Wednesday, 17 June 2009

We are back!!!

After two long home schooling weeks, we are back!!!

I'm happy to see you back sitting in my classroom and interacting with you!!!

It has been a great challenge and a new experience for all of you, for your families and for us.

You have shown commitment and worked with dedication during these two weeks and I'm proud of you!

Now we have to work very hard during these three weeks before the July Holidays.


Joaco said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I am also happy we are back, because "home schooling" was a disaster. Hope we keep going ok. I liked my report card notes...

JoaquĆ­n S. 6°B

P.S.:Keep on posting:)

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I am here in It becuase I finish all the work. so I checked the blog! I also think that we worked very proud and I am very impressed that we did the stor only by electronical things! Thats AMAZING! I had great fun becuase I could never ever imagine that we were going to study by the computer! Now. we have to wait till the teacher in Canada sends usa the story!! I think that the news that the school gived us at the last moment of Tuesday, my fathers didnt liked it at all! Because they are painting my bed room so I have to be in the Hall and my sister and my brother also! So...It is a mess! But I had great time!
Well bye,
Beluuu D

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,

I'm also happy about it. I think it was a great and hard challenge but we finally made it. My father said that this was an excellent and very advanced weeks because we have more responsabilities. I also agree on when you said that it was a gigantic news for our parents, specially for my Mum that Igancio (my little brother) made her go crazy. She had worked as an electritian in our home because she made function 3 laptops with Internet. I'm very happy of being back on school.

See you tomorrow,

Ramiro Sa. 6B

Anonymous said...

I also like to be again to school, good and bad things of home-schooling:
We had LOTS of work and we were makig the homework in our houses! That distracts me a lot!!, The other bad thing is that we are not so much as in school with our friends. The good thing was that when we finshed we already are in our home.
I also like that I can have a break when i want.
I am happy to be again to school!!

Anonymous said...

Hello miss ale,
hi miss ale, how are you? These was a day we all talked in all the subjects about the worked we had made at home. And it was strange becuase you coudn't be 6 hours doing homeschooling as if you where at school, if we did like that we already finished all in a day. These was a very strange like i already said these 2 weeks, that I would said it to my children...
ANd again it was strange becuase, on tuesday at night that they told our parents i was in the bed very sleepy, adn my mother came to my room and she had said mme what happend but i didn't understand anything. So the next morning i waked up 7:57 so i went all over the house shouting that it was 7:52 and when mother saw me and she wanted to "kill" me beacuse i had waked up all the house and then she told me last night that we weren't having school. Then taht first and second day i was very attend to the homeschooling, and when the first thing came i opened it and print it, but that day i didn't did nothing, so the next day i saw like 5 mails of homework so i started to do all... and the days went by like this until today..
I happy for being again in school and seeing my friend again...
See you tomorrow
bye bye
tomas j 6c

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale

Yes after everything back!!!!!
It is great that we are allready without the homeschooling. But now we are allready (acostumbrado) to stay at home and wake up late.Well however i liked vey much this ``adventure´´ of homeschooling.
It was great hope it happends again !!Jajaja


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale
I loved this "mini vacations" they where so fun; inviting friends, practising sports and have all the day empty exept for 1-3 hours of homeschooling and "estudiar a distancias".I loved this mini vacations but now we have to come back
keep posting
ignaciof 6a

Anonymous said...

Miss ale im also very happy but a little bit sad because I didn't need to wake up early. But I was tired of being all day at the computer doing lots of work
Benja L.A

Anonymous said...

hello Miss ale,
I am also happy we are back, i was fed up off home schooling; I prefere a lot more working at school, I couldn't organize well.
santi A

Domi said...

Hello miss ale I only wanted to tell you that I totally agree with all what you have said.
See you tomorrow

Anonymous said...

hello miss Ale,
I agry with all what you said that
we did al Homework and all waht you send as but one thing that I didn´t like that what what you send as in one day we have more things to do at home than in calss bau the al was AMAZZINGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but it was also nice to study in the computer but my eyes couldn´t resisted so I could cry many many times
ans also I did not like beieng in My house insted of seeing to your friends.
well I like what you put your write
thank you!!
but you are also Write
see you tomarrow
chiara 6C

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale, thanks a lot! And you teachers, also worked a lot like us doing our home schooling!!!
WELCOME BACK!!! also for you, jaja.
You are correct, we have a lot to do, before these holidays on July.
We have to hurry up with work!!!
But there are schools that closed and they didn´t had home schooling, so they are going to get less holidays. THANKS FOR LEAVING ALL OUR HOLIDAYS!!!!
the blog is great...keep on posting
ps: I am very pleased with my report card!!!
meli b

Anonymous said...

