Saturday, 3 April 2010

Are you Enjoying your Break?

Miss W from Australia, creator of the Student Blooging Challenge, would like to know if you are enjoying your break. Did you know that many schools in the northern hemisphere are on spring break while some schools in the southern hemisphere are on Easter break (like us) or term 1 holidays, like in New Zealand?
She would like to know if you are enjoying your break and what did you do. Leave a comment here and then we will make a comment in her blog. Keep on resting!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale and virtual blogging friends,
I am playing a lot of tennis on these Easter Holidays, looking forward to attending a National Tournament next week. This week I am playing a lot of tennis but I also will be and was with my family because April the 1st was my birthday.
I am fascinated with the blogging challenge, I love making new friends and to start knowing them a bit more. I think my week is being great!!!!

Axel G

Anonymous said...

hi miss ale

I am having a great time on my easter break I went to my friends houses, I made my homework, I went shopping and ... relaed.
hope you are having a great time.

happy easter to everyone!!!!

Anonymous said...

i am having tons of fun.
its good to have 4 days to rest.
i am fasinated! i want to many chocolate as i can.
yesterday i invited some friens to my house. i had many fun.
bye, justi

Miss Ale said...

Good to hear that you are having a wonderful time!!!
Happy birthday, Axel!!!!
See you keep on resting!!
Love from
Miss Ale

Miss W. said...

Hi Miss Ale and class,
Here in Tasmania, Australia, we are on Easter break too. I have a list of 8 things to get done. Seven of these relate to blogging or using the computer. The other thing on the list is cleaning the house. I wonder which of these things I will get finished?

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale Happy Easter!!!!!
I am enjoing this easter break....I went to my camp and i had a lot of fun. Too it is my mothers birthday........4 of April...
Bye 6C

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Ale, in my break i've rseted alot and I have played with my friends. I also went to my farm with my aunts and cousins and I laso invited a friend to my farm. I had lots of fun. I also studied for the presentation and for social studies. I thnik we are going to have a great year.
Happy Easter

Anonymous said...

Hi MIss ALe and Miss W I went to my farm to Santa Fe very near of Chaco. I had a very good time there I rode on my horse I went to visit other farm of my grandfather that was 50 kilometers away from the other one. I didnt´t liked very much the part of the trip because it were seven hours in the car. Now I am in my country about to go to play futball. I already ate all my easter eggs. I am having lots of fun in the easter break and I can rest to 12 am. See you tomoroow in class and happy easter,
bye Nacho

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale

Im having a good time in my estear break. I am visiting friends riding my bike and having a lot of fun. Swimming in the pool playing ping pong. Playing football and rugby.


Anonymous said...

HI Miss Ale and our virtual friends im enjoying a lot the easter break im having a lot of fun. I went to the house of some friends and on April 2nd was my daddy's bitrhday we had a lot of fun
kisess sol

Alina said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I am enjoing a lot this break, I rested, I played a lot and saw what things I had to do for Monday.
I really liked this break because it refreshed me of all I thought of.
Looking for more interesting posts.

Melville School, New Zealand said...

Miss Ale! Miss W from the Blogging Challenge isn't from New Zealand, she is from Australia! I don't know what the comparison would be like in your country but I think it would be like confusing someone from Argentina with someone from Chile!
Yes we are in school holidays at the moment, we have two more weeks to go but would love to collaborate with you at some point when our students are back in the classroom!
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

HI miss Ale I had enjoyed my break a lot.I had a lovly weekend on punta del este I had saw my cosuins. I hope you are having a good time olso.

santiago martelli

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss W and Miss Ale!!!
I had a lot of fun.
Yes I knew that there are some parts of the world was in there summer brake it is because of were the countries is located in the Ecuador in the south or in the north. It is like the seasons. Because they are having summer now and we are having autumn.

I ate a lot of chocolate (yummy...)and that is a hobby in Easter. You lose a lot of time eating Easter eggs. I saw to friends and I had a lot of fun chatting with them, running a bicycle, sleeping (Zzz) and playing. There were a lot of people that weren't in Buenos Aires so I couldn't see them. I saw my family, we had lunch together and they gave me more Easter eggs and we ate a delicious cake that my mom made. But it wasn't all fun because... we had to study. But we had time off so I had fun.

Anonymous said...

Hello miss Ale I had a lot of fun in my easter break I went to brasil to do scuba diving and it eas very nice.I saw a lot of fish like Blowfish(pez globo)Trumpetfish(pez trompeta) squids(calamares)stonefish(pez piedra) turtles starfish (estrellas de mar) Boca fish(blue and yellow)sole fish (lenguado)multicolor fish and many other more I dont remember bye marina 6b

Bauti. M. 6ÂșA said...

Hi Miss Ale I think is good beause we all can know what the others persons do.I went to Punta del Este, Jose Ignacio.I wemt to the house of my uncle.I did surf with a teacher with my brother and alone. With my family we played cards and we see television. Me and my brother played a little of computer the first day I went to a restorant called Yaght Club Uruguayo. They weren't so nice days, but I did a lot of morey boogie with neoprene water suit. It was fun!
Bye bye
Bauti M.

Anonymous said...

Hy Miss Ale, my holidays were not kind of so interesting. I actually spend all the holidays in my farm, and what I did was the following. The first day when I arrived I could not wait to go and hunt with my (aire acomprimido), so that was what I did, but when my father realised that I had killed a kind of duck he didn't let me hunt any more, so the rest of the week I spent it riding on horseback and swimming in the pool.
sory for making a so long comment,

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hi miss ale
In my Easter break I went to my club with some friends and their family and of course my family!!!!!!
I enjoyed a lot my break!!!!
The thing I didn’t enjoyed was when I was running and I fall in the street!!!!
I heart my both knees!!!!
How was yours?? I hope you enjoyed!!!
By miss ale!!!
Milagros S.G

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
In easter just in the morning I went to ride in bicicle as my father ran beside me. This time we did our record it was 28 kilometers without stoping. After I hid the easter eggs for little boysi my family to look for them, they were happy so do I. Because seing my 2 or 3 years cousins have fun is realy enjoyable. After my unt hid eggs for the bigger guys like my brother or me. It took time to find them becuse they were realy hard to find. Before going back home we broke two big eggs of chocolate.then we all took of to all destinations.
P.S. all this happend in my farm in Uuguay because all or about all my family is Urugaian.
Alejo N

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale this of the virtual friends is really impresive, all of this is another way of learning other cultures specially with this comment!!
During my easter break I went to PUNTA DEL ESTE to have some sun and fun. I did surf and I went with different friends to very nice and tipical from there. I did surf and swam in the saulty sea, REALLY nice holidays I had in the sand. bye see you on Monday1
kisses Valentina P.

Anonymous said...

Hy Miss Ale
It seems weird that they are on their spring break.
I really enjoyed a lot the easter brake.
Lots of Love
Vicky M

Anonymous said...

Hi blogging friends and Ale!
I really enjoyed my easter holidays a lot! I had a special dinner with all my family and they gave me and my sister a lot of chocolate eggs!
It was very cold, but the days were beautiful!