Monday, 26 September 2011

Last Effort...

Hope you rested a lot and you are ready to face the last months in Primary School.
Think positively, act with commitment and work hard with dedication and energy to achieve ALL your GOALS.


Tomas S said...

Miss Ale this "vacations" maked me very well to continue working with all my energies. For these last part of school Iam going to do my last effort to finish the year demostrating all I know. Iam going to pay allot of attation to my goals so I can finish the year on the top.

Luca M said...

Hi miss Ale,
This vacations where excellent because I rested alot and I was alto with friends. I came with alot of energy to finish this last months and also enjoyed them. I am very concentrate on achieving my goal that was to be more organized.
See you tomorrow

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

This vacations recharged my energy but alot of the part of my energy is going away to just thing that next year we are going to change the classes and that we are leaving primary where we have been 6 years.

Agostina G said...

Hi Miss Ale
This vacations were excellent because now I have more energy to continue working. This last month we have Im going to show all I have, and also thinking that next year we are going to change classes so I think that all we have done here it is going to be very important for next year. I going to pay lot attention an all the things I want to improve.
See you tomorrow!!

andy e said...

Thank you very muchn mis ale.
I just narrived from my trip and now I am ready to catch upn the work and and to work hard for making my goals succed.

Manuel.B said...

Miss Ale,
these vacations helped me relax at home and take of the "stress" off me. Even though, I do know that a lot of teachers said that these 2 months are the hardest yet, I hope I give my best result.

Florencia DL said...

Hi Miss Ale
I rest a lot this vacations.
I am going to work hard and try to achieve all my goals.
See you

Tomas.G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think this last period is going to be the most hard one and the one that i am going to have to put my best best into every subject. The vacations were a good pause to relax and start refreshing the mind. In some subjects we are doing very fun things to finish the year. This is going to be my 2nd year of school in St. Andrews School. It seams like it has past 3 years or more. I have to reach all my goals to get past this tremester with a 9 or maybe if i do everything EXELLENT TO GET A 10.
See you tomorow!!!

Bautista T said...

I needed this vacations!!
They are very useful to rest and prepare for the last part of the year.

Jacques. G said...

I had a great time at my house but most of it bored.
I know i will at least do one of my GOALS.

Marcos L said...

Miss Ale
We are only missing two months; the most important ones to show all our effort!

ambar T said...

Hi miss Ale:
Thank you hope you had a great time too!! i had a great holidays but it would be better if they were longer!! jajaja one week its not enough!! And tomorrow im going to a choir trip!!! See you next week!!

Sofi C Olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I really enjoyed my one week holidays. I went to Salta and Jujuy. It was really fun and I have now energy to work till the end of the year, and make my last effort and as you said also get to my goals reach them. Hope we end this year, our last year in Primary school very nicely!
See you tomorrow
Sofi C

matias.c said...

Hi Miss Ale Im really happy that we came back to school i had a great weekend hope you could rest to give your best for our learning. Until now Im having a great and fun week hope you enjoy the best.

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!
I REALLY needed holidays to relax and as get energy for the last two months! I can`t believe it! Only two months and we are leaving primary!! I had EXCELLENT HOLIDAYS and had LOTS OF FUN!!! I think I have already recover energy, (although I would love to have more holidays), and I can finish the year with no problem. But what I will do the most is ENJOY A LOT!!!
See you!!!!!!
Agus T

Federico D said...

Hello Miss ale

During my vacations most things I done is rest and reflect about the report card, now that I came again to scool I have to put all my efforts (that I will do) and finish my year being proud of my self

RocĂ­o PR said...

Hi Miss Ale,
This vacations I rest a lot so now I can have a little more of energy. I will try to participe a lot and put all my effort. Because this is the last effort and the last year in primary, too.
See you!!

Manu T said...

Miss Ale:

I rested a lot on the vacations except I went skiing. Now I'm full of energy for the last months of the year till graduation!

See you tommorow Manu T.

Santos M said...

Hi Miss Ale,
In eight weeks we can do a lot of work!
I will do my best to improve my commitment and attitude. Moreover, I'll go on reading every single book because I like literature very much, especially biographies. I am extremely anxious as I want to know what you think about my fantasy story as everyone who read it say it is fantastic!
Anyway, I can say that I had a lot of fun during my vacations!
Finally, I believe I'll achieve all my goals for this third term!!!

