Friday, 28 November 2008

What did you learn in 2008?

I invite you to share your thoughts. Feel free to write one-to-five things you feel you’ve learned this year in general. We are coming to the end of our trip!


Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
I learnt a lot of things in the different subjects that were very interesting. The thing that most impacted me was of Cyber Bullying. When I heard about that I was terrified because many people suffer about all of these bad things that some people say to others. It is really important for our video of Internet to be interesting so that the people are conscious of what is happening now a days. I really liked to learn what was a persuasive essay. I had heard that word many times in famous people that write like that but I never knew what it meant. Now I know what it means and it is easier for me to understand what they say and how they write. It is really nice to write a persuasive essay about a subject that you like and that is really important so that we have a better life. One of the other best parts of language this year was when we wrote the stories of Harris Burdick. The pictures were brilliant and by just looking at it you could imagine a million different stories that would go with that picture. I really enjoyed writing the stories because I had many ideas and because I love writing stories. The book of Harris Burdick is really nice because it let's children use there imagination. I think that it is a really nice thing to pass the time when you are bored. Those are most of the things that I liked that I learnt this year. It is the second time that I post a comment first! Thank you for posting this and for letting us express and share what we have learnt this year. Thank you!

Lucia V

Anonymous said...

Ale, I feel:

I learned how to write persuasive essays,

I learned how to show, and understand some vocabulary used for mistery stories, such as Red Herring.

I learned some useful tools at computer thanks to our wikis (widgets)

I was able to write my own fantasy tale, after I was tought how to do so!

I will soon be showing my pals my group´s video on Mother Teresa, and on MY personal Hero, and to do such thing, I first was tought how to dedicate an essay to him/her.

Andrés Posbeyikian

Anonymous said...

If I should write down all the things I learnt this year, I would never finish ! It was wonderful to learn so much new things, some I were not expecting to be like that ! Well, one of the most importaint things for me was to learn how to write a persuasive essay. It is so interesting, and VERY useful !!! That was excelent ! Another thing I appreciate a lot was to learn the world wars, first and second. Since last year, I have been asking myself what it was, how it was, when, where, ( etc. ) a lot of questions. I love history. IT is my favourite subject of all ! I am so interested about all this of the wars, I have so many questions I want to make, unless, I had. Now it is all clear. The third things is all we learnt in science, it was totally new and VERY INTERESTING !. We learnt a lot of things, like weights, mass, gravity, newtons, etc. We also learnt other things in language, like more verbs than we already knew. THe past perfect, we studied it more than we had ever done before. And, Last but not least, all the blog work, wiki work, all the things that you have tought us in the computer and in every place possible. Thank you very much ! I appreciate that a lot Miss Ale ! Thank you to all the teachers !!!
See you arround !
Bye !


Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
Wow, if you think now we have learn a lot! More than other years for me. If I wrote all the things we did in this post we will have to spend hours and hours reading it. We have really learned a lot, and I am proud of all those things. I liked a lot learning about persuassive essays in languege. I also liked learning about Cyber bullying because if something like that happened to me now I know how to react and what to do in this situation. The video on the posstive and negative aspects of internet was a very good and fun thing to do, because we had learned about movie maker and we feel like more confident because we all know how to use it. In languege I also liked the stories we wrote about the pictures of Harris Burdick (the pictures or images were really very creative and you had to use a lot your imagination) also the same story but in Lengua. In Lengua I liked learning about Sainetes, it was really interesting because we can related with a lot of other subjects(like Sociales AND Sotial studies). I really enjoy doing them. Well in Social studies and literature I like what we are doing now, second world war, although I feel sad sometimes because if you be in the place of a person who has been in that situation you would really feel very sad and scared, but you learn a lot of the past. And as Marita sais you have to know the past to live the present and enjoy the future. Actually in all the subjects all the things we made were very interesting, fun, some were challenging and some were very easy, but I think that we all enjoy making every single proyect. We all really enjoy 6th grade, I am really anxious about secondary too. I will miss A LOT primary(spetialy 6ht grade) and I will try to make this 2 lasts day of class as fun as possible!
Miss Ale, thank you for all the help you had gave us troughout the year! Thank you very much. I am very nervous because on Monday you are giving us the final exams. I hope I did Ok. Thank you again for everything.

See you,

Shany M

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
I learnt a some things but I thought we would learn more things!
But what I will never forgett was the presentation on, Nelson Mandela and of my personal hero, my grandfather. I learnt how to write persuasive essays and I think that they are easyer than an simple writing because in the story you have to write only a story and in the persuasive essay you have to convince the reader that something is right or wrong and then you have to write YOUR PERSONAL OPINION!
And also I learnt that CYBER BULLING is wrong.
I also learnt that form a sigle photo we could do a story
Tomi A

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale thank you for being such a good teacher, I have learnt lots of thing this year.
I will never forget you, you are the WIKI teacher!!!
Max B

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale
i learnt lots of things this year, there are lots fo them but I am going to name a few.

