Saturday, 4 September 2010

Hero Traits

We have been working with hero traits. I challenge you to complete this puzzle to check on your vocabulary. Click on the link below and have fun!
These traits might help you: caring. helpful, self-confident, understanding, humble, optimistic, determined, pacifist, patient, hardworking, perseverant, unselfish, leader, courageous.
All the best! Have a nice weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Hello miss Ale,
What a nice game it was fun trying to guess the words I asked for help!. I think it is Enjoyable to work on character traits.How do you feel after the operation?. Keep on putting games, for me it is really catching.
See You,

Carolina said...

Hi Miss Ale!!!
I liked a lot this game. I love this type of puzzles! I am liking a lot this project. I love to learn about heroes an what they did. Something that I like is that we learn more vocabulary for our stories. We don't have to use the same adjectives any longer, we can use the character traits or our SUPER ADJECTIVES!!!
By the way... How are you feeling? Are you getting better?

Anonymous said...

Hello miss ale,
a loved making puzzles becausse is funny and interesting , it catch yo to play like five times and its incredible.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale,
The game is awsome! I had in progress 100%. As I didn´t know all the chracter traits. I had to cop them and paste them in a word document.
But well, the game was very good. How do you find all the games about verbs, character traits, similes etc?
Well, Keep on putting games.
Lourdes Undem 6c

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale
I liked doing this puzzels its very funny get the correct word in this types of games.
Kisses, see you tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Hello miss ale:
i am sorry I´m late blogging, but well this game is supper fun I loved it I only got 4 words wright but well it doesent matter the thing is that this game, this post in general is great I loved the game it was fun.

Well going to keep on blogging
bye bye
see you tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale
Great gamme!!! I loved it
this game looked intresting because I love GUESSING!!!It is so much fun, this time it wasn´t that easy so I thought some more and I got´it!!
What fun, as I always say, games are very healthy for your mind.
I think that if you really think hard you can realise that there are MANY HEROES who made a positive change!! Well that´s a hero aspect....

Nice game, I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valen P.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
It is a very nice game to play. I learned a lot about what each word means. Anyway, I got confused with the words: SELF-CONFIDENT and UNDERSTANDING. The rest I've got them all right.

Axel said...

HI Miss Ale,
Excellent crossword of Hero Traits! I could finally do it after ten minutes at home!
See you,

Axel G

Anonymous said...

I had alot of fun!!!
thanks for posting it nicky

Anonymous said...

Hello mis Ale
It was nice to try to guess all the words someones I didnt no, i asked for help. Its a nice game and a inteligent game.


Anonymous said...

Hi miss ale,
It was a very good game, i enjoyed it and i thought it was very difficult but at last not.

Marco S