Thursday, 1 September 2011

Happy Birthday, St Andrew's!!

Today our school is 173 years old. It's a great honour for me as a former pupil and as your teacher to be celebrating our school's 173 anniversary!

I hope that when you grow up, your school spirit is so marked on you as it is for most of us that really belong to St Andrew's Community. Let's celebrate it together!


Lourdes I said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I also think that we have to celebrate, because it is a very important date for the school, WOW! 173 YEARS OLD, I think that it is a great step for the school, because thy are MANY years od (173)!!!

Fede d said...

Hello miss Ale,

Today is a realy important day because is as if we had an 173 birthday. COOL!! so lets continue foward we are almost in 200.

See you tomorrow

Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale,
For me also is an honour to be a pupil in a St Andrew´s, it is very important in my life and is were I found most of my friends and were I learnt most of the things I know.
See you tomorrow! and celebrate that the school from today till next year have 173 years!

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

I think that we should celebrate it But how? I mean its 173 years is allot of yearsis more important than a 15 years or a 40 (for someone) but 173 years it have more years than allot of countries like Chad that is beside Egipt and allot more of countries for me this school is the oldest school in Argentina or the oldest school from another countrie in Argentina I am going to try to do the largest comment I ever did (336 words) when the school will have 200 years I will go to the school doesnt matter were I am or what im doing ill go yes or yes and I will like to see allot of the people I know that work at school now or after there because as they do meetings about ex-students ebery year a 200 birthday of school everybody should and must go yes or yes without excuses. I am still surprised about 173 years the number and also that a school could possibly have that thing only an assembly and the cloth is really silly because a 173 yearsold and only that we could have done an assembly outside or show the more little ones like acting, not with a Prezi. Like once we went to Punta Chica and they did that so we should do that with all the different things that we are trying this year we and everyone should do something different like anything we never do. I will do an assembly outside or a clown at the dinning room as it was before now is more entretained what we do at class but outside is a little bit more boring but we have to try some new things any thing whatever some thing different

Come on I go 300 words

As Miss Karoline always says we are your kinniepigs because with now the netbooks and the Mimio is much entretained and you did something like a powerpoint you when we were doing the "One True Media"

Miss Ale I broke my record for Founders day I broke my record this is something to remember I will not try to pass this record never except another founders day because passion of the school is not only good califications is like the passion. When we play Northands vs St Andrews we want to win for our school asfor an Inter House and allot of things like House Points

Okay the record for this comment is infinit and a million lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont want to compare with Ramiro because I think I passed him for allot of lines and words and letters and housepoints but my victory is sure because I think no I know that Ignacio is never going to pass me so I am in very happy in Founders day witj this super comment. I won you Ramiro.

I wrote 510 words this is the best comment ever and you have to admit it the best coment ever in Founders Day yeah.

See you tommorow

ANdres ku said...

Hello Miss Ale I think that the whole school should have a party because it is very old and 173 years is a lot.
See you in class Miss Ale.
Andres ku

Sophia O. said...

Hi Miss Ale:
I feel very proud of the school because I don't know any school that is so old as ours and it is very good it was the first school in all Argentina!!!

See you on monday

Juan de G said...

Hi miss ale,
I think that is incredible to know that our school is a hundred and seventy three years old. If I was in your place, that you were from st andrews I would also be proud.

Alex D said...

Hello mis Ale:
The school aniversary is a very important day beacause we are celebrating 173 years old and thats a lot! I think that the school is the oldest school of argentina. I hope this school will get to the 250's aniversary!

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I cant believe St. Andrews is 173 YEARS OLD!!! Think of the school when it was just starting and what it it today. I think that the founders of the school would of been so proud of what they did and what they would see of SAINT ANDREWS SCOTS SCHOOL. I will always remember all the years that I will be in St. Andrews. Imagine when the school is 200 or even more and we all see each other and remember how we spent Founders day.
See you on Monday!!!

vicky b said...