I learnt so much things in Math and in Matematica that you can't imagine, and I am still learning!! There are lots of things that I consider a little hard still, but well we all have difficulties in something ¿right?

The second thing I learnt was music. I learned to play a lot of instruments. The one I am studying is the saxophone, but I learn the other by looking at my friends who are playing the instrument.

The third thing I learnt is a lot of I.T!!! Thank you to Martha and you I been able to a lot of things I didn't know before!! I really enjoy I.T a lot, and I admire Martha for all her knowledge!!!

The forth thing I learnt is language, but not only verbs and all that, but about heroes, cyberbullying, etc. And I really liked to make power points and use google docs, and many, many others!!

The fifth thing is Science, I learnt a lot and everytime we "discover" something, when I arrive home I show it to my family and they are all really impressed!!

The sixth thing I learnt is Learning Center. with Loli we learned a lot on how to solve problems and talk to people and respect everybody, and now we are making the poster!!!

And well, I could continue writting lots of more things, but if not it would be a never ending comment!!!


Anonymous said...

Ale, this year I learnt a lot of things! I learnt to work in teams and do projects! I learnt not to plagarize and cyberbulling. I also learnt about the persuasive essay and I enjoyed it a lot!
In SS I learnt really, a lot about WW2 and about Victorian Age too! I had lots of fun! In Science I learnt a lot about Chemistry and Physics and we had a lot of fun doing experiments that Florence prepared for us! In Maths I really learnt this year! About area and perimeter a lot and then a little bit more about geomtry like every year. We did problem solving and proportionality again and I learnt some very useful tips! This year was my last year in primary school and I really enjoyed it with my friends, breaks and teachers.
Hope next year will be the same!
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

I think I learnt lots of things
One of the bests things I learnt was the one of PlagiarizeI think this was a very good thing to know for the future.
Also I liked how to make out own wikis!,,
In conclusion I learnt lots of Things

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale, this year i learnt:

How to write persuasive essays.

How to write reflective essays.

How to use different sites in the computer correctly.

What a "Sainete" is.

How to write a Saniete.

Some of my origines.

What water tension is and how it works.

And many other things.

I hope you think that what I learnt is enough to go on to seventh.
Thank you,
Felipe M

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Well, it is difficult to decide on five thing I've learnt, because I've learnt a lot of new things! Here it goes:
I have learnt how to write a Perssuasive Essay
I have learnt to write a Fantasy Story
I have learnt about Cyber Bullying
I have learnt to write a detective story( I really like to do it!)
And last, but not least I have learnt how to work on a group and to learn from others.
See you,
Barbie M

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale:
I enjoyed this year a lot. I enjoyed very much being House captain, I enjoyed playing chating or studying with my friends. This year I learnt a lot of things. I will remember this year's memories for all my life. Being in 6th year is something amazing!!! We were able to learn a lot and at the same time have lot's of fun. I feel very exited of passing to middle school but at the same time I feel sad. A lot of memories in primary friends, homework lots of things I will never forget!!!
well see you ,,


Anonymous said...

Miss ale
i learnt al ot in 2008 language,litetratur, social studies ,etc.. and most important friendship how to work together in group
happy hoidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale...
I learnt lots of things in this year 6 2008, such as that not passing a test is not the worst thing that can happen or that friendship is very important and I also learnt that being responsible having great attitude and being always in a good mood is the key to success and I really apreciate you for giving us all these hard lessons and having such patience with us and also being such a nice and good teacher with us... I feel very sad and happy at the same time... I feel sad because I will miss Primary and all my friends, but I also feel happy because I will meet new people and maby I will be with some of my old friends and as I change of class more friends I will have and it will be better because I will always meet new people and I will always be with a very well-known person.... I am very happy in having learned lots of things and I also learned to respect people and say please and thankyou in the right time, I also learnt that by being nice you can achieve a lot and that it is very important to be a happy person...
I really apreciate your hard work and also all the other teachers work....

bye bye!!
valen g.

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
Really I learnt lots of things but if I have to choose five I really don't know but well I will but five wich are:
1-Learnt how to do stronger my relationships with my friends
2-Learnt about Sainete
3-About the ww2
4-About the School because of the 170 years
5-Fianlly about my family the inmigrants.
I could make a really long list now that I think about what I leart but you said five.
Well see you
Sofi F

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale
Ive learnt lots of things this year such as on writing and in the computer
To learn all the things that internet has was fun!!!!! and also very good to understand.
In general I could understand all the thing in the folder and onthe tests
Happy Holidays
Mati k

Anonymous said...

I learnt a lot of things. I have a wonderfull time in learning detective stories and fantasy ones. I learnt a lot of things in math and in social studies. We read 3 books or more. I touch-type more faster now that I practice. I learnt about Harris burdick and his stories. I learnt more about internet and how to protect my self of it. I too liked how I learnt how to write stories .I learnt more things and in some of it I get bored but is a good time when you have interest when the teacher is saying something interest. I thank you for all the good time we passed in Y6. I think this is my last post in the blog. I have a lot of fun this year learning lot of things.
Thank for all things
With all best wishes,
Manuel B