Wednesday, 20 April 2011

How fast can you say them?


Tongue twisters are lots of fun! They're great to help you learn to speak clearly, too. Don't just read them; say them out loud. Enjoy them!! Ask your family members to say them.too.

1) Give papa a cup of proper coffee in a copper coffee cup.

2) There was a young fisher named Fischer
Who fished for a fish in a fissure.
The fish with a grin,
Pulled the fisherman in;
Now they're fishing the fissure for Fischer.

Have a nice long weekend! Rest a lot!!


sophia O olivos said...

Hi Ale
the tung twisters are not easy but I like them because they help me talk clearly
hava a happy easter
see you in class

Clara V said...

Hi Miss Ale
Those TONGUE TWISTERS are not so easy to say them so fast i am going to practice them. When I told them to my family they could not say a word from the toinge twisters
See you
Clara V 6A

hannah said...

Hi Miss Ale!!
the tong twisters are VERY difficult I could not say them my tong got twisted!!!!
But if you practice you wiil talk clearly and fast!!

Sofi Candal 6A said...

Hi Miss Ale
My father always told me one of those but I still think Its difficult!! I agree with Hanny!! They are good for singing !!


miranda c said...

Hi Miss Ale
I agree with Hanny and Sofi its very difficult to say the tung twister so fast! I know how to say one in spanish but thats all. I will practice to talk fast and clearly. See you

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!!
I tried them, and I agree with Clari, Hanny, Sofi and Miri that these tongue twisters are not easy!! I do them in spanish and although the language is different there are also difficult. But if there's something true is that they make you modulate and talk clearly.
It's a good thing to practice, I will start doing them, sometimes they tell me that when I am in a hurry and I talk a lot I don't modulate well.
Ah, and by the way HAPPY EASTER MISS ALE!! Hope you enjoy your weekend!!
See you on Monday!

Roxie W. said...

Miss Ale,
I love toungue twisters because they help me speak more clearly. What I do is I start to say it slowely, and then I say it faster and faster until I cannot say it any faster. They are also funny if you are doing it in a group because if you start to say them realy fast, then sometimes you get confused and you say anything. They are very difficult but if you practise then more and more, then they can help you like for a presentation to speak more clearly so that everybody can understand you.

Elizabeth said...

Cool tongue twisters!! We tried to say them and they were kinda hard to say.

Eugenia.F said...

Hello Miss Ale,
There not so easy, I slipped on a word and in another one. It's a good way to speak clearly.
Happy Easter.
See us,

juanchi t said...

I couldn´t do it very fast because tey are a bit difficult but I need to practice that.

Belén D said...

Hi miss Ale:
The tung twisters are very difficult. I am still trying to do them.
I have one tung twister, but it is in spanish.
Try it:
Tres tristes tigres tragan trece trozos de trigo en un trigal.
Have a nice long weekend and a happy easter.

Lucas E said...

Tongue twister in not so easy, the last one was very difficult and the second one was not so easy

gaborg said...

I read the tongue twisters out loud and for me the second one was easy but the first one was pretty hard. Im very good in tongue twisters.

vicky said...

Hi Miss Ale
i liked the tong twister!

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale, I love tung twisters!! Especially when we do them in a group because they start doing well and then they do a mistake and its very funny. When we did tung twisters all together, first one of us started and the next one had to do it faster without making a mistake and so on until the end. Some are very difficult but when you practice a lot and you can do it, its really fun to say. Please put more tung twisters!!!! i love them!!! Have a happy Easter weekend!!

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I like tung twisters because they help me talk more clearly.They are not easy to say them fast.
Happy easter!!
See you next class!
Clara G

andres ku said...

Hello Miss Ale I love tongue twisters I tryed to do them and I found out that if you say them out loud it is a little bit easier.
See you tomorrow,
Andres ku

Paulina B said...

Hi miss ale
They are difficult to say!!! The one that I said faster was the number 2 but it was not very fast.
I like them because they make me module and help me talk correctly in english.
My tongue got twisted.

Lourdes I said...

This tounge tuisters are not so easy, ihave to tell you that iknow some in spanish and i CAN say them really quikly!

Tomas G. said...

Hi Miss Ale
I could not say the toung twisters until i said them 10 or 9 times!!
I think the second one was easier but the first one was funnier.
Thank you and have a happy easter week.

Luli B said...

Hi miss ale
The tung twisters are really easy. I liked the second one because helped me to talk clearly.
cool tung twisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
happy easter
see you tomorow

Agostina G said...

Hi Miss Ale
The tung twister is very dficult to say but im going to practice so I could do it better that what I do now, is like the words can't come out of your mouth.
Happy Easter.

andy e said...

i think they aren t so difficult. i could read them very in a normal way. i think the one that was more difficult was the second one.

Santos said...

Hi Miss Ale, the tongue twisters are very difficult.

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

Those Tongue Twisters are not difficult when I told it to my father that doesnt knows allot of english couldnt said anything

Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale
This tung twisters are very fun first when I read it slowly it was easy but when I read it very quickley I conffused and make a lot of mistakes. Great the idea of putting this tung twisters in the blog I will practice all days till I can read it very very fast!
P.D the story of the dear little ghost was very sad for me.
Ernestina P.

Milo.C said...

I think the tung twister is very dificult I trid it but it was very dificult, but my dad did´t much beter.They help me alot with the lenguage.
Thank you miss Ale.

Teo V said...

Hi Miss Ale
These tongue twisters are great, its fun to try every time you see one, it is impossible not to try them, these were amaxing a like them.
Thenk You A lot.

Anonymous said...

I think that it was very dificult but iI have to reflect on it to talt bettter
see you in class

Marcos said...

Those are very cool toung twisters!
I could say them correctly!
Can you publish more?
And can we practice them in class?

andres kw said...

I think it was very difficult but I have to reflect on it to talk better in english
See you in class

Matias O said...

It was a lot of fun I did it well but my mom sometimes she couldnt say it so fast

jeronimo A said...

Hi miss ale
i like the toung twisters, i think they where not so esey but then it transfom more esasy

by see you tomorrow

Sofi C 6A Olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale!!
I tried to do it many times but only the first one came out not the second one!! Im sorry I didn t blog for so long, I was very busy!!
hope you rested alot!
See you tomorrow! Sofi C

Pedro A said...

I like those tounge twisters! They are difficult I tried to say them out load and I got stukked

ines m said...

they are very difficult but they are great.

Bautista T said...

Its imposible!!!
This tongue twisters are VERY difficult. Some times I say another word that is a little bit similar.

andres ku said...

Hello Miss Ale I enjoy saying tongue twisters and today I showed them to my sister, she could not do them it was very funny.
See you tomorrow Miss Ale
andres ku

Bianca F said...

The tung twisters are grat because it make us improve on our mudulation to understand more the orla presentations!!

Manuel.b said...

They are all very hard especially the fisher one

mariaf said...

Hi mis Ale this tung twister twiste my tung alot, they are complicated speacilly the secon one i sead it in 11 seconds. I lauphed alot with my sister when my mom tried to do it but at last she could.

Abril C said...

It is very difficult I practiced all morning and I still can't say it!!!

martina o said...

Miss Ale:
The tonge twisters are dificult to say and I will practice them better. When I read it I couldn't understand nothing

Gonzalo C said...

I am very bad in tung twisters in english but in spanish i am more a less. They teache you read and talk faster.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale!!
the tong twisters are VERY difficult I could not say them my tong got twisted!!!!
But if you practice you wiil talk clearly and fast!!