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I really needed these vacations because I was really tired from all the tests and having to study. I relaxed and slept a lot and played with my friends. I came back with a lot of energy to work again. Everyone thinks that these two last months of school you can relax and do whatever but actually, they are the most important ones in the whole school year. I really want to achieve my goals and I will try very hard to do them.
See you tomorrow!!!

Francisco I said...

i Liked this short vacations and i think we diserve more holiddays but one week more, im finishing the book of Thomas Edison that is very interesant and all the inventions he did and he also improve the telephone. For me Edison is a genious and i think you have to give us more books interesant like this one.
See you tomorrow!

Gonzalo c said...

I think we are all very exited because we are at 2 months of finishing school but this last 2 months are the most important that is why it is dificult to have good altitude and not to talk.
But always with the best effort we can make it.

Lucas E said...

This holidays I rested a lot but I have to woke very early because I had to go my ski clases. During the holidays I was with many of my friends. Even though I have to achieve many goals to keep working hard.

Lou I said...

Hi Miss Ale:
I think that we need to put a very good last effort and in this vacations I hurt alot the knees and in the elbow but I rested a lot and now im FULL OF ENERGY!!!

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
This vacation I have rested a lot.Now this last month I am going to put a lot of energy and put a lot of effort in class.I hope that in this last part of school I can achive all my goals so that I can have a great start on the next year!
See you on Monday!
Clara G

Paulina B said...

Hi Miss Ale
This holidays that we had last wee made me think about the goals of this last period of the year. There are only two months to make a great effort and have fun. Because its our last two months at primary school!!! I am with a lot of energy to work and pay all of the attention in class!
See you. Paulina

Matias O said...

Hi miss Ale
as it says in the poster you put we can. My vacations where very very good I need to recover from school a little bit. The bad thing is that we are going to change of classes and we were one of the only ones that stayed like for 8 years together in the same class.

juan ignacio S.S. said...

hi miss ale

I want to thank you for posting this blog because that meansthat you recognize the hard work we've been doing so far in this year.

Luli B olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,
this vacations were very usefull for me because I could rest alot and have fun, this vacations also made me think of my goals and what I have to improve for the next term.
see you!!!!!!!!!
luli B

Fran Almaraz said...

Hi miss ale. My vacations were excelent, the only bad thing in my vacations was that my father twist his ankle and now he has to were a boot to fix his ankle

justo l said...

I know this is a little bit late, but as I start tomorrow because i didn't go to school this week this would be the moment. I think that starting shool with a week's worth of homework is'nt the best start. I just hope that everything goes right and I can finish everything on time. Let's hope it does!

Mariano P said...

Hi Miss Ale

These vacations were very good fore me because I could have my mind with out so much stres but the last days I wanted to se my friends and teachers. In these vacations I will work hard and reach my goals.

See You

gabor g said...

miss Ale
I loved these vacations because i did a lot of things.It is very difficult for me to come back from the vacations but i will still try to achieve my goals like in the other terms.

agustin e said...

MIss Ale,
This September vacations gave me a lot of energy to success in this 3rd and last term.
Also they have helped me cause I had a great time and so I am excited.
But I am also sad because I's my last term in all Primary and that hurts me a lot.

Thomas E. said...

The truth is..... I did not have the time to rest.
But I pased very well this vacations, and I more happy when I realizes That just when I came I had to go to the "gira" tlo Mar de Plata.
But I did not have the time to rest. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Ineed more vacations.

Pilar m said...

We need to do our last effort in these las months and we need to put a lot of actitude. In these week I've rest so that I could come agrian to school and to keep on working and putting my last effort.

Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale,
thank you for the recomendation I will try to achive all my goals and think positively.
See you tomorrow
Ernestina P.

Juan de G said...

Hi miss ale,
I liked the september break because I went to Esquel, a place were you can ski.

Jacques. G said...

I am going to finish this last term with my biggest battery to concentrate on my work!

Bianca F said...

Hi Miss Ale
I think that showing commitment and positive actitude is very important because if you are negative and you think you are not going to achieve that goal you may not achieve it. But if you are positive and you think you can reach your goal there are more chances that you achieving the goal.
By, see you tomorrow.

Fran Al said...

Hi miss Ale
I think that in this last three months of school I have to be with good attitud, show responsability and be very consentrated in class