Wednesday, 18 April 2012

More practice on Tenses

These are several links with games with tenses for you to practice for the text you will be having next Wednesday, April 25th
If they give you a score, leave a comment with your score or tell me how well you did!
Enjoy them!


Ottavia said...

I did pretty well..., but i didnt understand very well what it asked you to do but anyway, they where easy, I never had so many problems with the verbs because i do like them, But I am much better in spanish with verbs. Thanks for posting the game!

Anonymous said...

Hi ms ale, i played this game one day before the test, to practice and i did pretty well. In the first one of present perfect i did them all correct, in the second one I only had one mistake, and in the last onei had 88% correct, and i also did the excersice On the tattoos, that was posted in edmodo, and i did almost all of them correct.
I need to leave to keep practicing for the test of tomorrow!!!!
Xoxo, Taty Y 6c

julia m 6b said...

thanks this games and quizzes are really useful to study. i always count on the blog hah. i like the games, some are pretty difficult but not much. thanks for posting it, really.

Anonymous said...

Thhis game will help us on the tenses. Is fun to play this types of games because you have fun and learn at the same time.
Maria E 6b

Lucas BN said...

I liked the game, it´s pretty good and I did very good. Now I know much more about tens. Thanks for the game

marc josephsohn said...

I could practice alot with this games thank you and sory for be late.

Anonymous said...

tsIt was a very good game to practice

Mariano D

Lucia said...

I think the games are prttey cool and that they helped me practice the vervs

CandelaC said...

Miss Ale
The links were very useful for me
and also the games

Anonymous said...

Y like the post and if you see all the coments all they lern alots abuat tens because they pley a game :)

Anonymous said...

Juana O:

Thank you Miss.Ale, this helped me alot in my test thank to all my practice on this page I got a good mark on the tenses Check up