Wednesday, 18 April 2012


This is an online video game from the BBC where you have to answer questions related to English, Science and Math. As you answer the questions correctly, a little “questionaut” in a balloon gets to continue on his journey. Join the "questionaut" , test your knowledge and have fun!
Enjoy it!


Carole said...

Hi Grade 6
I really enjoyed this game and I'm sure my Grade 6 students will too.
Thanks Miss Ale for posting it. Your blog is certainly creative, and always so interesting. We'll be visiting again!
Mrs Bird

Carmela said...

It was kind of dificulte and i didnt anderstand it at the bigining but it was fun

Valentin said...

It is very good. It helps us learn about social studies, and the questions were really interesting. It was a good idea to post it.

Lucas BN said...

I liked the game, it was difficult but I continued trying and I learned very much. Thanks for the game.

agustin said...

I like the game it was very good at first I dident knew how to play but then I discover and I enjoy it.

marc josephsohn said...

hello Miss Ale this games helps you to lern about language and siese it helpt me.

Anonymous said...

Juana O

The game was interesting and fun I didn´t read the instructions at first but afterwards I was sorry because I couldn't work the game out !!! but after some time I found out the purpose and it was fun I would have made it easier and more fun
Thank you!!

Sofi R 6a said...

I thought the game was really interesting but it was difficult to work out!!!!
I first did not read the instructions and could'n do it bue afterwards I read them and it was easier for me!
Thanks for posting it!

Celina P said...

Hello Miss Ale, I liked the game because each stage of the game talked about a different subject. In some stages I got really stuck and could not get to the other step. After some time of trying to pass the stage, I could get to the other stages. When I got to the last stage I got REALLY stuck so I stopped playing because I couldn´t pass the stage. In some questions I didn´t know what the answer was because I had never learned about it but although, it was a very good game.
See you tommorow.