Sunday, 30 November 2008

Last two days in Y6!

You are getting to the end of one stage of your education.
On behalf of all Y6 teachers I would like to say that
we have truly enjoyed working with you and watching you grow up academically and personally. You have delighted us with your many achievements in and out of class. You have shared your disappointments as well as the good times of your lives. You have amazed us by the demanding schedules you have kept. You have made us laugh- a lot- with your marvellous senses of humour. You have been a special group to us.
After a long and wonderful summer you will step into Middle School where we wish you the best of luck!


Anonymous said...

Miss Ale and all the teachers,
I really liked this year because I learnt a lot of different and new things. At the beginning of the year I was nervous of knowing who my teachers were going to be. When I saw all the techers I was going to have I felt much better because they were all very nice. You helped me through all this year and I think that you helped us a lot to understand everything you said to us and to see things a different way. I learnt a lot this year and some people say that 6th is really complicated but I think that I was much better in 6th that when I was in fifth. I had better marks I had a really good time in everything and it was more interesting because when learned new things. Thank you for all that you have taught us and for the patience you had sometimes when we went crazy. The boys are always the ones that make us laugh. They reallly chat a lot in class but sometimes they can be really funny. I really had a good time this year and I really tried to do my best because next year we won't be with the same people studying. We will be with other kids that maybe we don't know and we won't be sharing a class time together again. I really enjooyed this year and I think that I will never forget about it. I had a lovely time and thank you for everything. Thank you all the teachers!!!!!

See you next year or some time.


Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
I want to dedicate this comment not only for you, but for all the teachers that had been with us, helping and teaching us throughtout this wonderful 2008 in year 6. I really have fun this year, I remember the first day, everybody was sooo kind with me (teachers and classmates). I can also remember the day before the first day of school that Sofi F showed me the school, and I couldn't imagen how big it was, I made a mess trying to get I was going to be there. But after a week I had already get used to it. But my point is that I wan't to thank everybody in Year 6 for being so kind with me, you're great!!(Miss Ale, remember the first day how nervous I was) Well, for me year six has been easy(actually depending in which case, because some things were really difficuld), actually easy than what I had heard about six grade. Now I can't believe tomorrow will be the last day of school. I wan't to thank all the teachers for being so patient with us(6c sometimes gets very crazy but you were always there to make us stay calm) and all we have learn thanks to you. I really thank you all so much. Today was 6c's last class of Language, I will the Language periods, they were really fun and we learned a lot. We were always laughing and having fun, in all the subjects. Now that all the end of year exams had passed I feel more realived, and NOW much more because they had already give us the final marks. Miss Ale thank you really much for everything, all the teacher had always been there helping us if we needed some help. I liked all the help you gave us when we were going to start the Exams. THANK YOU VERY MUCH TEACHERS OF YEAR SIX FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR US AND HELPING US IN EVERYTHING!

See you, and thank you very much!

Shany M

Anonymous said...

Thank you miss ale for writting this comment, I also hope you continue teaching in six grade! thank you very much for making me pass! I also thank you for teaching and helping us throughout the whole year. I enjouyed this comment because it will be my last comment this year.HAVE A GOOD HOLLIDAY!

felipe s

Anonymous said...

Dear teachers:
Thank you for this year full of joy and happiness, and thank you for teaching us everything we know. I enjoyied it so much, and I am very amazed that this year has past so quickly. Thank you for all your patience, and thank you for making me laugh -as much as you- and thank you for being such a good teacher. I am sad that this year has nearly finished, but I am happy that on February, next year, we will be with another class, another teachers and completely another school. All I have left to say is...

I loved this wonderful 6 years shared with you, and all my friends!!!!


Anonymous said...

Miss Ale:
This is my last comment in the blog! I also enjoyed the sense of humor of teachers and most of the time of my friends. I am very excited to go to Middle School. I had a very nice last year in primary thanks to our teachers. I enjoyed Primary, but now I want to go to middle School although its MORE diffucult and strict than primary! I will miss the teachers that give us another chance in tests and more things, there in Middle School eerything is diffrent, somo things for good and some things for bad.
Well I enjoyed a lot my primary and 6th year with my teachers and friends!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale
Thank you very much for making us feel happy!!! I am very glad we made you laugh and have fun with us! we did also!

This year was great and I had lot of fun!! I can't believe only one day is missing!!! When I think about it I just can't believe it!!

We finished primary!! 6 long years!!! I also enjoyed working with all of you teachers!! I will never forget my last year of Primary and my last primary teachers!!!

Wow!! I can't believe we are just one step to Middle School, when the holidays finish (SAD!!!) we will be in Middle School!!! It is a total change for us!! I am going to enjoy it a lot!!

Thank you Miss Ale for telling us that we grew academically and personally, I hope I grew a lot in a good way!!!

Miss Ale, thank you everything you did for us

Lots of Luck


Anonymous said...

Miss Ale:

THANK YOU!!, I REALLY ENJOYED THIS YEAR, AS MUCH AS YOU. We grew a lot in a lot of aspects, each day I learned something new. I loved sharing this year with you, and with all the rest of the teachers. Each day I defeated a new challenge, I could get through them thanks to my friends and all the teachers that helped get through it. This school was like my 2nd home. I had a lot of fun!!
Thanks for making me feel so comfortable, thanks for being patient with me, thanks for teaching me well, thanks for guiding me and takeing me the right way EVERYTHING!

KATHI. :):):) !!

Anonymous said...