Thursday, 3 March 2011

Reading a Mystery/ Detective Story

By now, you have all checked your mystery/detective story.

  • Start reading it and thinking about your presentation through the items (objects).

  • Remember to have fun and be creative.

  • You can also come dresseds up as a detective or as any character in the story.

  • Practise your presentation in front of the mirror.

  • I will soon post the presentation dates

  • Let's enjoy the mystery genre together!!!


Ana g said...

Miss Ale
i am realy happy with the book i´ve choosen, what i like the most of My book is that it has diffrent stories, and I like because I can do the presedntationn with one of the stories and the written part with another. This is my first oral presentation here at 6th grade so i am a little bit nervous.
see yo tomorrow!!!

Florencia D said...

Hi Ale
Im glad to do the presentation i am very happy with the book i chose i am nervous of doing may presentation but i think it´s going to be fun. i am happy because is the first presentation that i am going to do in 6th grade.
I will practice to read out loud at home.
See you tomorrow

Agus T said...

Miss Ale,
I am happy to read a book of mystery!

Sofi C Olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I am now going to read the book I chose. I love mystery books because when I sart a mystery I try to guess what happens later on, that happens also with my Harry Potter books. Now I'm in a problem that he wants to escape with some friends, Ron and Hermione with out Molly (Ron's mother) noticing them...
I hope you enjoyed my comment!
Bye!See you tomorrow!

Paulina B said...

Hello Miss Ale
I´m very happy with the book I chosen, Im a bit nervous because is the first oral presentation this year . I like my mystery book very much because there are many books from that collection and I like them very much. I also like very much the mysery stories because I love the open endings and I never know what is going to happen.
I´m prepaering my presentation with the items.
See you next week

ines m said...

It wool be very funny in that presentation with all the clothes.

Belen D oivos said...

Hello miss Ale
I love mistery story, specialy the one I chosed.
When I started reading it I liked it and I couldn't stop.

Sofi G said...

Hi Ale
I am really happy with my book cause I love reading mystery and my book is very long but its very good. I am very nervous but I know this would be nearly a month. I always come nervous with oral presentations, but I think I wont be nervous in this oral presentation.
See you!!!

Clara V said...

Miss Ale I think that this is a great idea because you can express the story how you felt it when you read it. I also think that it going to be very funny when we tell our oral and we show the characters becase in some ocacion a cat is going to be beager than a silling.
See you later

Conrado said...

Ale i thinks its great to start whith a funny activity. My book is hard to explain ill try my best

Bianca F said...

My book is very nice, its about.... wait until the presentation!!
I hope my presentation has all you said.

Ernestina P said...

Hello Miss Ale!
I am very anxious about reading a book of mystery because it gives you a lot of intrge and also I can´t wait to do the presentation!! For me it would be very fun!!

Alex D said...

Miss Ale
I will start reading the book tomorrow because you know that i couldnt take it because i lost a book but now i can get it so i will reed alot and study

Marcos L said...

I'm anxious to see how the other people will come dressed and what objects they will bring!

matias.c said...

i really think inow my presentation any way thanks for the tips

Sofi K said...

Thank You MIss Ale!! I am very happy about the book I chose!! Upto now it very intresting and its great!!I am a little bit nervous about the presentation, but at the same time I am VERY happy because I like ALOT the idea of bringing objects that represent the story!! ITS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!!
See you!!

joaquin c said...

I like the book because i have all the things for the presentation

joaquin c said...

I like the book because i have all the things for the presentation

Eugenia F. Olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think my book I chosen is faboulous i enjoy it when i read it.

RocĂ­o P.R. olivos said...

I very happy with the book i choose, because is easy to read and is very intresting. i am very nervous with the presentation but i think it will not be very dificult because the story is easy

Nacho B said...

Miss Ale, I'm very happy whith the book that I choose, because is very intresting, and it's very fun dress like a detective. See you.
Nacho B

JAcques.G said...

I alreddy know witch items and how i am going toto presnt it!! I'm also very happy of the good book i've chosen beacuse it has got lots of suspecion!

Roxie W. said...

Miss Ale,
I am realy enjoying my mystery book from the class. It has several cases and I think that I have chosen the one that I am going to present to the class. My mystery book is and encyclopedia one. About the boy who lives in a town and solves lots of cases. He is the town dectective. I hope that I do well in my first oral presentation in 6th grade.
See you tomorrow!!!

Sofi K said...

I am so happy for us to study this unit!! I love MYSTERY STORIES!!
But the only plroblem is that most of them have an open ending!!