has a lot of more details and its easier for me to understand

Fran AL said...

HI miss Ale
I like alot this book, my favorite part is when Keawe and Kokua wanted to sell the bottle. This book is very easy to andersund.

Bianca F said...

The summary was very complete, well compared with "El diablo en la Botella." Now that I read the version in spanish, I want read the version in english to compare it.

jacques.G said...

i loved the story because of it descriptions and the ideas, I loved the story!

Gonzalo C said...

I think it was very good the story it was the best story we read in the school (for now). In my opinion it is difficult to have all the things you whant and do not go crazy or very ambicios, because if I had that bottle I will wish once then onother and another and another and i will never stop.

Pedro.A said...

Hi miss Ale

I like the version in spanish and in english only that I liked more spanish because the summary wasnt that descriptive.

Sofi 6A said...

Hi miss Ale,
That book was great because I learnt alot of new difficult words and how the author described things!
How his imaginagion floats around (hahha)
It was a really fun book to read!
see you after the holidays
Sofi c

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Great story. I really like it.