Monday, 18 April 2011

Reflecting- Compulsory post for this week!

This is a COMPULSORY POST for everyone to do this week that ends on Sunday 24th. You do not need to leave a comment but if you do, you will be given housepoints. But it is important for you to complete this survey and submit it!

Please scroll down to answer all the questions. There are 5 questions in this survey. Once you complete it all, just click on SUBMIT, please! Thank you!


Bianca F said...

I think that you putting that questions will make us improve a lot on our next presentation!

Paulina B said...

Hi Miss Ale
I think this project was fun. But I need to improve some work. I felt nervous during the presentation
Thank you

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale

I sent you a mail with the answers and an explication why I couldnt do it, I hope you did recieve it. For mw this compulsory post is very good and makes us feel that you want for us to feel comfortable in 6th year. I hope that what I put in the questions is true because I thought that the public or the audience was interesd in my presentation. All the options that you put for choosing are very good. It was very fun this compulsory post hope you put through the year better and better posts, I dont want to say that this one is bad but compare with the posts that I imagine that you would put through the year and the 2 videos that you already put this good. Althou I the thing that I liked best was my presentation through the items I was very nervous.

Lourdes I said...

Hi Miss Ale
I think this project was very kool and i really liked it, i think that all that questions will help us alot in our next oral or presentation


francisco.a 6b said...

Miss Ale,
I sent the compulsery post, for me this compulsery post its good because it make us think a lot about this project.I would like to do another presentation.By

Belén D said...

Hi miss Ale:
I think this project was very kool because I could give my opinion, and I love that. I think that is very good to ask the students to say what they would like to do in class and what they liked more of what they did in class. My grand mother told me that before the kids couldn't give there opinion, I take advantage of this post because I could say what I would like to do in class or what I like to do in class. I think that I am lucky to be in this school because there are not so many schools that ask the kids their opinion.
Thank you miss Ale for this compulsory post because now we are going to do things in class that everybody likes.

Tomas S said...

I think that putting this is a great idea because we can learn more of what we like because when you ask as that questions you were asking our opinion so you know whith our answer more of us.

juan ignacio S.S. said...

hello miss ale
i think the project was good but for the next time I would sugest the books were shorter or that all the books had more or less the same amount of pages because some were harder and longer and others were very easy. Anyway I enjoyed this subject and I liked doing the presentation.
juan ignacio S

Roxie W. said...

Miss Ale,
I liked the idea of the compulsary post because that way we can all reflect in class about it. I also liked the survey. It was kindoff like the post that you put where we had to put why we blogged. It is simaler but this survey was longer. I think that it will also improve a lot on our future presentations through out the year. I liked the presentation but I need to speak a lot louder! It is hard because sometimes I am a little bit shy but I will practice more and more so that way when or if I have to ever present a presentation in front of a bigger audience, I will be ready and everybody will be able to hear me. I especially speak low when I am nervous. When I have a presentation, I usualy practice infront of my family and my friends but I am not nervous in front of them it is just in front of a group of people that I do not know as well as I do to my family and friends. I was also worried that I would forget something while I was speaking. I think that the only thing that I left out this time was when everybody was in the beauty parlor and the doctor came to see if Mr. Jordans was okay. Even though I left that out, I am still happy with the result.
See you tomorrow!!!

gabor said...

i think that this post made me think and reflect about my work. It was also longer but it was worth it.

Teo V said...

Miss Ale.
I liked a lot this survey because it made us think how me worked, and it made us train for when we need to do another feedback or self-evaluation.

GianfrancoE said...

I agree with paulina I also think I was very nervous but it was a very good project and I think that this post helped me because I never thought in this cuestions

santino u said...

I think this is very interesting because if school is better for us we will work more and learn more. Now we can learn and at the same time make what we want. I loved this survey I think it will make languages classes better.I hope you apply the most things that we want as much as you can

Thank you miss Ale see you

Eugenia F. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think by making this question we reflect more what we think about the project, and makes us think, to be honest with ourselves.

Florencia DL said...

i think this will help us to do ower next presentation!!!
And i could inprove in some work or speek louder in the presentation.
see you tomorow

andy e said...

i think this exercise was like about your opinions, but the question was difficult for me was the one of your attitude and commitment and it was realy difficult to asnwer

juana o said...

Hi miss Ale
it is very good to answer this questions so you can know more how we worked in this project

juana o said...

Hi miss Ale
it is very good to answer this questions so you can know more how we worked in this project

Sofi Candal 6A said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think that for the next time if we do this again this made us reflect and think back, thats always good¡¡
This looks like a feedback!!!
Bye see you later!!
Sofi C

Rocío PR said...

