Thursday, 11 June 2009

Mail from Fiona Beal from South Africa

This is part of the mail Miss Fiona Beal sent me yesterday and I would like to share it with you!

"... Wow, those stories are amazing, absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much and congratulations on getting your students to write at home. What a feat!!"
"[...] are you still keen to do a collaboration with Mr Millward in Canada ?[...]they are ready to do the three way collaboration. We start the story, Mr Millward's class continues and your students finish? Do you still want to do it that way? If you like the idea I will also get mine to start their introductions tomorrow![...]"

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Ohh that`s great
See u
Kiss & Hugs
Olivia p

Anonymous said...


is great that Fiona liked what we wrote.

well, bye

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale!
What a great conclusion, i can't believe what Fiona wrote about us. She was really surprised i can see. I would LOVE to do the "three country project" it will be very fun and especially finishing it, because i think it is the funnest part!
ps: please say yes to Fionaa!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mss Ale: For me fiona´s idea is very good, are we going to do it or not? If we do it we can finish the project with more ideas from other people.
From: clara6c

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
Very interasring! Now we are going to also do it with students of Canada! Ohh! Thats GREAT! Say to her YES, because it is a fabulous idea! I think that Fiona Beal addmire us becuase she talks about us in the mail, in the blog, wiki and with her students! We are going to became FAMOUSE! I think that the conclusion that you got among the three teachers is amazing, finishing is the coolest and nicest PART! Because you can finish how you want and decide if the final part can be open, closed, red hunnging! Many things.. NOw yes, I have to put the THINKING CAP, to do it WONDERFUL. YES! YES! I loove teh idea! But we are going to do it in class, or at home like the other one??? In groups or alone???? All these questions are if you say to her yes ehh! Well, the idea is Great! I would loove to do it... Now we are going to know how another country more writes and expresses her ideas! YES!! YES!
Beluu D

Anonymous said...

Miss ale I think this of writing stories with students all around the world is amazing and really fun. Say yes to Fiona because it will be like a trio writing but much more fun. See you

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
I think it is great that Fiona loved the our stories. I also like the idea of collaborating with Canada in a three part story. It is very interesting. When will we start? I hope soon because Im looking foward to do it.
See you soon
vciky 6c
Ps: I made a12 in my wiki folder.

Ceeli said...

I think that is gret news alee !!
Lots of kisses Ceeli P

Joaco said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I think this idea is wonderfull, specially when there are more people envolved on the stories. I love when people say that our's is a great job, like Fiona Beal said. I thought that doing this was wonderfull, so I would love to do it again.

JoaquĆ­n S.

P.S.:Keep on posting!!!!

Anonymous said...

hello miss ale
I ts so great that the other kids liked what we wrote but unfortunately I couldnt do it because my computer has a thing that doesnt alow some pages unless you download them so I did that but the computer when I did kept failing and said error....
I would have liked to write .Is there a chance that I can write it down and send it too you by mail and you put it????byebye
ceci f

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale, Vicky and I think, that it is great to do it another time! working with Canada and South Africa, makes us feel we are famous all around the world.
the blog is great...keep on posting
ps: with Vicky
meli b

Anonymous said...


I think that this collaboraty story is great. I also think that having internet is very good, because the children are from South Africa and well...
It is also very good to see how to see the children of South Africa haw they write

well by€

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
I think that this project that we are about to finish is awesome, as Fiona said, I completely agree with her. Up to now really I am enjoying this kind of porject and I think that I will enjoy it. It never came to my mind this project but I knew that we were going to do something not familiar to us with the people of South Africa- When you told us what we were going to do I wanted the time come rushing because with another point of view I knew that me and the members of my group and all the groups will enjoy this " project " a lot and then we will think that it was a wonderfull expearence to do, so much that we will want it to repeat it. Comunicate with people around the world threw a computer, a BLOG is GREAT. Imagine that if we don't have a blog nor a computer we couldn't do alll this that we are doing, we couldn't done anything at all! The most amazing mart is this one... Fiona thinks that our stories are amazing! She send you an email and answered back!!! I want to repeat this expearence 10 times per year, I think it is really good. I will tell everyone in the school to ask you if they can do this expearence and see how marvellous it is!
Sory I get inspired!
Keep on posting,
Kisses & Hugs
Cata A

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,

I think it's great the idea. Also I think it's great that she liked our stories, I think it's great.

I'll keep in touch,

Ramiro Sa.

belu said...

I love the idea I also think it would be fun to do another part like the plot or the introduction because we already made the end
belu s 6C

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale
I think Fiona Beal is great, I liked this project of the story we had to continue of the children of South Africa
See You,

fede said...

Hello miss ale

I liked the idea of doing a story with the kids of South Africa.
My group was great and is great the fiona liked what we wrote and I didn´t understand the part of the kids of Canada.
Keep on posting

Anonymous said...

hello Miss Ale,
I like very much the idea of
Mr Millward in Canada, that they also start the story, Mr Millward's class continues and then we (students of argentina) finish it. I like very much that idea I want to do it I don´t know you but for my is fantastic!!!
I am thinking how got that idea in very nice to do stories with children of another country.
Can we do it???
I wait your fantastic answer!!!
I am thinking what is going to be your answer....( I can Imagen)!!!
well have a nice long weekend
see you on wensday,
still bloging,
Chiara F 6C

Fiona Beal said...

Hello Miss Ale and students
I loved reading all your comments about the three-way collaboration. Miss Ale, you have such wonderful, enthusiastic students! Wow! We are also looking forward to this collaboration very much. Sincerely
Fiona Beal

Anonymous said...

Hi miss ale,
I forgot about teh blogg these days, because i was making homework!!! But before we start again teh vacations I will nevber leave a post without commenting....
I liked very much writing the stories and it was fantiion how could we be in contact with children of South Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm very happy fiona beal liked uour stroies and i hope all the children also, because i did!!!!
I'm sure the stories of the other children where also great.
see you on 17th
bye bye
tomas j

Anonymous said...

hello mis ale,
I think is great that Fiona liked what we wrote.
federico j

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale

It is great that Fiona liked our storys .And i would like to tell her that the children in her class wrote very good and creative storys.(almost mine).This project was great and it is also grat that will be doing it again with them and the Canadians.Hope we still writing this kind of storys with other people or in owr own grade.