Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Collaborative Writing

You are now working on finishing the stories from students from South Africa that Miss Fiona has kindly sent us.
  • What do you feel about this new experience?
  • Have you ever thought that you were going to complete other children's stories using technology?


Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
I don´t understand of what are you talking about because I was on my trip and if you could tell me it would be very good for me. Which story do I have??? Where can I find out??? Please answere the fastest as you can if you have time,
Kissses, Hugs& Thank You,
Agus 6a

Anonymous said...

hello miss Ale

Its great that we have to complete other children story.
I never thought that we will do something like that.

well bye!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

miss ale
i think that is very fun to complete stories south afican pupils made. I never, never imagine that we are going to do this with all the pupils.

Joaco said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I feel strange about this new challenge, I never thought that we were going to write stories together with boys and girls of a country so far away from Argentina, but I think this will be fun.See you;

JoaquínS. 6ºB

P.S.:Keep on posting.

Mateo said...

Miss Ale,
I feel this is an excellent experience to do so that we can work together,(its a tipe of CISV)I never thought we were going to finish the work of some people on another country by internet.
Mateo N.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I feel very entiusiastic of all the work ,I never thought or imagne that we were going to do a storis with children of another country its fasinating when you told that in the class I was very fasinating and I was imaginated how it would be, know that I know I have to start know I tell to me I am going to start know!!jaja
is fasinating this work.
see you on wensday the 17th.
still blogimg
chiara f 6C

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I don't image we were going to do this per internet.. I thought you were going to print them. And do them at school becuase I was never thinling that the school was going to be suspended! But it is a greta idea! I feel very good and happy becuase I never did this and heppy because it is a great idea so we can communicate with people from South Africa. Also, see how htey write, what they liked to write and all there opinions. But, the teacher said to them what they had to write or they did what they wanted?? Well, great idea this one of sharing stories with other people of the world. GREAT JOB. ITS GREAT. I ENJOY IT DOING IT!!
Beelu d 6b

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
I think that its going to be a exiting project, I never imagine that poeple from South Africa are going to send us the storys.
I have a question,we need to form groups as we like?
Send me a e-mail with the answer.

Thank you very much
See you soon


francisco b said...

Hi miss ale, i think that this is very strange this but i think that it is good, bye

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale I never did something like this in my life but I think iy will be nice.


Anonymous said...

Hi miss Ale I think its great we can be in contact with other children and we can make a story


marc.p 6a

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale!!
I have already done my part on the story and it was very interesting because it was like i have never (up to now) wrotten a story that an other person who i don't now has written already. It was very interesting because the people from africa have like the same mentality ass us, that means that they think like us even if they are "COUNTRIES AWAY" ajaj. It feels very good because later when the people that have already started the story see's it finished they will be surprised in how is our vocabulary and in what we thought. The first thing i noticed was there vocabulary.. So i think they might also do that!


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
is excellent to do this with the students of Miss Fiona but the only thing that to me complicated to go on with the story its when it said ''thats when my adventure started'' that complicated me but then i could do it,
Bye Miss Ale,

Agustina F.6c

belu said...

hello miss ale for me it is strange to interract with hildren of South Africa because it is far away from here and you would eer think they speak english. But also I hink itis a great idea because we can see how children in other parts of the world work. When I first opened the story I found it strange because the way they wrote was different to our writings so it took me some time to understand what they were trying to transmit but I enjoyed doing thi strange project.
I would never imagine we were going to fiish a story south African children started by internet it i something not very common I think but at the same time I repeat that for me it is a great and fun idea in which we can comunicate with children of other countries.
love the blog
keep on posting
belu 6C

Anonymous said...

Miss ale

I think is a very strange and unknown chalenge because we never did this.
I never thought of this wonderful task and we are going to finished story's of other childrens that we don't know I wait for this challenge
Nico.p 6a

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale: I feel this very knew and I liked, I never imagened completing a story from other people and more from south africa.
The story that I am completing is fascinating for me.
You had a very good idea.
Keep blogging and I will coment.

Vicky M. said...

Miss Ale... I loved writing with the children in South Africa... It was great!!! I really enjoyed the story but I am waiting for ceci to complete the work!!! I did it scary but then put something fun and the frightning part disappeared!!! I loved it a lottttt!!
We should do it another time!!
thank you soo much
vm 6B

Santiago said...

