Saturday, 8 October 2011

Heroes Collaborative Document

This week we started working on the new collaborative project on heroes using Google docs.

Here are some tips:

  • Remember to follow the steps for a successful paraphrasing.

  • Apply the “double check rule.” Return to the original material to confirm you used your own words.

  • It is extremely important for you to do lots of research, that means, READ, READ and READ all the necessary sources so that you find interesting information about your hero.

  • Once you believe it is finished: pass SPELL CHECK,

  • Re read the whole biography to see that there are no repetitions.

  • Please avoid erasing other peer's contribution. Leave a polite comment.

  • Remember to write short sentences and include full stops and capital letters after them.
You are doing fine. Keep on working hard and enjoy it! Have a nice weekend!


Clara V said...

Hello Mis Ale
how good are ruede tips I hope they are gong to be usefull to write my Collaborative Document. I would never thought about these tips si us the Document us gong to be even better.
Hope you hace a great long weekend ser you on Tuesday,Clara V 6A

Hugo P said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I also found these tips useful because I saw them when I was doing the collaborative document and I used them and I found them very useful.

Pedro B said...

Miss Ale
I Like this project , its very good.

Ana G said...

Hi Miss Ale
These rules were very useful when writing the collavorative document. Thank you for putting them in the blog.
See you on Tuesday

Mariano P said...

Hi Miss Ale

I loved that you put all thoes tips they wold be very good help for me, to rite a beater Collaborative document, what ever document.

See You

Sofi G said...

Hi Miss Ale
This tips will really help us in our collaborative document on heroes this will be very useful. When we used them I am sure that our Doc will be better!!!
Thank you!!

Alex D said...

Hello Miss Ale,
This tips can help us a lot and they are very useful as Ana said. Thank you for putting them in the blog, they help me a lot.
Alex D

justo l said...

I like the project, but it isn't easy to work on it if we are nine in the project and we work on it at different times. So if we are not face to face, it will be much more difficult for us to agree on what to put, anyway I like the idea.

Matias O said...

Hi miss Ale
This are very helpful tips to use in our fantastic heroes project I will copy them in a document for me to think like saying what things I have to do I just open the document and READ,READ andREAD

Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Ale,
Thank you for the tips because they are going to be very useful. I like this project. I am going to use them in the collabaritive document.Wel thank you for putting this in the blog because i can see it wenever i want!!!!
See you on tuesday!!!

Juli C said...

Hi Miss Ale:
I am enjoying alot this mini holidays.
About this new project I am very happy because it is easier to do the work this way.
Keep on with the work in net books!
See you at school on Tuesday,

Pedro.A said...

I found this tips very useful I already used some and later Im going to use more.

Juana O said...

Miss Ale, thank you for putting us the tips, now I know were I can take some advantages, I visit the blog! Now out group Will have a great collaborative héroe document!

See you tomorrow


Clara G said...

Hi Miss Ale
Thank you for the tips.They will really help me for the Collaborative Document.I will keep working like this and I will keep reading books.I will follow the tips so that I can make a great document.I hope that you had a very nice long weekend.
See you tommorow!
Clara G

Roxie said...

Hello Miss Ale,
Thank you Miss Ale so much for the tips! I hope that they will help me a lot when I am writing more about Eleanor Roosevelt. She is a very interesting woman and I love studding about her.
See you tomorrow!

Ernestina P. said...

Miss Ale,
Thank you for giving us this tips are very helpful and I will take it into account while checking my works.
I hope all of us had a very good long weekend see you tomorrow.
Ernestina P.

Miranda C said...

Hi Miss Ale
Thanks for putting this, as Ernestina said, this is very helpfull. I will use them a lot.
See you

Paulina B said...

Hi Miss Ale
I enjoy a lot using google docs with this work of heroes!!
This tips are very useful to organaize our staff for the biography!
See you tomorrow, PAULINA

Paulina B said...

Hi Miss Ale
I enjoy a lot using google docs with this work of heroes!!
This tips are very useful to organaize our staff for the biography!
See you tomorrow, PAULINA

Justina B said...

Miss Ale,
Thanks for the tips you gave us, they will be very useful to me because I need to correct some things! Thanks for the help
See you on Tuesday, Justina

Belén D said...

Hi Miss Ale:
I think that the tips that you gave us are very useful. And they would help me a lot to write the collaborative document. Thank you for the very good tips.
Belen D

andy e said...

Thank you miss ale. I find this Tips very usefull. When We continue with this project I'll use them. This will help me and my group make better our work.

SilvestreB said...

Hi Miss Ale
That tips are very useful for my Collaborative Document. Now Ineed to correct some thing because I saw this tips.

pilar m said...

I agree with Pedro that I like this project because we can learn in a happy way because we can work with a friend. Thank you for putting this tips.I also agree with clara and Hugo that I find the tips very useful because I couldnt remember them very well so now I can take them into acount when I am writing in the Collaborative Document.
Miss Ale:
I am doing a separate google docs because I am reading a book of eleanore roosevelt so while I go reading, I go riting some things so to remember, and then in class, I start writing the biography.

