Monday, 17 August 2009

Grammar Ninja

This is a is a fun game to play to discover verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs. Grammar Ninja has three levels. As long as you answer questions correctly, you continue through the game, but answer incorrectly and the words explode.
Read instructions first!
Enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Miss ale
grat game it was prety dificult though on some parts.

Beluu D said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I loved the game, I did excellent in the first two but the last one was quite difficult! I dont do so good... But I really enjoy playing it! I am going to beet my score after!
Belu D

Anonymous said...

hello miss ale
this game is fantastic Ireally enjoyed it was funn. I did exellent in this game.
Keep on posting post like this.


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,

I like a lot the game. At the first time I played I liked to throw the ninja stars but at the second time I realized it was by time.

See you tomorrow,

Ramiro Sa.

Marcos R said...

Hi miss ale,

I liked the game a lot, it wasnt sooo difficult but i need to admit I made errors my ranks are:

Easy: Grammar Ninja 2 min
Medium: Student 4 Min
Hard: Student 7 Min



Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,
this game was wonderful, first I couldn´t understand it but then I read the instruccion and I could.I had fun thank you for posting this excellent things
Agus M 6a

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Aleee!!

I played: easy, medium and hard, it was a very good game, it helped me learn in a good and funny way. Well, I need to go but....keep on posting!
See you tomorrow:
Ramiro 6a

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale, the great was fabulosss!!!! Go on with those games I like them very much!!!
the blog is great...keep on posting
meli b

Anonymous said...

hi miss ale,
this was a very good game but difficult on some things.
jero d.c 6b

Anonymous said...

Hello miss Ale:

What a great game!! it was difficult to do some parts but I was abel to do finished the game.

Post more of this games.

santiago l.

Anonymous said...

hello Miss Ale

I played the game it was fun,,, it was quite a chalenge


Anonymous said...

hello is me male i was not feeling well so i didnt go to school...
Ive been trying the gsme its very fun, my record was get them all right in 45 seconds.

Anonymous said...

Miss ale
The game was fun and I liked it!
Keep Blogging.
Benjamin H

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I like a lot the game. At the first time I played I liked to throw the ninja stars but at the second time I realized it was by time. great game.
federico j

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale,

I loved the game. You have found something that is fun and educational. I think thes is a great game.

Andres G

Anonymous said...

Hi miss ale,
I played this game, and I find it rader difficult, but very interesting. I didn't remebered what the proverbs where, but this game freshed my mind.
I played 2 of the 3 levels because in the last one I had to go to eat and I coudn't commented(this happened yesterday). And today when I come to shcool the first thing i DO IS come to theblogg.
IN level 1 I got 1 minute with 3 seconds to do it. Well, I first had played a first time the level 1, but I had forgotten to read the exxplanation so I didn't knew what to do.
In the level 2 I mad a time of 1 minute and 12 seconds. Good?
Thank-you for posting very good posts and games
bye tomas j( That is bloggging again, then of some time...)