Monday, 29 August 2011


This is an acrostic poem on weekends. Do you know what an acrostic poem is?

Waited seven days
Each minute like an hour
Even the weather cooperated
Kept all my promises

Enjoyment abounding
Never a dull moment
Dad, oh, no, it's over already!

What was your most enjoyable moment this weekend?


andy e said...

I realy don't know what this is about but if I had to do an Hipotesis I think that is a simple poem but the starting letter of each sentence, phrase, etc.. , by its order all together tell something.

See you

Thomas E. said...

The only thing I like about weeks are weekend!, especially on saturday, cuz its play day, but sunday it homeworksday. The most enjoyale moment of this weekI don't know it its monday.

Sofia C 6A said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I would love to do a poem like this one but I don't know hoe to think of something as genius as this! Are you showing us this acrostic poem because we are going to write or work on one?
Bye see you tomorrow
Sofi C

Roxie said...

Miss Ale,
I really like these poems because they describe things very well. My favorite thing of my weekend was that I had two friends over to sleep. Are we going to write one of these poems in class?
See you in school.

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

For me what you said about to attach to the questions is true because of many reasons.
THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS POEM IS ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL because if you enjoy a weekend allot it passes quickly and you feel that you didnt do anything and if you were bored you will feel that it happens slowly and you dont like it. Thats why I do what I do that is to try SOMETIMES to be bored while you are not doing anything so it dont happens what happens to allot of people. But in school we also have rugby and I go all thetimes I can (ALWAYS) so WE LOOSE 4 OR 5 OUR OF THE WEEKEND"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At least we have fun (sometimes)
Also I have to do Sport so Iloose allot of time so then that boy at the poem complains. My idea is to give one more day to the weekend. Like Spain that the have more celebrations days thatn work days and the economy there is right (not good not bad but just right) and that day should be MONDAY because in all the jokes I know from days of the week the worst is Monday and not FRIDAY (the magical day) because every body thinks good of Fridays. If you want to argue or discuss about what to do in the weekend call me and I will besure that I will win you. If then you can tell us what is an acrostic poem it would be better. The man who wrotethis has the mind of a boy or a little boy wrote it because he copy my idea (that for me is an excuse (sometimes) ) and put it like a poem but at least he express it (more short than I would do it)

Miss Ale I dont know if this is the largest comment I ever left (without putting copyand paste as in theone of 1000 words in english) I put 336 WORDS (thats a big bunch of housepoints now that I think but I dont do it for that I just wright what I think realted to the questions)

See you tommorow

Franco S said...


Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!
Yeah, I do know what an acrostic poem is. It´s very easy to do one, you put a word vertically and with each letter of the word you com´plete it, but this time horizontally. I remember we did one in 4th or in 5th about our names!
I think the most enjoyable part of my weekend was being with my friends and having fun. But (I agree with Thomas),the best day is Saturday, because when it´s Sunday, you know it´s your last day of weekend and you´ll have to wait one more week!

pd: I don´t know if this is my compulsory post because I didn´t really understand if it counted or not as the compulsory one for the people who had already done the survey.
See you!!!
Agus T

ambar t said...

Miss ale:
I really liked it!

I: I liked the poem
T: truly good!

w: well im trying to do one
a: am i good?
s : sincerly difficult!

g: goodness help me!
r: really, really
e: everybody look at this! im doing it!
a: about to finish
t: this is the end of the poem

miss ale it is horrible! well at least I tried! see you tomorrow!

pilar m said...

I liked this poem,I didn't knew what it was but I think it is a poem but with the letters in vertical and with each letter a sentence or phrase (as andy said)

Marcos L said...

Miss Ale:
I don't know what an ACROSTIC poem is. But I know whick was my most enjoyable moment in the weekend; when I ate raclet at home when it was my mother's birday.

Ms. Tatiana said...

Yes I've heard of acrostic poems
Even if it was long ago
Some day I'll try one again

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think I know what is, I think that the first letters of the poem, in a colum, and gives you a word like in this case WEEK END.
See us twomorrow,

Manu T said...

