Thursday, 11 August 2011

Test your awareness

Test your skills of observation with this video.
How observant are you? What did you learn from the video?
Hope you enjoy it!


Conrado MF said...

I didnt see the bear but i saw the 13 passes in the first look. It is amazing how distracted i could get.

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

I saw 13 passes but i didnt see the bear but also the bearhas passed very quickly so its very dificult I didnt see the bear because I was not looking for it soooooooooooooo its not my fault.

See you tommorow

justo L said...

I saw the 13 passes but it is so easy to miss something I'mnot looking for but but when it said moonwalking bear I expected a better costume than that one so the moon walking bear wasn't a very ovious one.

Rocío PR said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I didn't saw the bear also, I was looking at the team and when I see the bear I realise how distract I was. Is easy to miss something you are not looking for.
See you.

matias.c said...

hi miss ale i allready knew this video but it is very impressing to see that because you barely see the monkey.

Alex D said...

Hi miss Ale:
I didn't saw the bear the first time but I could count 13 passes. Then I saw it again to find the bear, I saw and it and it was a fake bear, it was very funny!

fran al said...

Hi miss ale
Manu Teubal showed the video to me last week in his house, and the first time I saw it I did see the 13 pasess but not the bear becaus is vry easy to miss something you ar not looking for

Juan de G said...

I saw the moonwalking bear because I already knew this video. I saw the 13 passes and I also saw the bear.

Ana. G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I saw the 13 Passes but I didn´t saw the bear, it is realy strange because it was just infront of my eyes and I couldn´t saw it.
See you on Monday

pilar m said...

I didn't see the bear and I think that as I was very consentrate in how many passes did the white team that I confuse the bear with the black team but when I saw again the video to see when the bear pass I was amazed thatn in the first time I couldn't see it

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I was just loking at the passes they made.I got distracted at the passes I didn´t see the bear.I realised distracted I got and how distracted you can get by watching this video.
See you tommorow!
Clara G

Pedro S said...

Hi miss Ale!
I saw the 13 passes but I didn´t see the moonwalking bear after the 3rd time I saw the video ¿ did somebody think its funny how he dances?
I don´t

Belén D said...

Hi miss Ale:
I was very impressed wan it said if saw it. I dint realized that tree was a bear. I was very concentrated looking the balls and I counted 30 passes.
I learned that you don't realize things if you are not looking for them.

Benjamin.p said...

Hi miss Ale
It was very easy to look for the 13 passes but in the first look I didn´t see the bear
Very good video

Sea you tomorrow

Francisco I said...

Miss Ale i saw 13 passes, i think that is was very difficult and they do it very quickly so it was a bit difficult
See you tomorrow

Teo V said...

Hi Miss Ale!
When I started seeing this video I remembered that my brother once had showned it to me so I could se the bear and the 13 passes in my first try, although it is a very interesting video about the attention!!

Sofi C 6A said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I did enjoy the video and I can't believe I didn't see the bear! I think It was because the bear was brown and the quiesiton was about the white people so I was only focusing o them! It was very fun
Sofi C

Florencia DL said...

Hi Miss Ale
I saw the 13 passes but i didnt see the bear because i was distracted with the team.
See you tomorow

Pedro B said...

I saw the bear , but it was very dificult because it was to quickly

santino u said...

Hi miss Ale

I counted the 13 passes and I saw the bear because I knew the video,

See you on monday

Sofi G said...

Hi Miss Ale I didn´t saw it it as amazing I counted 13 i´s incredible how distracted I had got. That is because I wasn´t looking for it. And I understood that sometimes your not looking for something so you will not see it.
See you tomorrow

gonzalo c said...

hi miss ale
I did the awarness test with mom and we counted 13 passes and it was okay but we did not notice the dancing bear one bit because we were very concentrated on the passes they made.

juan B said...

Hi miss Ale!!
I counted the 13 pases but I didnt saw tho moonwalking bear.I like that video because it make you look how distracted you are. Bcause you only foucos on how many passes the team make.

