Sunday, 23 October 2011


Thank you Luli for sharing this wonderful video!!
What do you all think?


Sofi K said...


Wow!! I am really impressed by this video! It is excellent, by the way it is made! How they first explain what happened to that person and then the name, it is incredible! I had no idea, all those things that happened to those persons! Amazing! I have to say that I never thought (for example) That a memebr of the beatles had been rejected from recording! WOW!
I really liked the video!
See you tomorrow!

Tomas.G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
This video left me with a supprised face!!!
I really liked this video.The way he uses to tell people about the person and the way he failed is very hooking. Maybe those people became people known for not giving up and following there dreams. Thats ho they got to the place they were,all people who are very well known in many parts of the world because they failed but did not give up. I like the sentence he says at last: " If you never failed .... you never lived" Life = Risk. Everybody has failed many times and i am sure that they will fail some time again.
See you tomorow!!

santos m said...

Hi Miss Ale,
This is a fantastic video! It is excellent and I learned a lot. I have never heard some of the stories about those famous people and how difficult it was for them to fullfil their dreams.
This video is trying to tell us that you may fail, but you must learn from your mistakes in order to succeed in the end!
See you in class!

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

I think that is the same video that you put only that it says "Life=Risk" and less examples but better made for me there is no message in that everyone makes mistakes, big mistakes like Steve Jobs never finished University he learned caligrafy or something like that and made a good use of it Walt Disney with Mickey. Thomas Edison was deff not stupid he always searched for more and didnt stop working. If the message is to make a good use with what you have its good but if not tell me tommorow that I dont understand what these video says because its better the one you put than this one.

See you tommorow

Marcos L said...

Miss Ale:
This video is realy amazing; thanks Luli for sharing with you and you for share it with us. The message is realy "powerful" in some way, because know one could think that Walt Disney was rejected for little imagination. The message sais "Life=Risk". It is correct because if we don't have risks we will never learn.
See you tomorrow.

Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale,
The video was extremely motivational! I love the part of the video that said that the Beatles were turned down by the recording company and now they are one of the most famous band in the world! I like this video because it shows how some people can discourage others, but if you trust yourself and know your talents you can accomplish your goals. As The Beatles didn't give up and kept on trying by correcting mistakes and giving it another try to their style of music!
See you tomorrow!
Ernestina P.

vicky b said...

Hi Miss Ale!
This video is fantastic the moral is VERY clear and is true! We all have to take a risk and also make mistakes for that we can learn of our mistakes!!
It is very interesting to know all the information that they give you in this video.
I like the part at the end that says:
Good video Luli!!!!
See you tomorow Miss Ale!

Luca M said...

Hi miss Ale,
What an excellent video. It was short but it showed you very important things. Like someone that failed became someone important. Like Michael Jordan. He was cut from the high school basketball and then became the best basketball player in the world. Or Thomas Edison. They told him he was to stupid and then he invented the light bulb!!!! This gave me a conclusion: Life is a Risk. You have to take risk to become good at something.
See you on tomorrow

Mariano P said...

Hi Miss Ale

I can not belive what I saw so many famous people ho did not have that talent and now they are very famous people that did something very importamt.

See You

Mariano P said...

Hi Miss Ale

I can not belive what I saw so many famous people ho did not have that talent and now they are very famous people that did something very importamt.

See You

Agostina G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
This video was excellent, thank you and luli for shearing this video with us. This really got me impressive all dose famous people!! After all I realized that I did't now so much things about dose person.
I like the video very much thank you.
See you tomorrow!!!

Milo.C 6c said...

I Miss Ale this Heroes were marvelous because they made many good things to the people or the world.
See you tomorrow Miss Ale!!!

Manu T said...

Miss Ale:

This video shows that all the historic people in the history of the world had some failures and everyone said they were too bad at what then they became the greatest at. The video was amazing.

See you tommorow, Manu T

juanchi said...

I really liked this video and it gives you a great moral. See you tomorrow.

mariaF said...

Hi miss ale
I think it is a wonderfull video because all those people they show were very inportant in our life and also it was great because the message it give us is ver true because in life there are many risk that we have to go over, many difficulties to overcom because they are part of life.
And also to reach what you want we have to overcome many obstacles like all this heroes that the video showed did. Thankyou luli and you (miss ale) for shoing us this wonderfull video.

Bianca F said...

