Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Marvellous Homework

As we go on travelling across the Fantasy World, imagine that one day when you get back from school you find a BIG surprise in your room.
Click on the link and see what it is all about.
Would you like to have one? Why?
Have a nice weekend!
I'll miss you!


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale!
How are you?
Well if I come home one day and I found a monster on me bedroom wow I would shout a lot. Really I think I will get shokt because Im seeing a MONSTER and then I will run. Miss Ale theres no Link only the photo .
Well I wish you a very happy weekend
see you on Monday
Oli p

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale
How are you? Well I read your post but I didn´t found eny link. Well lets go to the question. I think that if I find a monster in my bed room I will shout, well lets say that first I will panic and with my mouth open and after five minuts I will shout very very loud.

Have a nice weekend,


Anonymous said...

hello miss ale

I didn´t found the link.
When I come home and I see a monster I would shout a lot and I would run away and never come back because I would alway think of it.


Miss Ale said...

Hello Everybody!
Sorry for not including the link!
My day at Udesa was excellent!! Lots of concentration were needed!! How did you get on at school?
Have a nice weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Hello miss Ale!
Well I remember just now that you when to Udesa well See you

Marcos T. said...

Hello miss ale:

Let me tell you the answer in a simple way...


I wouldn't do any boring things, I'd have much more free time, I'd do anything I'd like instead of working or doing chores. It would be a miracle if it exists, but obviously it would never exist beyond our imagination or dreams.

Have a good weekend!

___________________________Marcos.T - 6A

Anonymous said...

Miss ALe,
I will really like it because (if i understood well you learn) and you ondly have to eat that thing. It does you your homework and studyies for YOU (i mean for the one that has it, saying YOU.)
Well i would like it

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
If I entered to my room after school I would SHOUTT! I will keep it because I want him to clean my room and organize it. But I wouldnt like him to teach me or do my hoework because if not I am not going to school and I want to learn things. It could be that I let him do the boring subjects... Weel, HOW YOU WENT ON IN THE UNIVERSITY?
Belen D

Anonymous said...

Miss Aleeee,
I would love to have that, but only when is nessesary because ifnot I wold do NOTHING. Becausee I don't need to clean, to do the homework or to studdy, when I don't understnad something he would explain to me the times nessesary for me to understand, and he would eaven bath me! ( that's not nice), I con also play with him when I'm alone with eany friend, and when I'm sad he would make me happy.
Me and the monster are very happy because you did well in the Udesa.

Bye Hugs & Kisses.
NATALIE.P a member of bumbble bees


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss ale
i woul love to have this creature because he does my homework but to i should learn and i hope he does everything fine because ifnot and tto if he plays palystation with mee
bye bye
joaco. r

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Alee!

First of all, Im glad that you enjoyed your day at Udesea, that Friday I think I could say we worked well, and Jessica was good. I guess yuo know already but we made a reading comprehension about 25 pages long!! I have a question about that, was the reading comprehension our mid year language exam???Well, I hope so. Talking about your post, the answer is quite OBVIOus:NO.......
Im kidding, of course I would LOVE to have that strange but very usefull machine!!! I wouldnt use it for EVERYTHING, but I would use it for example to clean my cat's "P.U"jajaj. Well, Ill use it also for some home chores or to read boring books as the poem says and.......FOR MY LANGUAGE HOMEWORKKK jajajaja. Hope seeing you tomorroww!
Vicky Sc.

Ceeli said...

Hello Miss Alee!
How are you? Hope you are fine. I should say the answer is DEFENTLY... YES A MILLION TIMES! I would love to have that thing in my bedroom! He would do ALL my homework and all that kinds of thing while I relax, play or even sleep! That thing would be AMAZING. And even-thought it doesn't eat your cabages or any vegetable I will still think it is the best creature,monster or robot in THE hole world!! Because I don't mind eating any of the vegetables! If it happens to exist this thing I would defently buy it, or get it anyway. It is REALLY GENIUS!
If I come back from school any day and found a monster in my room I would... First of all SHOUT! But like in all movies (and hope that in reality too) this kinds of monsters, that happen to appear in your room from somewhere, they are usually nice. Or are there to help you in something. But anyway I don't think any monster will appear from nowhere in my rome, but if one day it does (I REALLY HOPE NOT) I WILL REALLY SCREAM AND CALL POLICE AND EVERYTHING TO GET IT OUT, because I don't really believe in FANTASY things, movies, monsters, fairies etc.
Well thats all Miss Alee, have a really nice Sunday and enjoy your weekend. See you tomorrow at school,
Hugs & Kisses,
Ceeli Peters

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss , for what i read you had a great day on the Udesa , the post was very creative and it was very good , if a monster does all my home work i'll like to have one , the poem was very funny , thank you , have a great sunday
Victoria Insussarry 6a

Joaco said...

I think it would be just incredible to have one of these robots in the class, and fun,
see you tomorrow,

Joaquín Segovia 6ºB

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,

I won't like to have a homework machine in my house because my head would EXPLOTE!!!!!!!!!!

See you tomorrow,

Ramiro Sa.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale
The truth is that no, I wouldn´t lie to have this machine. Because you would allways have to do homework even thogh it is vacations or weekend.
great post.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale, the mashine is great!!! I would like to gave it, but you don´t learn and for the tests you don´t know anything and you can´t take it to school. I yes would like it to clean my bedroom and house, because it is very untidy!
the blog is great...keep on posting
meli b

Anonymous said...

Hello Mis Ale,

LOok I don´t know, because I wouldn´t like to have a teatcher robot I like having a person like a teachaer, can you imagine having a robot like a teathter??? I WOULN´T LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but al the thiongs that says that poem are fabulous and I like what thewy write!!! is very god eating seein TV, etc. also al the thing that rime are ver funny , very,vey funny!!! I like it a lot this post, but my answer is not shower because on one sode I don´t like having a robot teatcher, I would be afraid a lot I would shout of panic!!!!!! But on the other side I like what it say in the poem it has a lot of funhny thigs and also I like what it saya an d al what it rime!!!
so for this moment I am indecided when I know, but I am shoer that I am not I would post agaib here and said what I think!!!
when I know it, I I do It I would take a long time,
I like a lot this post
see you tomarrow
alo fo kisses
chiara,f 6C

Anonymous said...

hi miss ale:

it would be great to have one of those machines, but i dont want one because ifnot y wouldent learn nothing but if the homework its dificult at least i would let him give me a clue or a help about what is about and then y could do it by my selff
xox maru soriano

Anonymous said...

hello miss Ale:
I liked a lot the poem, it was very funny. I would like to have a robot like that that does all the homework and studies for me, but if i had it i wouldnt learn anything. And if it studied for me, the robot would not present himself on school instead of me so that he does the test for me, so I would have to study too!!!
A better invention than this one could be a robot that explains you the homework that you dont understand, not to do it for you!
sofi 6c
PD:Im sorry for not commenting last week, but I did not have internet and I still dont have but I am writing from the midday club.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale
ohw are you I would LOVE to have one robot at shcool, there will be LOTS of noise of children talking to him desafortunatly

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I would do everithing to have one because he does your home work and a lot of things more.Sometimes for some people you are that robot!!
nicolas 6c

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
If I entered to my room after school I would SHOUTT! I will keep it because I want him to clean my room and organize.
federico j

Anonymous said...

I Would ask him to give me a pizz and make me the work also the test and I would ask him massage.

nico blaquier