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think this tips are very good, when we are working we think about this tips and do the right thing... I dont know if to print it or not, maybe you can give to each of us one so when we are doing the collaborative project we go reading the steps. I really like this project!! Its lot of fun working in friends an discussing about the hero!
See us,

Sophia O. said...

Hi Miss Ale:
Thank you for the tips!!!!
I think they are really useful I am going to try and follow them and try not to do copy paste, I have to learn how to paraphrase.

Thank you

Bautista T said...

I have to start all again from 0 because I did another thing that was from "B".
See you.

Manu T. said...

Miss Ale:
Thank you for giving these useful tips for the collaborative document of heroes. Every time I have a doubt I will reccur to these tips.

See you tommorow, Manu T.

Santos L.A said...

Hi Miss Ale,
Thankyou for your tips they are very usefull.

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

I looked for allot of information I dont understand why he is a hero because he has a Nobel prize in Chemistry for that I take a Nobel price in Economy and im a hero.

Agostina G said...

Hi Miss Ale
Thank you for putting rude tips so I think is going to be very usefull to write on my Collaborative Document. When we use them I think that are going to help us to be better that what it was.
Thank you!!
See you tomorrow

Andres ku said...

Hello Miss Ale
These tips are very good and they are going to help me in my writing, thanks for the tips, see you tomorrow
Andres ku

GianfrancoE said...

Hi Miss Ale
Thanks for the tips I always forget to re-read what I write so thanks because I always have spelling mistakes.

Jacques. G said...

I found this text very useful for my collaborative document because i went through my work and knew i had to do something.

Ines m said...

Hiss Miss Ale
We are very lucky of having this tips of the colaborative document because now we can improve our writting about heroes.

Rocío PR said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I find this tips very usefull, they will help me alot to paraphrase. I will be sure to comply all the tips. Thankyou for puting this tips.
See you.

Bianca F said...

Hi Miss Ale
These tips are very usefull. I think this unit of heroes is very important because we learn lots of things like: important fact about the hero that we didn't knew, how to paraphrase that it is connected to Plagiarism, what is trat, what are the traits of the hero and I think that during the untit I will learn more!
Bye, see you tomorrow

Santos M said...

Hi Miss Ale,

These tips were fantastic in order to finish the collaborative document! They are very useful, and I was able to use three or four.
Thanks for your help!
See you

Francisco.a 6b said...

Hi Miss Ale,
What useful are that tips. It is going to help me alot in my collaborative document and I am going to improve it. Thank you for putting those useful tips.

Anonymous said...

Hello miss Ale
The tips are very useful!! I am going to use them.

justina b said...

anks for the tips they will be very usefull .

Conrado MF said...

Hello Ale thanks for the help steps i am trying my best and i know all my group is as well.
See you soon.

Andres ku said...

Hello Miss Ale
Thank you for putting this Up it will help me be a better writer and help me with the document.
See you Monday
Andres ku

Bautista T said...

Thank you for helping us!!
I will use them!!

Gaborg said...

Hi miss ale
I already knew pretty much everything you put now because before you had posted an interactive game were you learned about plagiarism, but still i liked this help
See you tommorow

Pedro S said...

Hi Miss Ale!
I´m pretty sure this tips can be very useful for and other mates. Um and about the ideas I don´t have any! (last comment)

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I think these tips that your put are very useful and I am going to use them a lot. When I finish writing my part on the document, I will remember these tips and use them. Thank you!!
See you on Monday!!

Marcos L said...

Miss Ale:
It is difficult to read and read and read something of Rene Favaloro; as you said in class, there are many few sources about him. I have read many pages but not so much as all the other groups!

manuel.b said...

Thank you for these guidlines,
they are very useful!

Tomas S said...

Hi Miss Ale,
this tips are very usfull I think I have to take them into account. Thank you know you gaved me some very usfull tips and that would make me improve allot my work. Than you very much!!!!!

Lourdes I said...

Hi Miss Ale:
I think that there are some very good tips and there are very usefuul for me to write the collaborativw document and, as clara V said, these tips will make my doc much better

Soifa C 6A said...

Hi Miss Ale,
Thankyou for giving us these tips but we already finished so I think they will be helpful for the next time! I tryed to paraphrase but I don't know if I did it correctly! I did what I understood! I think it was also better to use a google doc instead of using paper so we can know what other children did so we can keep on from that point!
See you on Monday
Sofi C

juanchi T said...

Thank you for the tips I will use them.

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Ale!
This tips were very useful to me when writing about Eleanor Roosevelt. I think I have done well, and, although you may always have a small temptation of don´t paraphrasing, I think I have paraphrased well and used all the tips I could to do it well.
See you and thank you for the tips!