Hi Miss Ale
This video is great, in each video I learn more things. This video means that its good to be wrong in things because you learn from your errors. My mom and my dad tells me this each time I wrong in something. This video means a lot to me, I loved it! Thank you, sxee you tomorrow.

matias.c said...

miss ale i loved the video because it was relly shoking to think that all these stars and heroes started from 0 loved your vide by


andy e said...

Very nice video. I liked it because it taked about famous people and how they were that way. It tells a very truth: life = Risk. I was very nice and too I liked the fact of including a video a year 6 student shared.

Santos L.A said...

Hi Miss Ale
I liked the video very much Im surprised what a very good video

justina b said...

Hello miss ale i think i didnt understand this video ...... But i didnt know the beatles were rejected
see you

Nacho B said...

Miss Ale
I like very much this excellent video, I leard a lot of things. Thanks to puting this incredibles videos.

ines m said...

Hi Miss Ale
What a great video that luli send you now I know the meaning of living.

Andres ku said...

Hello Miss Ale that video is really cool I like that I says that you have to fail before you succeed.

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
Luli haved shared this video with me the same day and the same time she send it! I really like this video! They haved failed upon the ehings he wantged and what, now they are HEROES. I really dont remember, what happend to Walt Disney? He is alive or died they say he is frozen long ago.....
See us,

Anonymous said...

HI miss Ale
Wow!! This video is very good, all the people that did great things, when they were small they had difficulties with that things. It shows you that life it is risk, and that if you never had failed you have never lived.

andres said...

what a exelent video I can belive whhen all that fameus people wher not famus and now they are

see you next week

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
I have seen the video.It is very impressive.I think that maybe some people,a part of there lifes was not very good.But then they became heroes to the world and this persons never gave up on there dream.For example Michael Jordan was cut from a basketball team and now his one of the best basketball what all players in the world.So all this people have done incredible things and no matter what people said about them they never give up on what they are doing.I hope that you can put more videos of heroes in the blog.I really liked the video!
See you tomorrow!
Clara G

Jacques. G said...

This video is really interesting because of how the man spoke and what he said and also the characters he chose. The moral is a true one, if you did not fail, you did not live.

Lucas E said...

This video really impresed me because Live=Risk. I loved how first they explained and then they showed the images. I realized that learning heroes is very good and interesed.

Benjamin.p said...

Hi Miss Ale

This video is prtty impesive, it is exelent.I had no idea of what it talk the video about, the things that happened to the people.
See you tomorrow.

justo l said...

I think this is just another great video that shows that you never have to give up on your dreams and just keep on trying until you succeed. As I said in the other post, I think it is good to show these things especially when we are talking about our personal heroes. And I think that this shows that when you look for a hero, you don't have to look for someone with perfect background, full of diplomas and stuff, you have to look for someone with the initiative to be a hero, someone that perseveres. This also shows if somebody ever had a dream that he gave up on, he should start again and keep on trying until he accomplishes it.

Fede D said...

I realy limes the video it is very impressive the way it critizice the heroes and celebrities. I tink this video really want to express a reflection of what the creator thinks in one or two words about the heroe it self.

pila m said...

It is a very good video and I learn't that important lesson: "life = risk"
I am very impressed in all this people who were rejected and dissmissed by many people and after they became VERY important, and known people.

juana otaño said...

Miss Ale,

Wow! this video is very impressive! I liked that this is true, easy to understand, and it has a moral: we are not perfect, we make mistakes and we have to learn of them, we have to take risks! I like the title: "Life= risk= motivation" wich means that they are very important in our lifes!
Amazing video Luli!! Realy liked it!! it teaches a lot!!

see you + Luli tomorrow!


Rocío PR said...

Hi Miss Ale,
This video was incredible!!! One of the things that most motivated me is that not only, failure help us to live better, but also you don't have to depend on what people think and say about you. You don't have to give up, you have to let your dreams come true, thats what heroes do.
See you!!!

GianfrancoE said...

Hello Miss Ale
This video is very good because who would say that people with such a talent could be rejected from the newspaper and the school but the video it´s right life is risk and you have to try and try to reach your goals.

Clara V said...

Hello Miss ALe
What a great video, thank you Luli, it was very similar to the other one, but all the same I learn new things and with other people and I got a new message because I said it in the video in the other video I had my own message. Keep on posting videos like this ones, every new video, every new message in life.
See you Clara V 6A

manda said...

does anyone know who made this video?