Thursday, 24 March 2011

Reminder about Verbs

Just to remind you to study the list of verbs.

If you forgot the folder at home, just click here and study hard!! From "be" to "Flee".

Remember you need to study: infinitive, past and past participle.

Have a lovely long weekend!! Rest a lot!!


Clara V said...

Thank you to remind us that we have to study for the tests. I wish it is not so difficult.
Have a nice time in USA.
See you
Clara V 6A

juli ch olivos said...

Thank you miss ale!!
I need to study a lot because last year the verbs were very difficult for me!!

Sofi C Olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,
Today I finished studying, my sister helped me by telling me the infinitive and I told her the rest. I got almost all of them wright, I only made a mistake in 1 of them!!! I hope it's ok in USA!!!
Sofi C

Clara G said...

Thanks Miss Ale!!
I am no the best in verbs but I'll try to do my best
I hope you have a nice time in U.S.A!
see you next week!

Paulina B said...

Thsnk you Miss Ale, I need to study a lot, my mother helped me to study.
Thank you to remind us

hannah .R said...

thank you Miss Ale to post the verb list I will study from there!
have a nice trip!
hannah R

Sofi G said...

I am trying to study a lot I hope I will have a good mark when I do the verbs cause I am not very good at the verbs last year I was not really good at them hope you are having a great time in USA I am really nervous for the test of verbs cause I think they are really difficult but I will try to do my best. I am having a great time but I really miss you hope you have a lot of good luck at the conference in USA, maybe it will be really fun but maybe not. Just have good luck miss Ale and remember we all miss you! Everybody!!!! (Remember that)

Nacho B said...

Thank you to post the list of the verbs.
See you soon.

matias o said...

Thank you for posting the verbs.Since I been out of Argentina and I had a variable all the time on Internet. Thank you.

santos m olivos said...

thank you to tell what we have to study for the test. it will be difficult
see you

sophia.o said...

Hi ale I am studying a lot for the verb test I have already studied a lot I hope I get a good mark, thanks for putting the list in the blog.

juan de gainza said...

Have a nice time in USA.I need to study but im not so bad in verbs. My father helped me to study. Thank you Miss Ale to post the verb list because i studyied alot from the computer because for me its easier because i like very much the compu.

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale.

Thank you Miss Ale I am very but very nervous because of the test I am studying allot for the test.

See you tommorow

Eugenia F. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I tought wen i started to study that I haved forgotten things. But when I started taking a look to the page and revising it and taking me tests, I realised I was wrong I haved rememberd all!!
PD:I wish you haved passed a good time in USA!

Anonymous said...

Thank you miss Ale it is going to help me to be more organized!! today I didn´t did the test because I went to school bat I didn¨t felt good so I went to my house.I have studid allot!!!

Agus T said...

Thanks Miss Ale for reminding us!! I have just finished revising and now I can study for other tests that we have during the week... THEY ARE A LOT!
See you
Hope you enjoy the trip!

Milo.C 6c said...

Thank you for giving the verbs because if some of the children do not study then they have no excuses. I forgot it in my house and I study from there. THANKS MISS ALE HAVE A GOOD DAY

maria f said...

Hi miss Ale thankyou for putting the verbs here because yesterday i forgot my list and i could check here!!! bye

Ernestina P. said...

That you for remind us to study and to prepare this pages and post it in the blog! It was very useful!

Bautista T said...

Thank you for reminding us to study!!!!!!!!
For me its very difficult to concentrate to study but Il try!!

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale, thank you for putting the verbs on the blog! I went on vacation and forgot them and when I got home I remembered but I didnt have it. I went on the page and it was there so I could study and now I am prepares to do the test of verbs.

florencia d said...

thank you miss ale i didnt forget the folder but if i forgetit is grate to have the list of verbs in the coputer.
see you next week

mariaf said...

hi miss ale i have a question how can i do to open the list of verbs??

justina b said...

thanks for reminding me bring us the chocolates jajja see you

federico D said...

Thanks miss Ale
I need to study more because i forget some verbs
have a nice time in USA

belen d said...

Thank you miss Ale:
I study a lot the verbs. For me is not dificult the verbs but I need to study.

thomasE. said...

hi Ale how are ya... I already know all the verbs so... I DON'T HAVE TO STUDY!!!

(really I know them all)

Lucas E said...

Hi Miss Ale!
I have study a lot verbs and some I know it very well from last year.