Hello Miss Ale
I cant understand how large is the coment that Franco put is like WOW! but it is true we have to celebrate it as the best day we ever had!
If we think 173 years is like OMG! 173! ok the thing is that we can celebrate now but when it is 200 or 300 how could we celebrate it it is TOO MUCH!!! Through all the days of my life i never saw or heard about a school that has so many YEARS!

Every day I enter through the St. Andrews door I learn something new!
It is amazing how we can keep on typing of the school. I really cant imagin how would it be my life without such a BIG school!

Ok i think i already wrote too much. But there are still a lot of things to say about the St. Andrews Scott School!
bye see you on monday!
Vicky 6c

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Ale
For me is also a great honor to be a pupil of St Andrews Comunity, for me is also very old 173 YEARS IS A LOT!! I am also very happy because now I know what happened in those 173 years thaks to Miss Alice. And I cant imagene that because of some potatoes this school is very big and it is a very nice comunity, also I think that Mr Brown should be very happy if he sees this school.
See you CLara V 6A


Florencia DL said...

Hi Miss Ale
I also agry with lourdes, i also think that we have to celebrate, because it is a very important date for the school, 173 years old!!!!!!WOW.
See you

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I can´t believe that the school is 173 years old!
I never heard about a school that had a lot of years as ours dose.We are really near to be 200 years old!
I think that the founders of this school would be really proud of founding this school and what they would see for St.Andrew Scot school.
See you on monday!!
Clara G

Lucas E said...

Hi miss Ale!
It was an very important day because it is saint andrews birthay. All the people that come here and found our school. There are many years of the school. I think that before in 173 years there were people living in our school.
See you tomorrow

Hugo P said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I also think that it is worth celebrating as it is an important thing to our school and we are part of it so we must celebrate. See you tommorow.

Francisco I said...

Miss Ale
i think we have to celebrate in all the schol because is the school´s birthday and all the ex students or miss Caroline or the headmaster has to do a party because for me is very important!
see you tomorrow!

Abril C said...

Hello Miss Ale
I can't believe how old is our school, and I can't believe all the things he did in Argentina and how it improved since St. Andrew's was built.
See you tomorrow

santino said...

Hi miss ale
This is a very important day, we really have to celebrate it because a school, our school is 173 years old. Thats alot!!
See you on monday

Miranda c said...

Miss Ale
I also think we have to celebrate! Because 173 years its a real lot! I don´t know any school as old as this one!
And as Federico sail LETS CONTINUE FOWARD!
see you

Miranda c said...

Miss Ale
I also think we have to celebrate! Because 173 years its a real lot! I don´t know any school as old as this one!
And as Federico sail LETS CONTINUE FOWARD!
see you

Pedro B said...

Hello miss Ale i think that we have to celebrate with extra breack.... its very very important cause the school has 173 YEARS!

matias o said...

Hi miss ale
So many years have passed since the school was built.When I passed the years I will always remmember this post on your blog.
Cheers for Mr Brown, Mr Fleming, Mr Dodds and Mr Monteith.

Sofi G said...

I think we should celebrate because it is realy important. There had been lots of generations of the headmasters from mr.brown up to the one we have now and we had had a lots of changes. I cant wait to see how will be in 180 years cause that is better in that year we will already had moved and school would be a college and it will be more modern and big. It would be realy fun but we will be just a few years in the college because then we will finish school.
See you tomorrow!!!!!!!
Sofi G

justina b said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think we all should celebrate St.Andrews 173 years to honour our school.And WOWW !!! in not so long the school will be 200 years old.....
See you tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Its incredible who many years it has this school.It has 173 years

Pedro.A said...

I like the schools birthdays because they are really fun and sometimes as when the school was 170 there was a big party.

Happy Birthday school you are now 173 years old!

Thomas E. said...

I think that it is amazing that this School has 173 years. I liked Founders day, because I sang that day and I gived the flowers to Marta.

Tomas.g said...

