Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Happy holidays!!!!!

"To a joyful present and a well remembered past. Best wishes for happy holidays and a magnificent New Year."

All the best!


Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
Thank you! I will rest a lot after this hardworking year. We have all worked beautifully and we all did our best. Next year we are going to have new teachers and we will have a whole new group and many new friends. I hope that we all have nice holidays because we deserve them after all this year where we had excellent times together and worked so as to keep on going and trying to achieve everyday something more. I still can't believe that we finished 6th year. I remember the first day of school and sometimes I feel as if that was the day before yesterday. During primary I think that 6th year was the most fastest year to pass. I think that it passed really quickly becuase we were all thinking that when we finsih all this year we will be in another building. When you think good things or you have a good time doing things time goes by really quickly and that's just what happened to us. Sometimes in class we laughed a lot. We shared a lot of moments together and it was very nice. I think that both teachers and students deserve a marvellous vacation with lots of feasts like christmas or celebrating the coming of 2009. I am really glad that we are passing to middle school but I am also sad because we will never have a lesson with our friends and a teacher in primary. In middle school we all have fantastic groups and I think that everyone one of us will enjoy it a lot. During the year we will obviously go to primary again and visit are teachers, classes and many more things of our childhood together. The frase that you put on this post is really nice and I hope that everyone enjoys that. The picture that you posted in this post is really nice because every time you look at it it makes you feel really calme and being on a beach with the sun on your face. It makes you feel happy that you are passing to 7th and that this is a whole new stage with new adventures and friends but first after thinking about all that we are going to have some really fun vacations!!Thank you for posting this so that we can express what we feel about finishing primary and I hope that all the teachers have a really good and relaxing holliday. Thank you!!! I am also very excited about the ceremony today and that they are going to give us diplomas. Thank you again!!!! See you sometime!!!

Lucia V

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale
Thank you very much!! I really enjoyed blogging throw out the hole year!! And I hope that the blog can continue for the sixth grades next grades and maybe I can post a comment!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
Thank you for the best wishes! I hope you have a very nice vacations as everybody in year 6, we deserve to rest a lot, after all the time we have been working really hard. But I think that year six passed really quickly (way lot more than other years in Primary), I really can't believe that it has already finished. Today when I woke up it seemed to be like a sunday or a saturday. WOW, it has passed very quickly, but we have learned a lot! I am very anxious for the party today, hope to see you there! Well, I am also anxious for middle school and secondary, but I will miss a lot 6th grade in Primary - St. Andrews. I know I am new but I really get used to it, and I want to thank you again. Teachers and peers thank you for helping me to get used to the school and for being there when I needed you. I hope everything goes perfectly well today !

See you,

Shany M

Anonymous said...

Thank you miss ale!!!!!!!

I am very happy no more school. Now we are going to mascardi, so we are going to meet once more time all in a camp on Lake Mascardi thanks for all the positive things of this year. We will miss you.

miss ale!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Alejandra,
Thanks for wishing us a happy holiday, starting today, the day we set off to Lake Mascardi, and a magnificent New Year!

You´re right, this year is a joyful present and a well remembered past...
I wish you good holidays too (now that you don´t have to worry about us, they will be even better!) hah!
And rest till next year,(some other creatures are waiting for you)
Andres Posbeyikian