Friday, 16 September 2011

Happy holidays!!

What does the puzzle say?

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Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I did the puzzle.But there whre to picesmissing and then when I diid it agian the same pices where missing.But what I think the puzzle said is: Enjoy your September break!
Come back full with enegry and work hard.I really like having a post with a puzzle.I hope taht you can but another puzzle like this one in a post.
Have a nice long holiday!
See you!
Clara G

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I am sorry there are a lot of mistakes,I didn´t check it very well.
Clara G

juana O said...

I couldn't make all the puzzle! but the little I could do, I didn't understood what said, WISH YOU THE BEST HOLIDAYS MISS ALE!


Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale,
I have made the puzzle I couldn't found two pieces of the puzzle, I still can read what it says "Enjoy your September break!
Come back full of energy and work hard". I sent you by mail my own puzzle, the page its fantastic you can make lots of things apart of puzzles!
Have a nice spring break!

SilvestreB said...

Hi Miss Ale
When I did the puzzle I didn't find two pieces missing.I only could read: ''Enjoy your September break! Come back full of energy for work''

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
When I finished the puzzle, I kept looking to see if there where any pieces left because I still needed two more pieces but there weren't any more. First I put all the side pieces and then the middle but I tried to figure out what the puzzle said and I think it said, ENJOY YOUR SEPTEMBER BREAK and below it said COME BACK FULL OF ENERGY AND WORK HARD or HARD WORK. I loved doing the puzzles!!!!!! Please do another one!!!
See you next week!!!

Sofi G said...

Hi miss Ale I made the puzzle but there were to missing parts in the bottom text the upper one said Enjoy your september break!! And in the bottom Come back full of energy....... work hard I think it said Come back full of energy and be ready to work hard!!! It was very fun to have a puzzle in the blog could you do it more times please!!

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!
I could do the puzzle, but it happened to me the same as many people, when I finished the puzzle, two pieces were missing. Anyways, the first part was easy, it said: "Enjoy your September break!"
But the second part I tried to figure it out and it said:
"Come back full of energy to work hard"
Maybe I am mistaken with the message, but it meant all the same, so thank you for the puzzle!
Hope you have a nice holidays too!
Agus T

Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I started the puzzle and i thiught there were a lot of pieces missing but they were behing other pieces. I only needed 2 more pieces to complete the puzzle wich i did not find.
It was a good puzzle!!!
Have a good holiday!!!!!

Clara V said...

Hello Miss ALe
There were two pices missing from the puzzle but although I didn't had them I thing that it says:"Engoy your September break" "Come back full of enegy to work and learn". Thank you, hope the same for you.
See you Clara V 6A

Jacques G said...

I did the puzzle, but two pieces where missing! so i got very angry....

Conrado MF said...

Hi ale.
I did almost all the puzzle but there were two pieces missing.
is it part of the game?

justo l said...

The puzzle was easy but there were two pieces missing so the only thing I could get was the yellow part that said: enjoy your september break!
the pink part said something about come back with energy. it was a fun activity.

sofi C 6A said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I could make the puzzle bit there were peaces missing so I dont exactly know what it said but this is what I think it means: ENJOY YOUR SEPTEMBER BREAK! and in another box it said: COME BACK FULL OF ENERGY TO WORK HARD. I don't know if I am mistaken but I guess thats it. I also made a puzzle if I can I'll send it to you only that it doesnt say anything jujst a picture but this time you can figure it out! and you too enjoy your september break I already did!
See ypu on Monday!
sofi c

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

My puzzle said "Enjoy your September break!
Come back full of energy and work hard" I enjoyed allot this September break it was very good I went to allot of places and I was with allot of friends so you can say that it was very good I could read what it said but I missed one piece. There was allot hidden but I didnt find one.

Hugo P said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I couldn't find two pieces but from what I could see it said: Enjoy your September break! Come bak full of energy and work hard
See you tomorrow

ines m said...

Hi Miss Ale
I made the puzzle but there were pieces missing but I think that says "Enjoy your September break!"
so thank you and I hope you have enjoy your September break also as I had.

Bautista T said...

I couldnt finish!!!
There were 2 pieces missing!!

Marcos L said...

Miss Ale:
I couldn't finish the puzzle because I was missing two pieces of it.

Abril C said...

Hi miss Ale
There are two pieces missing but I could read it. It says:
Enjoy your September break! Come back full with energy and work hard!
I love that post! thank you!

Luli B olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I couldnt finish doing the pazzle because two pices were missing. Could you pot more posts like this one(pazzle)I love them!!!!!!!!!!I wish you have happy holidays too.
see you

justina b said...

Hello Miss Ale,
the puzzle said "Enjoy your september break"
so thanks
see you

Lucas E said...

I read it and it said Enjoy your September break. Come back full of energy to work. This was a very good message for me to think!

gaborg said...

thank you miss ale but next time can you do an easyer puzzle, it took me years to discover this; you could have said it in class and i would be happy.

Lourdes I said...

Hi Miss Ale:
I did it but I think it was DIFICULT and when I read it I saw that it said: "Enjoy your September break!"