Miss Ale,
I liked very much this expirience and I never thought we were going to complete a story of someones else childres, even of other country!!
Keep on Posting

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
How do I feel about this new experience... I feel so anxious because when I knew that we were going to do a kind of project with the students of Fiona Beal it was like woah! We contact teachers and classes of all the world threw a computer and a blog, it is such a great thing to do. I was waiting the time to come so that we can write the story by etherpad. It is awesome that programme because at the same time we can get in the story. When you told us this idea I was willing the time to come rushing because it is a really new expearence. I never thought about this creative idea! And never the less that we were going to continue a story but is a GREAT idea and really very creative. I want to see the end of the story and hope we keep on doing this creative projects.
Keep on posting,
Kisses & Hugs
Cataaa A.

Anonymous said...

hi miss ale,its me again!!!
Fantasitic idea you had, and also Fiona beal, the two had a very good idea. When I was writing it i could not belevie tyhat i was writing to children of south africa!!! It was incredible!!!!!!!!
I felt strangeit was like writing a story with the people of our school!!! I coudnt belive it agian...
I called my mother and told her of whta we were writing adn with who
SOrry for having many spelling mistakes,is that i am in the laptop of my father adn its like crazy when you write large things

see you on 17th

Anonymous said...

Miss ale I never thaught we were going to complete other children's stories but it was really fun and in general we liked our stories and we could share our ideas with the children from south africa as well as with our classes. This project was very funny, I hope we make another one like it!!
See you

Marcos Remon said...

I think this comment is really good because this woul be a worldwide story. This great idea was made for 6th Students is really funny also because someones are imaginative so...
I like it a lot!!

Anonymous said...

hello Miss Ale
I think is a good ides to have a relationship with new people and more if there are from other country and At first I didn't understood the story that the students write but then I understood and I write 1 paragraph long and 2 paragraphs short! I prefer going to school and not staying in home because when I am in school I understand more because a teacher is teaching and when I don't understand something I can ask her!
kisses luli m. 6c

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale

I think is very good this idea of doing a story with some children from South Africa.In my case the boy/girl who wrote it was very crative and it was exciting to continue, he had a different type of expressing his ideas.
It was Great.
Hope we keep on in touch with them!!


Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
For me is graet to finish the book of somo students of South Africa because I don´t feel as a student, feel us a teacher I don´t now why well but this is great because we share lots of ideas and thats great. We can learn more because they can suggest something we don´t know and that word or that sentenced we learned we can use it in the futer.
great blog

martina said...

Hello Miss Ale

I think is very intresting and funny I enjoyed it very much. That was a very good idea please keep on posting intresting post.

xoxoxo martu.r 6a

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,

I think that the experience is great, I agree with Mateo that it's a little bit similar to the organization CISV. I've never thought that we will going to complete this stories with students from South Africa, I think it's amazing. I finished my story, but I have to admit that it is exactly as the story "Peter Pan".

I'll keep in touch,

Ramiro Sa.

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
I think it is very nice this experience we are doing about continuing a story that children of other continent started. About the other question: I would have never imagine nothing even near to this!!jajaj
Bye bye
Vicky 6c

fede said...

Hello miss ale

I think that this is greate because it is a way to exchange feeling with people of South Africa.
My group of the story is greate and I just finished completing my part on the story.
And the one of my group don´t have strange name there are Taylor and Michael I think.
This is a greate experience when I told my mother she was amazed of the things that you can do from your computer.
Keep on posting
Fede G

Anonymous said...

hello miss ale,I kind of knew that we were going to do something ofthis type because you talked about fiona and that she was from south-africa and you let her comment on the blog so their were chances to do some work with this children.
bye for now

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale, I didn´t had time to do it with all the work that I had, SORRY! can I do it these days?
For me it is a good thing to try, to see how other people write their storis.
the blog is great...keep on posting
meli b

Anonymous said...

Hello miss ale how are you.
im sorry I couldnt did that but equal I find it very good and fine, I expect the ones that write to write good endings.

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
I think it was a great expirience as to share ideas with other children of the world and share stories and then put our ideas together! I hope we can do this kind of projects frequently! I loved it! Well Miss Ale See you soon!

Anonymous said...

hello miss Ale,
Its great that we have to complete other children story.
I never thought that we will do something like this.
federico j