Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Idioms Game

What do these idioms mean?

Try this idiom game and find out.

Enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss ale,

I thik that the game is excellent, Ireally like it. I think thst the picture on the screen helps you a lot if you don't know what the word means. I have to tell you that I got 12/12!!!! Someones were easy because I knew it, and others you could know because the false ones didn't make sense on what it shows you. Well, I have to say that this game was a very good one, and a very different comparing to the games you put now, like Tense's games. Well, I hope we have school tomorrow.

Good Bye,

Ramiro Sa.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale
I think the game was great. The pictures where very funny and the game was a good idea. Now we will understand when teachers say things like that thats. We will not say any more what? like we always say. I got 11 correct some where easy and others I didnt knew. Sometimes there were some questions that dint have logic but it was great. Keep on posting games like this one.

xoxox, martu.r 6a

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I played It was difficult but I could play, it is fantastic this post, I like it very much
Also is funny
a lot of kisses
chiara f 6C

Beluu D said...

Hello Miss Ale,
It seems that idioms is not my thing! I got a bad result, 7/12, it was very difficult for me. Becuase I didnt knew anyone!All though I put the thinking cupp, I couldnt. It didnt make sense, what they said to the phrase. The game is escellent Keep on!
Beluuuuu D

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale the game is exellent. The pictures are very good and funny(somthe fetimes not all of them). By the way i liked the game though i didn't know what the phrases meant, i liked playing it. I did 17 out of 21 phrases. It wasn't so difficult say what phrases meant because although it gave you options you the worm could recognize what they meant. Just like the one of the bird catching thw wrom, there you could recognize it had a good meaning. If you think just a little bit it easy. The game was very creative. As my opinion the games was very creative,fun, funny pictures. Miss Ale i hope that this year goes on very well!!!
PS: At first i din't know what idioms was i thought it was a language because in spanish you say "idiomas" and well thats the reason. Then i found out what it meant with the introduction!!!
Bye Miss Ale see you tommorow!!!
Amalia.g 6A

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale, I played the game it was great!!! It´s true that we say things that when we say them, the other person knows in what meaning you are saying it, by your face. Go on putting games like that, they are very good!!!
the blog is great...keep on posting
ps: I don´t like the idea that the school is going to change, because when we do homeschooling, some teachers think we only have to do their work and nothing else, but it is not like that. If this homeschooling it is not going to be like that it is going to be better.
meli b
meli b

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
Really liked the game,
Lots Of Love

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
Good post.
It was a bit difficult.
But good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ale the game is great, I realy liked it.ive got 11\12 and the picture helped me to find out what it was the meaning.


carla d

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale!
I think this game was SUPER GREAT!!! I really liked it, it is one of the bests ones. I had forgotten what was an idiom, but this made me remember everything, they are what in spanish are called "DICHOS". I am very proud of my score, I got 10/12 that would be like in a test an 8, it is not the greatest note but it is good. Some of the idioms were quite easy, but others were just to difficult to understand. Ja Ja. I simply LOVED the little pictures, the bird eating a worm, the donkey with his legs taken off, the ball bouncing on the teniss court, the dog barking at a tree and much more CUTE images...
See you tomorrow (i hope)

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Ale!!!
I usually comment on Tuesdays but well I had to study!!
I played this game and scored 8 out of 12, to say the truth, the only one I really knew was "the early bird catches the worm" and the other 7, I was trying to find the one that made more sense, and it worked, although it didn´t with all of them!!!
See you tomorrow
Jessi 6a

Ceeli said...

Miss Ale,
I thought the game was going to be quite borring, but guess what... IT WASN'T!! And I have got 10/12 someones I din't have an idea of what they ment, they were like four of them I couldn't tellwhat they ment but I could handle them out for the little drawing, like the one on the mountain I could tell by looking on the drawig. I've got to ask you something, also for St. Andrew's Scots School we are going to start the winter vacations on Monday the 6th? I hope it doesn't because we are actually going to loose the one week spring vacations! On the my personal hero essay I had change the person, because I've said I was going to do my sister but I had decided to do my great- grand father, Mando. He was a great person he cared about everyone, and when you read my essay you will realize to who'm I have compared . It is really funny. About the post, please keep posting this kinds of games, I relly enjoy them. Could you try posting a game if you find about heroes who made a BIG change in the society? I will really enjoy it if you could find one. I am looking foward to continue writing my personal hero essay. I love this kinds of projects. I will like if we do them (more seguido). Hope to see you tomorrow if the school doesn't closes,
Love,Hugs and Kisses,
Ceeli P. 6b

Anonymous said...

Hi miss ale,
today I went to the supermarket to buuy some rain boots, because I didnt had and I think in winter holidays Im going with 4 more families to Cordoba.
Abaout the game was incredible!!!
I never heard about the word Idioms but I knew what it meant. I got 10/12. Sometimes the vocabulary was difficult. But some ones I already knew. But in general, it was very good!!!
See yo tomorrow
bye bye
tomas j 6c

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,

I think that it was a great game, a way of combining fun with language which gives a great result.I got 11 answers of 12 correct. It is to bad they are closing the school on monday.

See you tomorow
Andres G

Anonymous said...

Hello miss ale it is a very good and funny game!!!! I liked it a lot I think that if I remember I may use them in my next peace of writing.
I hope you keep on posting
See you tomorrow

Vicky M. said...

The game is superr!!!! It was fun and I got 9 of 12 righttt!!! well I have to keep on studying so...byeee

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale the game was great do I didn´t understandit so much but I like it.Put thesse tipe of games more often.


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Ale,
the game was not easy but it was fun.
keep bloging
Benjamin Hardy

marina said...

hello miss ale:

this post is exellent because we can learn some great lessons and we learn that before acting you have t think, sometimes you dont have to trust your "instint" THINK BEFORE ACTONG thats a very important lesson because you can make a great dissaster with friends pearents etc, and you would see that when you get to the problems you would like to turn back time because you didnt think so be carefull and think thats why we have our brain.


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
The game is very good, i have to go but later i will play again and post you later,
Bye Miss Ale,

Agustina F.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale:
The game was very fun and the pictures moved so it made them really funny. I first took 9 over 12 but then I tried harder and I got 12 over 12! I didnt remember very much about idioms, so the first time that I played, wich idont remember the score that is why I didnt put the score, I didnt have idea. But then I remembered what we had learn on fourth and I got very hogh scores. I liked a lot this game.
bye sofi 6c

Joaco said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I think the game is really great, I've got 8 out of 12 and I think that is also really great...

See you,

Joaquín S. 6ºB

P.S.:Keep on posting...