Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I'm boarding the plane...

Who would like to join me?

When? Where? How?


Eugenia F. said...

I will join!! but miss Ale I dont understand what you have to do... Can you help me?
See us

Agus T said...

Fantasy world???jajaja Great, I join to!!! But Miss Ale, as Euge, I didn't understand what are we suppose to do!!Can you explain us??
Expecting to see you!!

Federico del Rio said...

I will join but as they said I dont know what to do help us!!!

Marcos L said...

I'm obviously joining you, I would like to go to fantasy world sometime because I will not go to school.

hannah said...

I will join!!
but how euge said I dont understand what we havve to do!
bye Miss Ale
see you tomorrow!

Sofi C olivos said...

I would love to join! everything as I want! And I am now listening to enredados Veo en ti la luz! Im sorry I wrote in spanish its that thats how the song is called! But changing theme I would love to join But I dont Know what to do!!!!!
Bye see you tomorow!!
Sofi C

Gonzalo c said...

I will join you to your trip to the fantasy world in first class. We will have so much fun.

Bautista T said...

Il join you very happy because we travel in first class and to the fantasy worl!!!

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I will join but how do I do it, When and Why???????
See you
Clara V

Florencia DL said...

hi miss Ale
i like to join but i didnt uderstand very much well
see you bye

Sofi K said...

I will join OBVIESLY, to fantasy world but as everybody else I don't understand what we have to do!! aajaj in FIRST CLASS!!
See you tomorrow!!

Ana G said...

Miss Ale
Of course Im joining you, to FANTASY WORLD, how nice.
you did the tickets???? they are very creative.
Now Im rechecking the list of verbs, tomorrow we have the test.
See you tomorrow

Manuel.B said...

Fantasy island???
anything I want to do for some time!! it would be great!

Belén D said...

Hi Miss Ale:
Oviosly that I would yoin you!!!
I would LOVE to go in first class to the fantasy world!
I think that in the fantasy world the animals could talk and that you know every thing and you would not need to go to school. I think that the fantasy world it is the best of all worls, because you can think of what the fantasy world could have, and it has it!!!!!!!
When I close my eyes I imagine me in my one fantasy world. I thin that it is impossible to go to the fantasy world, but if you are already there you could do everything.
thank you miss Ale, because when I saw this post I started to create my one fantasy world, and it has all the things that I would like to be in the real world.

Belén D

Franco S said...

Hello Miss

Fantasy World??? Of course I will join I would love to go in first class or premier class. But??? What are we supposed to do??? Can you explain us??? That ticket that you put was very good. From were did you get it is very real. Of all the worlds that you could put you put fantasy world. For me thats thebest world than you could put is creartive and theres all that you saw in your fantasys. You close your eyes an there you have it I will still want to go on premier class. When I saw the post I was thinking of another thing but then I started creating my own fantasy world. But one of all the most important thing is that we will not have to go to school. Yeah!!!!!!!! I expect that that world exists. When do we go and were!!!! I expect that soon so we can all have a very good time.

See you tommorow.

Rocío PR said...

I will join!!!!
but like Euge said, i don´t understand what i have to do. Please, can you help me?????

ines m said...

i join it will going to be so funny but I dont anderstant what it is about.

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale, I would definitely join you to the fantasy world!!! It would be amazing to see all the objects, monsters and persons out of this world. Just like the stories with faries and witchs, and its better in 1st class!! imagen a world of magic! It would be so cool to go and visit if it was real. I always think that there has to be a place like that, that no one knows were it is. That its a secret place. Like Belen said, animals could talk all the time and say what they are thinking. Sometimes it would get annoying though because they wouldnt stop talking to you. I imagen a fantasy world with houses and trees of candy and magical powers like invisability.

Bianca F said...

Of course im joining you!!!! I would love to go to fantasy land. Its a place where all could happen!!

Paulina B said...

hi miss ale
I would join to.
It would be really fun fantasy world!!!!!!
Thank you

Juana o said...

I didnt anderstud but watever it was it was great the thing of the fantasy worl!!

Fran Al said...

I didn´t anderstund very much but hoeverit was great the thing of the fantasy world!!

Ernestina P said...

Miss Ale
I will join obious!!
Of course if its to the fantasy world! Fantastic the idea and very good the tickets, very original!
Also I will like if you can explain it to me when its possible for me to understand it and answer the questions!
Ernestina P.

Ambar t said...

I will love to join miss ale!!
fantasy world, I went jajaja joke
And were going on first class!!
see you on monday

pilar m said...

ofcouse ill join you to this fantasy world but what do we have to do??

Roxie W. said...

Miss Ale,
Obiously I will join you but I do not understand what we have to do? Can you explain it to us in class?
Thank You!!!!!!!

Sofi G said...

Hi miss ale I will obviously will join but I think I already join when i sleep and I would realy like to know all about monsters, unicorns, fairies and thinks like that and in what place of the fantasy world are you going USA (Unicorns Seem Anxious to see you) or are uou going to EUROPE (Easter is Used for Reasons Of Phisical Education) well will you like to explain us to go in there when you are not sleeping Please????
Bye, See us next morning!

Lucas N said...

Hello Miss Ale
I would oviosly join you because i would really enjoy going to a fantasy world. Who knows what/who we can meet.

Nacho B said...

Hello Miss Ale
I would join you on your trip to the fantasy world depending in fantasy word.

gabor.g said...

i will join because i will see the fantasy world and we will go in first class.

justina b said...

ill join but y dont understand what to do ...
see you

Lucas E said...

Very nice but I dont know what to do there.

andres kw said...

I love the idea its very funny how you do it? I also whant to do it

Anonymous said...

Il join you very happy because we travel in first class and to the fantasy worl!!!


Pedro said...

Where?:Fantasy World
How?:United Airlines First Class
Yes I would!

Pedro A said...

If its in first class I will sure join!

Lets go!