Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Catch that thief!

Solve the mystery of the missing necklace by doing some spelling challenges.

You need to write on a paper the six clues to discover who the mysterious thief was, once you are able to complete the six challenges.

Hope you enjoy it!
Good luck!!
From the BBC homepage


Anonymous said...

I had to concentrate very much to get this game out. It was long, but if you read what it said, you could do it. At first it was difficult but at the end it was easy. Thanks for the game.

Lucas B.N

Celina P said...

Hello Miss Ale, I liked the game. I didn´t paid so much attention at the mystery I only paid attention at the spelling game. Hope you keep on posting many things.
See you tommorow.

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Ale, I enjoyes the game very much and I could solve the mystery!! Most of the words I spelled correctly and I played the game like three times!
Thank you for posting
Barbie Z.

Maia T said...

Hello Miss Ale,
The game was very useful to practice. I liked the thing of two games in one game, the spelling game, and the mystery.
Thank you for posting this game,
Maia T. 6B

BelenE said...

Miss Ale the test on tenses was very difficult it goin to be a another one to level up the note of the test.

BelenE said...

I think that the blog the games and the edmodo page is very usfull to star to learn into technology and to youd differents programs and how to look for information about different thing but with out using copy paset if not parafraising

Anonymous said...

Hi miss. Ale the game was fun its very good so we can practice but it was difficult well for me it was difficult but i could practice, it was fun.