Monday, 1 August 2011

Welcome back!!

It was really nice meeting you today after three long weeks! We have four more months in Y6 with lots of important events and knowledge to share together. Enjoy your days in primary school and take advantage of all the opportunities that are offered to you!

Now read this quotation:

"I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances." By Martha Washington

What is this quotation referring to?

What does it mean?


Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

I am not so happy of coming back to school because I was having a very good holiday. For me what the quote means that everything is for something and if you like it or not you will have to do it yes or yes.

I will leave this comment short because then I dont have time to do it and also because I am angry that holidays are over.

See you tommorow (at school)

Nacho B said...

Miss Ale
I like and dis like caming to the scool I like bacause I met my friends.

juan ignacio S.S. said...

hello miss ale

i thinck this means that we have to try to use all the opportunities that life gives us because later when we are going to be big we will make the same question again and again. why didn't i do it? because now i can't.

im not so happy to come to school because i love holidays nut atleast we may see our friends again

see ya tommorow miss ale
p.s.:where did you find that phrase?

Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
It was fun while it lasted but one day or another i knew that the holidays where going to end.
I think hat the quote means that even if we don,t like something and when we like it we should appriciate and be happy of what we have and not be frustruated.

See you tomorow!!!

Santos L.A said...

Hi Miss Ale
I dont like school so I dont want to go back to it. I think school is very borring and more now that I am badly hurt because I cant run and play soccer on the field. But in part I like to come back to see my friends.
Bye see you tomorrow

Belén D said...

Hi miss Ale:
I think that a quote means that if you do something, is not for nothing, every thing we do is for something. For example when you do a test ore a quiz, is not because the teacher wants and thats it, is for the teacher to know how fad you went in this subjects(this is only a example)

Francisco I said...

Miss Ale
I dont wanted to start the shool but y think that y started very good because i think i make a very good test os Ciencias Sociales and i took a 10 on the maths test, y am missing the holidays y and miss to go to bed late and to come up the bed late.
Se you tomorrow

Luca M said...

Hello Miss Ale,
For me the quote is that you also in the circumstances that you are you like it or not you have to be happy. Like now i don´t like to come to school but I am glad to see all my friends again.
See you tomorrow

andy e said...

Hi miss Ale
I am happy to be back in school to work really hard and to complete my goals.
Well I really liked that quotation And I think its meaning is that as its say there that happiness or misery depends in each self. Not only happiness or misery, many more things that you've have in your life. So see you tomorrow miss Ale.

Hugo P said...

This phrase means that our happiness and misery dont depend on our circumstances, but on if we are determined to be happy or miserable. I think that this refers to bieng happy even in the saddest of moments and not thinking that just because younare in a bad situation you must feel bad.

Sofi K said...

Hi Miss ALe:

I can't say that I am THRILLED to come to school again, but I am not sad anyways. I loved the holidays but I really missed my friends. In a part I wanted to come back but in an other I would like to sleep a little bit more.

I think those phrases mean that almose all the time everything thats good or bad depends on you, so I think that for example if oyu try your hardest on language you are going to do better!!
Great message Miss Ale!!

See you tomorrow!!

Pedro S said...

I think it meant that we should be happy or cheerful even in the bad times we have to try to use all the opportunities that life gives us and when we are older we will think over and over why didn't I do it?

matias.c said...

i think that quotion means that if evryone try there best they will have there portunities and there chances to show there talent to show what they really want to be and what they like.

Fran AL said...

Hi miss Ale I think that this phrase means that we are happy when we want and we are unhappy when we want.
See you toomorow

Gonzalo C said...

hi Ale
I really enjoyed my vacations, I was a little bit depressed when coming back to school, although I wanted to meet my friends.

For me that sentence from Martha Washington means that you always have to keep positive in whatever place, problem or situation you are. And that the mayority of your happiness or mistery depends not in the circunstanses you are, it depends in the disposition you are.
I think this quation from Martha Washington is a very good thinking on situations you have in life.

santos m said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I am not that happy because I had a lot of fun during the winter recess, although I'm glad to get to see most of my friends again! The best event during the winter holidays was that my father had a chance to be successfully transplanted!!
About the quotation...the words are difficult and we have to read them several times to really understand what Martha Washington is trying to express!!
In my opinion, it is essential to understand that we can be happy if we have a positive attitude towards everything in life: school, holidays, work, friendship and so on!!
See you tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Ale
like all the students I am not very happy of coming back to school but on the other site I like to met my friends.

Thomas E. said...

I am not sure of what it means but I think It means that you have to be happy every time.

Roxie W. said...

Miss Ale,
I am glad to be back at school because I can see my friends and my teachers but I am also sad because I had a wonderful vacation in the US visiting my family and friends and I did not want to leave but oh well. The first half of the year went by very quickly so I am sure the second half will to.

I think that the quote means that even though you probably had a good time in you vacations you have to come back to work sometimes. You may not like it but you have to do it.
See you tomorrow!

juanchi t said...

the first thing you put was the same that said my mother

juanchi t said...

my mther always says that

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I am happy of coming back to school now but in some weeks I know that I will want to go on holidays again.I think that a quote means maybe there is something that you dont like doing but you will have to do it beacuse everything you do is something.
See you on Monday!
Clara G

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I didn't want my holidays to end!!!! I rested a lot but on Wednesday when I got back from my holidays, I was very tired.
I think the quote means that we have to try to give all we have because when we will be adults, we will want to do the things we could't do in school, and then it would be to late.
See you on Monday!!

maria f said...

hi miss ale I think that it means that you have to follow the situations were life take you and not plan your life completly.
bye miss ale see you at school

Mariano P said...

Hi miss Ale

I think that this frase means that iv your hapynes depends on you.

I am sort of angry because i have to start school but i am realy hapy to see my frriends.

See you tomorow

Fede dr said...

Hi miss ale
Very nice post the holidays when flying i think holidays started yesterday. I'm am very glad see you again I hope I will see you tomorrow.

Lucas E said...

I like a lot to come to school because I want to met my friends because it was so long that dont see them.

Benjamin p said...

Hi Miss Ale,
The holidays were realy fun while it lasted but one day or another i knew that the holidays where going to end.

I think that a quote is that you also in the circumstances that you are you like it or not you have to be happy.

See you tomorrow

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Ale
I am very tired of my first week after the holydays I want to keep resting till late. For my this week was like a month. I dont want the test to start. I dont want the year to finish because I am a little bit afraid of secondary.

Talking about the Quatation in my opinion it means that: No matter in watever situation, place or with who you are you have to be happy and you have to learn about your experience in every enxact moment because every moment in life is special.
See you Tomorrow Clara V