Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Spelling Game

I challenge you to play this spelling game! It’s from the BBC. You are shown two words and have to identify which one is spelled incorrectly and you play against a timer. It's hard but you can do it!

Have fun!



Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,

I think that the game is great. I think also that is very, very DIFFICULT!!!!!! The first time I played I made 4 points, in the second time I got 6 points and in the third one again 6! I really liked commenting on this post.

I'll keep in touch,

Ramiro Sa.

Joaco said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I scored, 5 in the first one and 4 in the second one.(4+5=9.)

Joaquín S. 6ºB

P.S.:Keep on posting....

Marcos T. said...

Ive scored 16 points the first time miss ale!!
Ill trie again, its not to easy, theres words I dont even know or ever heard!!

Marcos.T - 6A

Marcos T. said...

I SCORED 32 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont know how i did it but, well, i did it!!!!!!!!!

in the first one 21 and on the second one 11 points!!!

Well, I did things quick, and I'm not lickely going to try again, I'm in confort with that score.

Marcos.T6 - 6A

PS: can you put a link to the thingy were we put done on activities, on the school page?

Marcos T. said...

I'm trying to paste a photo of the computers screen that you take with impr pant, but it doesn't work.

MarcosT - 6A

MILAGROS said...

Hello Miss Ale:

I think that this game is VERY, VERY, VERY harddd. I got 6 the first time I played. I wasn't very quick because I didin't realise that the timer was there but when I saw it I rush but it was toooo late!!!



Beluu D said...

Hello Miss ALe,
In this game I had to put the thinking cap. It was really difficult, but I could do it and in the first one I got 4 and in the second one I got 9 and in total I got 13!!!I had great fun playing the game! In the second one it wasnt too difficult because when it was a word taht was spelled wrong and had a doble letter, the thing that was wrong was the letter. So, it wasn't too difficult. The game helped me to realised wich word it was wrong so then when I write a story and then before givig to the teacher, I am going to read it and find my mistakes so then that will be connected to the spelling, ghramma, etc..! I am going to play it again and see if I can beet my score and I am going to say it to you!! Because I had great fun!It helped me a lot and I enjoy it a lot! The game is WONDERFUL!
Beluu D

Anonymous said...

Hi miss ale,

Ithink the game is not so good because it gets my nervs because you had to be fast and i am the worst tiper in the WHOLE world.

but it was fun


Anonymous said...

miss Ale

the game is great. I liked very much. I was nervous because of the time.


Anonymous said...

hello Miss Ale!
I think it is a very good game.It is also difficult,more than the other ones you last posted.
It is very good, and this time I got them right WITHOUT using my time chart.
Eleonora h

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale!
This game was very difficult like you had said. Mostly because we didm't know most of the words, in the first level i got 6 correct and 1 incorrect, which was very exciting, in the second level i got almost all wrong! I only got two right! Well i'm going to keep on practising

Anonymous said...

hello miss ALe,
I played it was fantastic it was easy and in the second level it was more difficult.
see you on wensday the 17 th

chiara f 6C

fede said...

Hello miss ale

I just finished playing the game it is greate.
I only took a score of 11, but I will continue playing.
The first part was the most difficult but the second part was a piece of cake.
Keep on posting
Fede G

Anonymous said...

Miss ale the game wasn't that difficult but more or less. I liked it very much.
I hope you post more games

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
The game was in a part difficult but in the other no. I played it lots of times to see how do I get better in my skills. At the beggining I was a complete disaster... I've got 4! I thought that the game was going to be like this: It told you which is the word spelled corect and say mmmm, house or howse and all like that. But when I kept on playing I was getting better and I went adding two or one to my score. In a part it was difficult because I didn't know about what the game was meaning but when I realised what we really had to do I was better and better but although difficulty I enjoyed practising my spelling with this game. I love your games because in here I felt like I am having fun and I asked my self I am really practising or just playing a game and then I answerer, as some of the games of Miss Ale's blog it's a trick, you think that you are having fun but it is awesome you are really having fun but at the same time you are practising your spelling!
Keep on Posting,
Kisses & Hugs
Cataa A.

Anonymous said...

hi miss ale its a very difficult game but with alan we could get to 16 points total, it was a fun game.
jero d.c

Anonymous said...

Miss Alee!
the first one wasn't so dificult, but the second level I made them all wrong. You were not right that they were dificult, they were MORE THEN DIFICULT. JAJA. Firs I didn't understand the second level so I put eanything, and when I realised I did it all wrong because the words were dificult and I couldent understand them.

A lot of hugs & kisess.
Natalie 6b a member of BUMBKE BEES

Anonymous said...

hello miss ale,
this game is much better and challenging than the others, its funner. i liked it alot although its quite difficult. now im trying to beat my record.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I played the game and i got in part 1:3 points and in part 2:6 points, in total i got 9 points,
the game was very good,

Agustina F.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale: The game is very difficult but also is very good. I liked it but I didn´t have a good score.
Keep posting and I will comment.

Anonymous said...

Hi miss ale,
Hello!!!,how are you? These to weeks pass me as one month!!,or vacations!!! But I dont know if i prefer going to school becuase here with homeschooling, I dont do it evry single day like the teachers say bercuase I think its vacations!!!! But in language I did all the activities!!
About the game was fantastic, some parts where difficult but som where very easy. The parts that where difficult was becuase the words where very similar adn you had to choose without thinkig and also teh time mades you more and more nervous. The prats that where easy were becuase there was one option that it was impossible to be correct. I like very much, I played it 4 times!!! in the first time i got 3 points very bad, in the second 5,in the third 4, adn in the last one 7 points!!!!
Thank you for posting really good games that also helps us with tenses,vocabulary,etc
See you on 17th
bye bye
tomas j

Anonymous said...

hello mis Ale how are you.
it was dificult in first I got 5 and in second 4 in total 9.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale, I played the game with Vicky, she got 19 points and I 14 points. Vicky did VERY good!
the blog is great...keep on posting
ps: with Vicky
meli b

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,

The game was dificult and frusturating, but I enjoyed it.


PS: I have tried to tell you by mail that I dont understand what I need to do with the spreadsheet, but you dont answer.

Tomi N. said...

The game was very fun and difficult. The first time I did 5 points the second 4 and in the third 4 again.

Tomi N. said...

And also there were words I didn't know.

Mateo said...

Miss Ale it was hard to enter and the game was difficult at first I did 5 points, them I did 4 points.
Mateo N.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Alee
The game was very good, it was not the best one, but I liked it.
Keep on posting

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale, the game was really dificult. i didn´t have enough time to think on some cases.

Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
It was a little hard but then I could play it again and I did much better! I think this game helped us to move away our doubts and for us not to think two times when we are writing, if the spelling is correct. Well See you soon!

Anonymous said...

hi miss ale i played the game it is fantastic i played it the first time and i got 4 points

keep on posting

marc.p 6a

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I think that the game is great. I think also that is very, very DIFFICULT!!!!!! The first time I played I made 5 points, in the second time I got 7 points and in the third one again 7! I really liked commenting on this post.
federico j

Anonymous said...

hi miss ale

i did not so good because i was very nervous about the time i was under preasure jaja but it was fun

xoxo maru.s

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale

I liked very much the game but it was a little boring.I made on the first part i got 9 and on the secon one 7. I liked more the first part.