Miss Ale:

I love weekends they are my favourite part of the week! You can do anything you want.

See you tommorow, Manu T

santos m said...

Hi Miss Ale,

The definition of acrostic is: a poem or other piece of writing in witch particular letters in each line, ussualy the first letters, can be read downwards to form a word or words.
What I most enjoyed about this last weekend was that my father returned home as he had been in the hospital for more than 2 weeks!! Besides I had two parties and I had a great time!
Thanks for posting this as I can tell all my friends that my father is ok.
This can describe how boring is the wekend
See you

Teo V said...

Miss Ale
I think this i the best poem had ever seen in my LIFE it is awesome I like the poems like that, last year we had to do it and at the same time describe yourselves, it was very fun!! Also this poem is write! To me, one minute is like an hour, sometimes luckily it is the other way around, one hour like a minute. Hope someday we can do it again in the school.
See you tomorow!

Tomas.G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I realy liked the frace. I think that my best time this weekend was when i played rugby in Belgrano. It was realy fun!! I also liked when my cousin came and we played a lot of stuff.
See you tomorow!!!

Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale,
The weekend has already passed but the best thing about it is Enjoyment abounding!!!!
For me acrostic poem is a poem with stanzas that the first letter of each sentece form in an vertical way another phrame, sentence or word!
See you tomorrow!!
p.d: tomorrow is founders day and tomorrow also we are celebrating that St Andrew´s has 173 year!!! thats a lot!!

Juan de G said...

Hi miss ale
the best thing I did this week end was to invite Marcos Letemendia to my house. I had a lot of fun with him because we played with my dog and he liked him.

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
In my old school, we learnt a lot of things about poetry and a Acrostic Poem is when you write a word or several words and wright them vertically. Then you have to think of a phrase or word that starts with the letters. Like:
F Friends are forever
U Understands you
N Never lets you down
See you on Monday!!!

martina o said...

Hi miss Ale:
Look I think that that thing is true because we were waiting for lot of time and in the end suterday and sunday finishes very fast and we wait alot for nothing. But eaven that I like the weekend

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I would love to do a poem like this one but I do not think that I could do an acrostic poem so creative as that one. Hope that we could do acrostics poem in school y like to do acrostic things, I ussualy do them with names. The good thing of an acrosstic poem is that it is much more creative, and it had the title is in the poem.
see you Clara V 6A

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I really liked the Acrostic Poem you did.It was very creative.I would love to do one poem like this one in class.I think that my favourite part of the weekend was that was being in my friends house.
See you on Monday!!
Clara G

Alex D said...

Hello miss Ale,
I dont know what is an acrostic poem, but I think that an acrostic poem is a poem thats tells about a word and you have to put that word vertically and you have to do the poem by starting the sentence with the letter that is in the vertical word and then continue it by the other letter of the vertical word. Just like Andy E sayd.
See you tomorrow!

SilvestreB said...

Hi Miss Ale
Ithink that acrostic it means that you write a vertical word and in each letter you write a sentence.

Luli B olivos said...

Hi miss ale,
I think that an acrostic poem is like a cross word poem.I would love to wright one or to learn how to wright this poem is great.I love weekend not only because you can see your friends any time you want but also you can rest ALOT and prepare for monday to start the week.
see you tomorow

Jacques.G said...

Mexico is nice!,
I love ice creme!,
Soon il go to London,
Since when did i go?

A clean window is great,
Look at that house!,
Everything is clean!

Jeronimo A said...

Hi missAle:
Like said tomas enriquez the best things of the weeks are the weekend because we can take a long break of school, when sunday begans I say to myself ''NOOOOOOOO TOMORROW I HAVE SCHOOL, NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!''

Paulina B said...

Miss Ale
This weekend I was with lots of friends enjoying the 4 days... I had a birthday and lots of things
The poem is great, it really sais what weekend means, a simple poem can demostrate it
see you on tuesday, paulina