Monday, 8 June 2009

Reflection of the week!

"Energy is the essence of life. Every day you decide how you're going to use it by knowing what you want and what it takes to reach that goal, and by maintaining focus." -


What does this quotation mean?

How can you apply it to home schooling?

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belu said...

hello miss ale
for me this quotation means that without energy you can't live life because you need energy to breathe as well as to play in the computer or to watch TV. For me what this quotation is saying is that energy is important and I would say that I could connect homeschooling to energy by saying that we could not do home schooling if we didn't have home schooling
belu s 6C

Marcos T. said...

Hi miss ale:

Its a very interestig quotation thogh not to simple to understand, I mean, she gave the quote an artistic touch to it. We could certainly connect that energy to homeschooling by simply putting energy into it, by making a simple effort to improve.

I hope we sure do that!

Marcos.T - 6A

francisco b said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think that this post means that energy is VERY important, that you need the energy to live. The energy is the "thing" that makes this world (in some meaninig) It is to the "thing" that makes you "work ore keep active", because if we don't have energy we can't walk, run, play, etc. It also means thje "energy" that we use, computers, TVs, elevators, etc
I think that it means that the WORLD needs the energy to sorvive.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss ALe,
Interasting quotation! For me, it mens, that we need to organiz our studies and don;t hurry, we have to get to the goal we want... We have to organiz our studios and don;t do them all at that moment, we have to take our time and don;t do them in a rush, as miss Ale says!! It is connected to Home Schooling becuase in home schooling you send a lot of work, but then, we have to organiz our time and dont do it in a rushh! Teh quotation is great, great job! I enjoy it a lott!
See you when school starts again!
Beluuuu D 6B

martina said...

Hello Miss Ale

for me it means that the energy is important because if you do it with more energy you will do it better. It wil help us on home schoolng because if you live till the last moment you will have many things to do. So it all depents with the energy you make it and to be organize and do a little bit of everything every day.

xoxoxox martu.r 6a

Anonymous said...

Hello miss Ale: For me the quotation means energy and we can conected with home schooling because you need energy to live, to think, to do everything you want to do. So that means that energy is a very important thing for evryone.
From: Clara6c

Mateo said...

I didn't really understand all what she or he said. But I think we can us it like."You have a certain energy, you have to try to do the best with that energy"
Mateo N.

Anonymous said...

hello miss ale,
for my this quootiation means that energy you can not do such things like homeschooling because we haave to comunicated be mail and the mail is inside of the computer and the computer it can you with enrgy,so for my without energy we can not do homeschooling.!!!
for my it means that we can not to a lot of things without energy!!!
Its very important to know that because if not you loose a lot of enrgy like: put all lights on when the sun its outside.
one question I did not understand what you put in the mail that you send my that we have to finished the storys of South Afriaca I do not understand were we have to doit and how??
I will wait your answer
see you on 1 week
I will still bloging
chaira F 6C

Deelfi said...

Miss Ale,
The reflection of the week, I think means that we have to moderate our use of energy like an example with the tasks you have given us. If I rush through out them and do them quickly in a day, at the end of the day, i will not be able to take a step, but if I do a little every day I will be able to finish well and do the exercises correctly and everything will be OK welll hope I got the message

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
What this quotation means is that threw energy we can make lots of things. Energy is, in a part our sense of humor everyday. We need energy to wake up and start a new day. We need energy to do many several things, as waking up, talk,doing actions. If we don't have energy we can't do anything. Energy is like the gasoil of the car, if the car doesn't has gasoil, it doesn't work! Sometimes we are in a tired sense of humor that we don't talk, that is because we are putting less energy to do it. We always have to put a big energy to make things better.
Kisses & Hugs
Cataaa A.

Vicky M. said...

I think that this quotation means like that we need energy for everything and that we have to organize ourselves to make everything we propose ourselves!!!!
as belu d said, we have to organize ourselves with the home schooling and try not to do everything in a rush so that when you finish, you can find a piece of art, not a work full of mistakes and no conciousness

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I think this quotation means that you all people can't leave without energy. I can aply it to home schooling because in home schooling we need yes or yes energy, because if we do not have enrgy we can't see our mails with the work
Keep on Posting

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,

I think that the post is very interesting. I think that the image gives you an idea of what the answer is. I think that what this quotation means is that we need energy for most of the things, so when we are using it, we have to focus on what we are doing so we don't loose energy because if anyone is focusing and all of them are using energy, we won't have any more. I also wanted to tell you if you can enter to my ether pad to see if the quantity is well.

I'll keep in touch,

Ramiro Sa.

martt said...

Hello Miss Ale!
I think this quotation means that we need energy, but not to abuse it.Like you can use it for your needs but when you don't need light don't use it!
Also home schooling is a very big use of energy and for the lights not to go out we have to print and do what we need and turn off the computer. But this doesn't mean you can't use it because if you have use it, but not abuse of it!



Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale
this means that you have the power but you can use it for the good or the right.In this case its the home shcooling, you can play and you will be using the energy for the bad and if you do the work and comply you will be using it for the RIGHT.It is easy to understand but difficult to explain.
ignaciof 6a

Anonymous said...

We can applay it at home in home schooling by focusing in our work and organizing our time and energy withing our work.
I think this means that we can save more energy to help our world and to help ourselves
See you

Tomi N. said...

Hi miss ale,
for me it means that we need energy because we have to breathe and do other things.

Anonymous said...

hello miss ale i think that energy is a very important thing and that we (the human race) don´t know how to use it

yesteday in my house energy went out and i spend a bad time

Anonymous said...

I mean we need energy for doing homeschooling because we need energy to work.
bye keep on posting

I confuse with the other energy

Anonymous said...

hI MISS ale,
Im bakc!!!After a very sport day playing tennis,i am very tired and also doing homeschooling, but ill never forgot of the blogg!!!
For my opinon this quotation means that energy apart of other things,is one of the things more important in life,because without energy you coudnt do nothing. Apart of that, always to achiev your goals you need alot of enregy,dont we?
Very goodd post,sorry for not blogging for a lot of time,I was doing homeschooling,and I already finshied all about language!!!!
Thanks for posting great post, I like very much quatations that are true but expresed in a diferent and strange way
see you on 17th
tomas j

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale!!
I think this means that you always need energy, and withoout energy you can´t do things well.
sofi b 6b

fede said...

Hello miss ale

I think that this qoutation means that with no enrgy yo can not live because you can´t move.
Energy is a thing that we use to watch tv or to move or fingers to write. Keep on posting
Fede G

Anonymous said...

hello mis ale,
I think this quotation means that without energy you can't live life because you need energy to breathe as well as to play in the computer or to watch TV.I thinck what this quotation is saying is that energy is important and I would say that I could connect homeschooling to energy by saying that we could not do home schooling if we didn't have home schooling.
sugar is energy very important
federico j

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale, for me this quotation means, that our energy is very important, because with that energy you do what you want.
I can applay it to home schooling, by being the most part of the day doing the activitys, so then you don´t have to do nothing.
that are the answers of your two questions.
the blog is great...keep on posting
meli b

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale

I think this quote is great.It means that you have to focus on one thing that you want to do and not distract on other things. Like in class when doing a work don´t distract yoursellf by talking to others or playing with something.