Eugenia,F said...

Hi Miss Ale:
I could watch the 13 passes but then when they said there was a moonwalking bear it was like WOW I was so concentrated on the passes that the only thing I watched is the ball. I think the meaning is that sometimes you are so,so,so concentrated in somethings you miss a part. Sometimes people say I haved miss a part of my life doing this.
See us,

Luli B olivos said...

hi miss ale,
I knew that the mooon walking bear would pass because I already knew this video.The video says is true when you dont look for something you dont find it.

Mariano Pacheco said...

Hi Miss Ale

I was right withe the 13 pases but I could nut see the moon waking bear because I would get confused

See you tomorow

Milo C said...

I saw the 13 passes but I did not sea the bear because I was counting the passes.When it sead bear I thought that it was a real bear.

Tomas.G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I also counted 13 pases and i thought it was very easy but when it asked if i saw a moonwalking bear i thought it was a joke. when i saw it again i laghed and thought about how that could happen to you in a real game in any sport.I wasn't realy expecting a black bear to come in doing the moonwalk( real person in a costume).
See you tomorow!!

Marcos L said...

I was very aware of the first question, while I was looking for that I didn't see the moon walking bear, the las phrase of the video is correct.

hannah said...

Hi Miss Ale!
I couldent see the 13 passes but I could see the moonwalking bear at the end. but with the passes I got really messed up!!

Manu T said...

Miss Ale:
My cousin had already showed me that video, its so fun! Hope you keep posting all these fun videos.
See you tommorow!
Manu T

ines m said...

Hi Miss Ale
I saw 13 passes but I didn't saw the bear but I think I couldn't saw it because it was black but if it would have been wight I think would have saw it.

GianfrancoE said...

Hi Miss Ale I saw the 13 passes but I didnt see the bear in the first one, I was very consentrated in looking the 13 passes and it was very easy, I asked me in my mind ¿thats all? and then they put that there was a moonwalking bear and I saw it perfectly because I knew it was going to happen.
I also put the other one (the first one) because I thoght it was not true.
Bye Miss Ale see you tomorrow

Jacques.G said...

I thought that I saw 10 passes and did not consentrate even in the bear but its funny how thw bear reacts.

gaborg said...

hi miss Ale
It is ammaizing. I saw the 13 passes but couldnt see the bear. I didnt expect to see something like that so i wasnt looking for it so hard.

Manuel B. said...

I already knew this video but I thought it was a hoax, but then I tried again and I saw it so I WAS distracted

Santos L.A said...

Hi Miss Ale
I saw the 13 passes but I didn't saw the moonwalking bear. Now I understand how much I can get distracted in an easy way.
By see you tomorrow

Thomas E. said...

I saw the 13 passes, but I don´t see the bear, hahahaha it was really funny. But it is true what it says at the end, "it`s not easy to see what you are not looking for.

Roxie said...

Miss Ale,
I counted all of the thirteen passes in the white team but I did not see the moonwalking bear.
See you tomorrow!

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!
It's true!! I was so concentrated in counting the passes I didn´t notice the bear until the repetition. Then I started again the video to see if the bear appeared, and it did! AS Conrado says, it's amazing how couldn't we notice it! Well, at least something I did well I had counted before 13 passes more a less, (I forgot when I saw how distracted I had been)! I t really called my atention!
See you!
Agus T

Paulina B said...

Miss Ale
I counted correct the 13 passes that the white team made, but I didn´t realise about the bear (the man) that was going by, I supose I mixed with the black wans.
It is a very good video. And it is really true that you can miss very easy something that you are not looing for.
See you on Tuesday

CLara V said...

Hello Miss Ale
What amizing video they were very good playing that although I could not see the bear it is incredible how did they made thouse 13 passes.
See you clara v

Tomas S said...

Miss Ale I could count 13 passes but it wasent very easy because there were many distracting things so it was dificult to pay attention to the thing that you watch so if you move your eyes to see another thing you would loose very important things