Saturday, 20 August 2011


Anne Frank, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln

You are reading about these people. Why do you think so?
Hope you are all enjoying this cold long weekend!
Nice weather to read!
See you...


Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think you are making us read diffrent books for each grade for then a grade tell to another grade what is the story about. Another thing can be that we are going to make a project or something else, so you want us to read diffren stories for us in grades dont ask us what are we going to do or things like that.
I know that us another question but I can´t think an answer for that question, im sorry.

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!
I remember you said to us we were going to read different biographies of very important people, taht for me,were heroes. You also told us that every 6th will be reading a different book, so we had to respect the times because we were going to be changing.
While you were explaining, I asked, which book will the other forms will be reading, and you mentioned a few names, in which appeared Lincoln, Edison, and the biography 6A has, Anne Frank.
With your answer I had no doubt it would be a similar project about important people that we had in 3rd grade, it was called "What courage" and it was in groups that we had to research further in, apart from reading a little book on his or her life, and make a kind of "little presentation". In my case, on Amy Johnson and Joan of Arc, (which this one was individual for me).
But another idea that crossed by my mind, (which I after knew, was true), was that maybe, we were reading Anne Frank because we are going to see WWII in Social Studies.
I hope this answers your question!
PD: About the weather, were I am, it's really freezing, it's almost snowing!!jaja
Agus T 6A

Teo V said...

Hi Miss Ale !
I read about Anne Frank, all the book and it is very interesting bud very sad how she lived a how long she lived, her father should be the sadest man in the whole world, all his family but him died, it qould be horrible, I am ansious to read about Edison and Lincoln. I think that thbe best book would be the one of Anne Frank or the one of Edison and then the one of Abraham Lincoln.

Paulina B said...

Hi Miss Ale
I am enjoying a lot Anne Frank, I never knew about the whole life of her, I knew her before but now I know more and with details.(The book is VERY detailed).
I remember that in class you told us that every class will be reading a different biography and then we will change it!
It is very intresting
Good Weekend!

Hugo P said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I also think as Eugenia. You want us all to read all the books so that we read something and then to explain them to another grade.
See you on Tuesday.

Ana G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I think that we are reading all this biographies first to know and understand what a biography is and most important to know as you said these very important people like Anne Frank, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison and go through their lives with out even being there.
See you on Monday

justo L said...

I may not know much about Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln, but I know quite a lot about Anne Frank's life because I read her diary. She went through a very difficult period, WWII, in which lots of people didn't survive, including her.I find the diary very interesting to read and suggest it to whoever wants to find out more about her.I know that Thomas Edison invented the electric lightbulb and I heard that he also invented the fire station. And Abraham Lincoln was a very honest man that was to rise from poverty to become a great president of the United States. Reading about Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison is a good idea because one learns about men that accomplished so much and use them as an example. On the other hand, Anne Frank's story is a very moving one and it will help us understand what happened during WWII. I think these might be the main reasons of your choosing these particular individuals.

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I think that you are making us read this books for us to understand what a bioghraphy is or to get out the main ideas becasue this books are full with details and this re very important people.I read about Thomas Edison and I liked it a lot.Some parts were sad but liked learning about is life.I really wnt to get to know about Anne Frank and Abraham Lincoln.I hope that you enjoy this long weekend.
See you on Tuesday!
Clara G

Jacques.G said...

In my opinion, we are going to to the same activities as we did with the fantasy story but without counting the STORY.

Pedro B said...

Miss Ale
I think that this 3 books that you choose are very good because they are in different parts of the world.All of them are really good books.

juan B said...

Hi miss Ale!!!
Im reading the book of Thomas Edison. Im engoing very much the book. My sister is in 8th and she is reading anna Frank. I said it to her and she didnt belive it.

pilar m said...

I am reading ABRAHAM LINCOLN and it is amazing how his life is.
And I think that we resd diffrent biographies to compare them and to undertand the different ways of how they lived.

Lucas E said...

Hi miss ale
I´ve been reading Thomas Edison. I think you wants us to read this books to know the life of other people. How to live in those times and how to feel to be famous. I´ve enjoyed a lot the book of Thomas Edison it is very good. I hope the other two books are so good at this one. I like very very much to read the biographies of famous people.

Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale,
I am reading "The diary of Anne Frank" it´s very iteresting! I learnt a lot of new things about world wars and how jewish people suffered it as they were very discriminated by other people.
I think that Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln diaries would be very good as the one of Anne Frank! I´m anxious to learn about all this important people.
See you tomorrow!
Ernestina P.

Sofia C 6a said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I am reading the Anne Frank book, and I think It is very interesting and I think I am reading this book too learn about diffrent important people and their lives!
Sofi C

Tomas.G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
i think that these people did something that made a change in life. I read Thomas Edison and Aberham Lincon in my other school. I know that thomas Edison invented many many things like the light bulb and the telegram. Lincon wrote something very inmportent which i don't remember because i read it when i was 8. He was killed with a shot on the back of his head in a act.
See you tomorow!!!

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

I think you are making us read different peole for two reasons
1. Because you dont want us to ask somebody what it was about if we didnt readit
2.Because then we can talk about the good examples that they are

I liked allot Thomas Alva Edison because he never stopped working he is a genius he never stopped working and he never stopped trying.

Luckily he never passed any accident like somebody trying to murder him or that there is a pest or a sickness you know what I mean something like that.

agostina G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think that reading different books must be very funny, the book Im reading is very funny and interesting.
This books that you gave as to each of us I think there are to learn more about people life and when I started reading Anne Frank the book had traped me so much that I couden't stop reading it.
See you tomorrow

Bautista T said...

I think you make us read this biographys for us to now what was each of their lives about, what did they do, and what they invented maybe.

Andres ku said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I Cant wate to raed about ann frank because I have heard a lot about her and I really like the books you chose.
I really like Tomas Edison because his life is very interesting, see you tomorrow Miss Ale,
Andres ku

mariaf said...

Hi miss ale:
I think we are reading about this people because they were very important for our life. and also because they have a very intresting life to read or that is what i think about lincoln's life.
see you

Alex D said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I think this 3 book you had chosen for us to read is because these persons are heroes and we will do the same thing that we do with fantasy story.

Pedro S said...

Hi Miss Ale!
I think you gave us the biographies because we are going to see WWII in Social Studies, I also think you gave the biogrphies to us because each of this three people got famous in their own way. Ex. Abraham Lincoln got famous being a president and for freeing the slaves and ending a war. Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb and other electric toys and machines. Anne Frank wrote a diary of what happened during the war and had a powerful way of writing.

justina b said...

hello Miss ale
Anne frank is very good but some parts are hard to understand.
Y was wondering if we will have to read the ones that b and c are reading ???
see you

Marcos L said...

Miss Ale:
I knew about Abraham Lincoln but I didn't even heard the name of Thomas Edisen and Anne Frank. I am reading Abraham Lincoln and his life wasn't the best at all, I have listened of many people and read some comments in this post that the life of Anne Frank is said. I don't know nothing about Thomas Edison but I think it will be sad.
See you on friday.

gaborg said...

Hi miss Ale
I think that we are reading these three books because we will then discuss them with the other grades or between our own classes, Also the three people we are reading about were very important in the worlds history and so we can learn more about them.

Jeronimo A said...

I liked a lot Anne Frank is a very good book, all my family remember about thet book and they told me about the 2nd world war and a bit of Anne Frank, also how was made the war and where Anne was refugiated. I think that Lincon is gona be very good and tomas edison also.
Bye see you tomorrow!!!!!!!

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Ale
I am reading about Anne Frank it is very sad it is unbelibable how jewish people sufered I can imagene the fillings that Anne Frank could have had, and not only her fillings the fillings that all jewish people had they were treat very bad by Nazis, it wasn`t fair.
Clara V 6A

Bianca F said...

Hi Miss Ale
I am only reading about Abraham Lincoln. I agree with Agus in third we made a project that was called "What Courage!" these people make me remember about courage. For axample Abraham Lincoln, somebody has to have courage to get from being a normal man to one of the most famous presidents. Of course he pased form bad things and good things in the way to the presidence. See you tomorrow.

Jeronimo A said...

HI miss Ale:
I think that the 3 book that we are gona reed they weel be very good.
I like all specialy Abram Lincon then Anne Frank and then Thomas Edison, I don't say that Thomas Edison is the warst but Abram Lincon and Anne Frank are more interesting, for me.

Fran AL said...

hi miss ale
I think we are reading this books because this people have made incredible things!!!
see you toomorwe