Thursday, 6 August 2009

I'm boarding the plane....

Who would like to join me?



Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
here I have you answers questions:
I would like to join you ovioly, going to the Fantasy world,in first class,in the seat 26B,the 24 of July.and obiosly sixyear is going to go,
I think that that are the answers for your questions,
see you tomarrow
a lot of kisses
Chiara.f 6C

Anonymous said...

hello miss ale,
I would join you right away and now because I want to go to Europe in first class. Cause I can't wait till next year when I would go with my father.
see you tomorrow,
santiago a

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale:
How are you?
Miss Ale I enterd to the wiki
and I did the work that I need
to do there that you said me at
the first on May ? well I chouse
the You spent the day with your grandfather. Tell about your day.
jaj Well about your quesitons well
I would like to go yes with you and
all me friends and me fameliy to a lovely place like well maby we are going to the Neverland of Peter pan
and we can se to PETER PAN AND cCApitan Garfield and all his pirats friends we need to stop in some places because the air plane needs to have some oil so me stop in Brazil and we are 1 day there and we go to the sea with all then we need to stop on Disney and we are 5 days there and we go to disney the park to all PARKS to have A LOT OF FUN then we go to THE VEGAS AND NEW YORK CITY then we travel till we are on Paris we go there to see some museams and than we go to London with the train under water . Then we go trough all the world and then we stop on Madagascar and there thay say as GET STILL and we go to the star of Never land flying. We go on First class and then Well I go on seat a 258Bse then well We go 22 of Agust on Delfis Birth day. Well em I dident blog for a lot of days because I dident have time and I was bussy with Hope well Esperanza is all wright me mother said us they could take all the tumor out and know she is on the hospital for some days there and then she is coming some days home, well about the blog I will be a keen bloger in some days Im going to blog all days jajaj but well Ale I enterd yesterday to see some storys of Me hero and there are very nice ones . Well tomorrow can I take the story of the monster of the Arroyo or something like that.
hugs oli
and see you tomorow
PD :A NEW KEEN BLOGGER i promesee you that i woul be it in some days but there will be some days that im going to left shortest coments well see yoou tomorow see
Kiss agin


Anonymous said...

oli P 6B

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale, We would LOVE to join your plane, really all 6th graders plane which will take us very far, and our next stop is 7th grade, which we are really excited about. We would not like to miss this plane nor catch it later. Well tell you about it later. Kisses XOXOXO Male and Delfi 6B

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale
Thank you for letting me go with you...
JAJA just I love traveling to any place in this word to learn about thir cultures and more.
I hope you have a nice trip.
Mateo N.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale
I would LOVE to join you.I would go to Europe in first class in the seat 16A the 8 th of April (my birthday) It would be great to go in a plane with all the members of our class to visit Europe.
It would be great.I will buy the tikets right NOW.

santi R said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I will shure o since I LOVE to go everywhere by plane, I like to watch the movies in the plane. and play solitaire (in buisness or first class!!)I need at least 8 hours to beat it!!!!. I don't likethe food y the planes bye
santi r
p.d. could you tell me if you got my essay BYE.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I would like to go right now and have fun, and the best is that we are going on first class in the seat 26B,
Well see you on Monday,

Agustina F.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale!
First of all, how are you??jaj, well, I like your posts vry much but this specific post really caught my attention because I did not understand it. Then, I started reading the "plane ticket" and I realized what it was all about.
I would LOVE going on that trip to Fantasy Wordl with you but I think I should make a stop in Rome (I really want to go there!!)
Well, talking about the plain I would prefer travelling by LAN in seat 17d and in Bussines Class. The date cuold be in September because we have vacation there and its a very good time for a trip.
Hope you like it!!!
Bye bye
Vicky Sc
ps: see you in Fantasy World this Monday!!

Domi said...

hello miss ale I would Like very much to board the fantasy plain with you and my classmates and I would also like you to tell us more about it...
See you on monday

Anonymous said...

Hello miss Ale!!

Very funny post! Keep like that!!

Answers for your questions:

I would like to join you wright away in your trip along this last year at primary! I want to take the flight on Wednesday 12.