I think that this it make us reflect and think how to improve for the next presentation

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Ale:
I think this project was very kool because I could give my opinion, and I love that. I think that is very good to ask the students to say what they would like to do in class and what they liked more of what they did in class.

Pedro said...

I liked the survey very much because the questions were very well made and I had to think before answering

Ernestina P said...

Miss Ale!
I like a lot this reflecting because it make us think and make us realese what we have to keep on working, of how we worked during this period of the year!
Ernestina P.

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!
As Puli said for me the project was fun!The only difficult part was the presentation, but at the end it was not SO difficult, I had only been nervous and that's it. But this might have happened to many MANY TIMES, it's a common thing to happen!
Great survey!!It made me reflect about this project and it was like a self evaluation on our work and for our next ones.Working out what we liked the best, what not, if we put our best or not, and it also is helpful for you to have suggestions I guess, for next years and make the project more fun or better.THAT'S A GREAT IDEA TO DO, not everybody asks as our opinions and suggestions and in my opinion that is important.
See you tommorrow!!

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Ale
I hope all the ideas that we rote are well used next presentation and I hope that now that we self-evaluate we can know ours errors and we can empruve for our next presentation.
have a nice easter holiday
Clara V 6A

Milo.c said...

I think that putting the things that we have to reflect on what we put not just put it and do not reflect.

Conrado MF said...

Hi Ale
i think this post was really good for ourselves to know what weve done wrong, hope my handwriting gets better

Conrado MF said...

Hi Ale
i think this post was really good for ourselves to know what weve done wrong, hope my handwriting gets better

ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale, I already did the compulsory post. I think it was an excellent idea to do it. Its like feedback to the teacher. We tell you what we liked and what we didint like about the project and then you could change some things. Although for me, this project was really fun!! The survey is very useful because it helps us reflect on what we did right and what we can improve for the next presentation. Like Roxie said, I am also very shy and get very nervous; but when I practice a lot of times, I keep doing it better and better. When you told us in class that your teachers wouldnt let you talk or say anything, I thought that was horrible and that I am very lucky to be able to do this. See you on Monday and Happy Easter!!

Luca M said...

Hi Miss Ale:
For me is something very good to let us think what we liked, what we didnt like. And also in what we should improve.
See you

Abril C said...

It is a great idea to put this post because you can see what we like, what we don't, if we now our mistakes and what is it that we would like to have next time

santos m said...

Ale the project was good but not so good. it was fun for as to say what we think about the project

santos m

Sofi G said...

Hi miss Ale I tried to complete it but I couldn't so I sent you a mail telling you why. Hope you received it if you didn`t send me an email and I would send it again and if I dont see it tomorrow i`ll show you in enviados that I send it to you. Hope you had had nice weekend and nice pascua. I loved doing this because I think this will help you to know what we like most in language. Will everyone tell how they enjoyed pascua tomorrow?
Hope so. But in these of the post I think we`ll do a lot of this post and that we`ll be great sorry for doing these so late.....
See you tomorrow!

Ambar t said...

MISs ale
I liked this idea of making this survey!
I couldnt make it so I will give it to you on a page.
keep doing this thing and i hope next time i can do it but not on a paper!
see you tomorrow

pilar m said...

Miss ale I don´t now if a send it to you because every time that I sent it to you it says that it is a problem in google or something like that but don´t worry I write it here:
1: presenting and listen to other presentations
1a: because it was very fun choosing the items with my mum and studying the presetation with my sister. also I like to hear the other presentations because some were very fun and other gave me realy mystery.
2:reading a mystery story because one time I read it at the night and so then I had a bad dream.
3:I think that in the tic tac toe I didn´t put all the effort that I could put and also that in the presentation and writing the end of the tickets I needed to think more in the tenses.
4:I think my attitiude was not the best but that I didn´t did it so so bad.
5:I think that we could do an auto evaluation and that in the tic tac toe we could do it in pairs.

Sorry Miss Ale but I did what I could.

Tomas .G said...

Thank you miss Ale for telling me that i could not do it in a mac so i did it in my dads computer by.

Sofi K said...

MIss Ale:

Im glad you are doing this surveys becaus efor me is excellent!! Through this we can tell you our opinions and ideas!! Is excellent!! PLease keep doing this!!
See you

Pedro A said...

I had to do this post 3 times because the 2 first times I did them in the survey and it didnt work and the last one I sent the email so it took me a lot of work!

See you tomorrow!

Nacho B said...

Miss Ale
This activity help me to thik about the good and the bad things that I did doring my presentation.
For example:I forgot to bring more items.

Miranda C said...

Miss Ale, I LOVE this tipe of questions because I do a self-evaluation and I can say my ideas.
see you

Lucas E said...

I think you put this questions to made us think how we do this work, and to realase how we made this work