Hello mis ale:
I am happy we are back I tought I wouldnt but doing home schooling at home whith out your instructions it is dificult so know
I will have to be at school, but whith instructions of teachers and whith my friends
see you tomorow

martt said...

Hello Miss Ale!
I can't believe we have already came back to school and we are already starting again, yesterday i stayed up (not sleeping) up to 3 of the morning because i couldn't sleep since all the other days i went to sleep that day! When i woke up mi mother said that i was going to have a very bad mud and i did!
I also can't believe i was able to finish everything on time!! Because you might have noticed that atleast (us students) think that we had more work out of school than in school, i think that was because it was more difficult to get the answer from you teachers because sometimes you confused the mail or the webmail didn't work or your teacher tiped worngly your name!
At least to me it didn't happened (thankss godd) It was also fun because you could be with friends even it wasn't vacations we got together to help our selfs....
I can't wait to go on our winter holidays... After all the hard work we have done i think that you teachers and us students need a break!
Well see you tomorrow!
Goood Byee

Anonymous said...

Hello miss ale

I am also happy to be back at school because i wanted the report, i was axious. Also because i wanted to see my friends.Keep on posting.


Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
On one hand I am happy but on the other I am not. I'll explain you, I am happy becuase I missed my peers, and as I could not visit them I felt solitare. Also as I explained on the quiz in which we had to vote what we prefered but I will tell you again. I also missed me asking my teachers when I had a doubt, I had to go and grab the phone and phone my mom and sometimes she was busy and other times she went mad and she told begged me not to call her any more that afterwords she'd explain. If not I could ask my brother, but he did not answer, and my sistter was at university. So I had to mail the teacher, summaring, A LONG PROCESS. But on the other hand I liked having the experience of trying this homeschooling "adventures". What I liked about this too is that I could wake up at the time I wanted to and do all the work I was asigned and then I could go to sleep at the time I wanted too, but I preffer school! Well Miss Ale,
I will see you tomorrow
A big kiss XOXO
Delfina 6b

Anonymous said...

Hello miss ale,
I m also happy in a way but in because I can see my friends again and at the same time I didnt want to come to school because again I have to wake up earlier and I have to go to sleep also earlier. But Im seeing the positive (the side full of the water) that Im going to see my friends again.
Tomas.F 6 B

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale:
Finelly today we were BACK AT SCHOOL oh that was SUPER i saw all me friend that i missed to much we hand in all the work and we talk about all the homeschooling
well that was super jajaj
see you kiss
Olivia pando

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I liked this 2 weeks because I could sleep more!! But we had a lot of HOMEWORK!!!!
See you,

Anonymous said...

hi Miss Ale

im very happy that we are back because the home schooling was very difficult and all teachers send us lots of mails.



Anonymous said...

Hello miss Ale I am happy because in home schooling all things got mixed up


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale.

I past the homeschooling time very tierd but I think I work harder at home than on school. I happy being back to school. I miss ALL my freind and we must countenw with more work at school the July holidays are coming very sone. All thye best to all the teachers in this weeks.

Martina.T 6a

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
Now is different, now we see our friends and the teachers explain us more in detail, so now is better to understand because you explsain us more clearer. I really can't tell you if I enjoyed more going to school or doing homeschooling because each of the options had virtues that are great and some other virtues that are not so great, so I am really puzzled and mixed up. But at the beggining I thought that we were going to take a holiday but then I opened my mail and a thousand mails appeared! At the beggining I was angry but then my family explained why the teachers gave home schooling activities and then I thought that well in a point of view they are completely right! But well is school! I am keeping on thinking about... The school is going to take us more holidays on july? That is my doubt!
Kisses and Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
how are you today?
I am very happy because we started school again and because I was bored at home and with many homework. I am GLAD we started again because at first, I thought that it was going to be great and it was going to be more convinient because we could do it at any time. But I was wrong!!
I know realize that it wasn't so easy as I thought it woul be, and we had more homework that what I expected, but I finally acceped it and got used to it and I think that it helps because it is a knew experience that maybie it could happen again in high school and it is great because it is not going to be the first time!
I could be in contact with all the teachers by mail and I could follow instructions quite well.
See you,