States of the trip:

We will get on board on Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America, Real world.
After getting to an elevation of 200 feet, we will cross the mystic cloud of wisardry.
We will enter the bright star of magic during night and we will be automatically transported at a speed of 2.796.395.094.285 km per hour to dragon island (first checkpoint)
We will travell over the swimming bears sea and we will arrive to witch´es land after 2:30 hours (second checkpoint)
There we will stop to get some fuel and flying broom sticks. We will continue the trip over pink clouds during 45 min. and we will arrive to Jeti´s mountain (third checkpoint).
There, the pilot will land the plain and after we all get out, he will start the trip back to South America. Everybody will get an extra big flying broom stick and we will fly individually across the mountains ( being led by an expert guide).
We will arrive to Xemelhat, Mystic Islands, Fantasy world,(fourth and last checkpoint) after this. There we will land, finishing the 19:00 hours long trip.

See you soon:

Ramiro Sc

Anonymous said...

hello miss ale

I woud like to join and go to england in a boing 747-400 in the first class that is in the second floor, seat b line 5. I coud fly when de airoplain is ready.

rodrigo m

Beluu D said...

Hello Miss Alee,
JJAJJAJA! What a great idea the passport jajja! To the Fnatasy World...jajaj! I am really going to join you. It si a grat ideaaaaaa! The 24 of July, even it has already past by, to tthe Fantasy World on the 26 b! jaajaj! The post is original ands creative as the blog also, kisses

Anonymous said...

Well I would go in first class, to the REAL world because I admit I go to the fantasy world sometimes in class, and I would go now!


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale
I would love to join you it is a great idea to the fantasy world. The next stop is in 7th grade and I will do the best to get there!!!!!!! a great efort.

for all the childrens from 6th have a lovely child day
xoxox martu.r 6a

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
here i have your answers questions:
I would like to join you, now I want to go to Europe in first class obviesly in American Airlines.See you tomorrow!!!
Segundo 6C

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,

Obviously I would like to join. I would like to go to exotic places on summer walking (or on an elephant). I hope you liked my creativity (jaja).

See you tomorrow,

Ramiro Sa.

Anonymous said...

hello miss ale,
first i would really like to join you, i would go to new zealand and i would go right NOW.
jero d.c 6b

Anonymous said...

hello miss ale:
Im sorry for not blogging last week, but I never touched the computer, only to do the essay, because I slept very, very early(imagine at 5pm).
Now the answers,
I would love to join you on the trip. But is it too long?, because I have just come from 14 + 3 hours trip weel more because there are two of those (go and come).jajaja. Although the trip I had a great time.
I wonder how it will be the fantasy world, when we cross to it the 24/7 as the ticket says.... I have never been there nor now anyone who has, a yes I remember one, peter pan!!except for him nobody else. I think the trip will be fantastic, we will get to know new places, very different from the ones from here and also know new people(if there are there).
there is something very strange about the ticket of the rapidlyplane, that I know that it is a special plane and there are very few people that know that it is a special train that only goes to other worlds.the strange thing is tha I nevr saw a plane ticket for around 80 people, I saw the maximum 1. can tha be posible????
well see you tomorow and I will start preparing my belongings for the trip jajaja
sofi 6c

Anonymous said...

hello miss ale,
first I would really like to join you, I would go to Itally.
bye federico j

Anonymous said...

Who would like to join me?
Hello Miss Ale, I would like to join you, because I never went to a fantasy world, that would be fantastic!!!
the blog is great...keep on posting
meli b

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale

I will like to acomanw to frace, Egypt and Europe. I will like to go on a Suturday. Going in a plane with you and a freind.
Good tript, No?

Martina. Teigeiro 6A

fede said...

Hello mis ale

I would like to fly to Cuba in first class, Next to the window, on December the 3rd. In AMERICAN AIRLINES.
Keep on posting
Fede G

belu said...

hello miss ale
I would like to join you in the plane in first clas to the fantasy world from the real world and we already are there starting our new project
belu s

Anonymous said...

Hello miss ale:
I would love to go to the fantasy world! It must be fun!!!
vicky j m 6b