Thursday, 12 April 2012


Play the game to test your vocabulary skills. There are thousands of words to practise.
I suggest clicking on the "easiest" level first.
Have fun!


Celina P said...

Hello Miss Ale, it was a good game but sometimes I got nervous because of the time and the lives I had. It was very similar to the game hang-man.
See you tommorow.

Anonymous said...

I liked alot the game, it was lot of fun.Some times I didn´t no the word but I continued trying and then I knew it. Thanks for the game.

Lucas B.N

Anonymous said...

I liked the game,i think this game is fun but sometimes i coudn't guess the word and the time passed and i had to skip the word, but some words were easy and i guessed them very fast. I enjoyed it, keep posting games!!

Barbie Z.

Ottavia said...

Hi Miss Ale!, I liked the game but it was like making you go fast and I got anxious and I lost all my lives! but it was fun because I like spelling words and everything, but im not thet great in spelling so this game helped me a lot! Please, keep posting spelling games their the ones I like the most!!

Anonymous said...

Zoe and Maria E say:
This game help us a lot to think about: tenses, words and spelling. We tinhk it is a very creative game that can teach us in a very fast and fun way. Have a good week!

nico f said...

It was very dificult only I could guess 1 excercise.

Augusto said...

I liked this game at the first I dont understood it but when I understood it it was very fun. Hope you keep posting games like this ones.

julia m 6b said...

i liked the game it was a bit difficult but fun i like playing this games because they are really useful for the things we are studying.

Valentin said...

I liked this game a lot, because it was useful for verbs. It was a little difficult, but it was fun.

Anonymous said...

I liked this game, it helps you on your spelling and tenses.
Hope you have a nice weekend.
Maria E 6b

Cata 6B said...

Hello Miss Ale,
The game was really fun and good. In some questions I didnt know the answer, but in others I did. It would be better if there would be more time.
Thank you,
Cata 6B

BelenE said...

Miss Ale i think that the blog and the edmodo pages are very use full for us to learn how to studie about different things by technology and lean how to parafrise and not you copy past

Belu.E said...

Miss Ale i thinck that your class is intrestin because I love technology and learning more every day and things new threw technology

Mateo CH said...

hello miss ale, I loved the game but they don't give so much time.

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale I think, that was a great game I like it it was not so easy but I liked and it was fun, sometimes it was difficult but I keep truing.
It was fun
Juana C 6A