Hi MIss ALe,
I think that it would be good to have a celebration. I can,t believe that the school is now 173 years old. That is a very big number for the school.
See you tomorow!!!!

Jacques.G said...

Yes miss ale it is a honourable time for us at st.anderws to think that we have been for manny years since kinder garden learning at this good school.

Agostina G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think that being a St Andrew's school is very important and also if it has 173 year old is better and in some years we are living all together to the same school so in all St Andrew's is improving a lot I AM VERY HAPPY TO BE HERE.
see you tomorrow!

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!
For me, ST. Andrews is a lot, I spent almost all my life here as my family did. It´s practically MY LIFE. Only that the school has 173 YEARS! (A HUGE NUMBER). And during all this years it went improving and as we learned with Miss Alice the history of the school, we can make a silly conclusion: it all started because potatoes.jaja!
All the years we celebrate Founder´s day, the school´s birthday, September 1st, and for me it has already become a tradition as celebrating your birthday or historical dates! If we do all this celebration with the school´s birthday at 173 years, imagine what the 200 birthday will be! Hope we get there and even further! We would have a school that lived for 2 centuries!!!
See you!!
Agus T

Jeronimo A said...

Hi miss Ale
This was a very important day for school, I can't belive that school has 173 years, WOW A LOT OF YEARS!!!!!!!!!!, this was a great thay for school a very special day.

Milo.C said...

Miss Ale

I think it is very good to selebrate the birthday of ower shcool because ower school has a lot of history and its very important to selebrate.

See you tomorrow

Roxie said...

Miss Ale,
Wow! Francos coment was really long! My coments were never that long! I really enjoyed the assembely for St. Andrews birthday! 173! AND I COULDN´T BELIEVE THAT MARTA HAS BEEN HERE FOR 25 YEARS! That is a lot!
I will see you tomorrow!

ines m said...

Hi Miss Ale
I think that we have to celebrate because is the school birthday. 173 years old its a lot.

gaborg said...

Hi miss Ale
For me it is also very important to celebrate the 173 years.
When ill grow up ill send my kids to st andrews because i think it is a very good school.

Juan B said...

Hi Miss Ale!!!
I like to celebrate the birthday of the school because it is very important. Im very soprised 173 years old, I cant belive that this school is 172 years old.
Juan B.

Santos L.A said...

Hi Miss Ale,
Happy birth day Saint Andrews!! these school is now 173 years old!! very old don't you think so?

Teo V said...

Hi Miss Ale, I think this is amazing, we have like 12 or 11 but the school has like times 14 more, it is a lot. 173!!!! I alos think it is very important because it is our school and whe have been here for 5 years almost six, PLUS kindergarden that is more than half of our whole LIFE!!
See you tomorrow!

Francisco.a 6b said...

Miss Ale,
Happy birthday school, now the school has 173, it is a lot!!!!! I think the school is the oldest one in Argentina. When the school move I will be very happy, but we will be very few time, I would like to be more time in that giant school.

mariaf said...

hi miss ale,
how they said in the act, who could believe that only for some potatoes brown created this important school. 173 years are alot and is fantastic how the school has been changing in this173 years, I think that if brown, dodds, fleming or monteith see how the school is know the will realy like it.
see you on tuesday

FranAL said...

hi miss ale

I think this is a very inportant day for the school because it is its 173rd birthday
see you tomorrow

Tomas S said...

Miss Ale I will always rembember ST andrews like the school that I grown up and Im very happy to selebrate the St Andrews Birthday. Doesent muterr we are going to change of school I will always going to rember this school like the school that I grown up.

Bianca F said...

Hi Miss Ale
The School is really old (not in the bad aspect). I got really informed in th eassembly we had on... Wednesday. At the beggining I didn't know that Scotish Men came here for some rotten potatoes. In that part I have to admit I laughed. I am really proud of my school, 173 years. I agrre with Fede, we are almost on 200. Go St' Andrews!!