Wednesday, 7 September 2011

You choose...

Every day you have the option to tell, thank, encourage, inspire and let others know that you notice and believe in them.

Whatever you do makes a difference!

What actions did you do today ( or do you do every day)that could make a difference in someone's life tomorrow?

How are you going to show someone that they Matter?


Manuel.B said...

Most of the time what I try to do is to be respectful with people and hopefully they return the favor, so we are both helped in the day of tomorrow!

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

I dont really know if what I think is right but I think that something everyone can or if they want should do is to make the other feel special by separating him or listen to him very interest. I dont know but I care how to know how I can make someone feel speciall

Sorry to leave this comment short it is because I am very tired.

See you tommorow

Matias O said...

Hi miss Ale
This is a conversation in my family.I always say thanks and appreciate the great and the little things that my father or mother do for me like wake me every morning to go to school or even pick me up at the school.This is not only change the way we treat each other but also encourage my mom or my father to help me every day with all of the things.

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
What I try to do every day is to be respectful with my family, friends and teachers because when you do something nice for someone, they will be nice to you. Like with my best friends, we always say i to each other and also when one needs help, we always go and try to help her.

juana said...

Miss Ale, this post is realy realy nice, it has a lot of meaning!


Miss Ale said...

Dear all,
Remember to stick to the questions. I want good comments as the first ones!!
Thank you!
Enjoy your long weekend!!

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
What I Try to do is to respect all my friends,my family and my teachers because when you say something nice to someone that person will respect you and be nice with you also.To respect a person you have to listen what he or she says or also you can help that person if he or she has a problem you can try to fix it.So that person can feel special and can do the same thing for you.
See you on Tuesday!
Clara G

Sofia C 6a said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I show people that they matter by being with them, talk to them and be nice to them! I hope that is helping that person in any way!
See you on tuesday!
Sofi C

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!
I think that every single word you say in a day counts a lot. Even simple words like yes or no can make a big difference, it can cause fight or maybe it can make us feel happy. Every single word means something. Not only the power of what you do as my mates commented but the power of words it something that has to be used well because you can do a big difference not only in your life but in another person´s life.
Anyway I agree with everybody that they try to respectful with everyone, that also really counts. I don´t really know what to put exacctly but I think all this simple things like an answer, being respectful, being in a mood, everything counts and can make a BIG difference.
See you!
Agus T

Miranda C said...

Miss Ale
I do the same thing as Manuel, I try to be respectefull with the people and do favource to them. So I bealive they will return the favour to me.
Also, I think that being in a bad mood will afect other's mood so even if I´m not so happy that day I try to be in a good mood because, as Agustina said, this can make a BIG difference
See you

Paulina b said...

MIss Ale
I think that what I can do to help others is respect them and help them when they have a problem... Help them to get to what it is correct and not to get into a fight. Be there when they need you, to hear them and support them.
I don't really know what I did today or every day but yes that when my friends need my helpI help them such as they help me when I need their help
see you, Paulina

martina o said...

Hello miss Ale:
I think that I help tryng to help my sister to practice in school. I think that that is important to know. I think that this can help my sister in school, and I can show sombody that they are important tryng to help that person help others.

MarcosL said...

Miss Ale:
Almost every day, without wanting to, I help someone with the easiest favor, that it will be returned, as Manu B said. Everyone can help and make the other person happy but each one needs to do it.

Luli B olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,
what I allways try to do is to thank my family for all the efforts they do for me. As franco said I think that allso you have to make the other person feel special.
see you tomorow

Clara V said...

Hi Miss Ale
I thik that what you can to to other people is : thank them, say hello to a person when you meet with it, help whenever a person needs you, do not fight ect, to solve problems without fighting.
The actions that I common do in my life are: to respect others, to say hello, help others, defend people when I think that they have the right.
See you tomorrow CLara V 6A

juanchi T. said...

I want to tell good things to people so they can feel happy. Before I do things, when I am about to tell or do somebody something I always try to think if that thing or attitude would hurt me, so if it´s hurts me I dont do it or say it.

Mariano P said...

Hi Miss Ale

What I realy try to to do is to be very kind and respectful so peaple treat me in the same way and that is how I try to make freands one helpes ech other

See You

Thomas E. said...

I think this by thinking of the something or other, whatever two if you choose one you will do something and if you chose the other one you will do another thing.

fran AL said...

hi miss ale
The good thing I did today is be nice with persons

see you tomorrow