Tuesday, 24 August 2010

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Please click on the link below. Read the information and leave a comment saying what type of writing is this one.
Do you know anything else about this person?


carolina said...

Hi Miss Ale!
The World War II really impressed me. We read in Social Studies Number the Stars and it was very shocking. Something that called my attention is that Ellen one of the main characters of the story wanted to be and actress just as Anne Frank. I am really interested in reading Anne Frank's Diary but I don't have time so.. I will see when I can. I didn´t know that she died being so young. I cant imagine living in an attic for two years! It is a lot of time. It must be terrible. This type of writing is a biography, I think so. I can´t believe that she went to Montessori. I went there when I was little.
Two question... They killed her in a concentration camp but his father survived and died because he was old?
Everything that we know about her is because of her diary.
This topic really impresses me.
Really good post!
Something that I wanted to ask you is about the home work because I've been absent and I need to catch up and I wanted you to tell me what are the things that I should do please.

Anonymous said...

Hello miss ale,
I am reading a book about her. Her story is really interesting. The
WW2 REALLY IMPRESED ME. Are we going to work with this subject in class?. I have the same question as caro:
They killed her in a concentration camp but his father survived and died because he was old?
The diary is really interesting.
Did you read it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale
I know about ANNE FRANK! Anne Frank has a diary!! World´s war impresed me a lot! We are going to investigate about Anne Frank? Well. I am here sick in my house but tommorow I am going to school.
Bye Bye
Bauti Vf 6C

Alina said...

Hi Miss Ale!
The information is about Anne Frank's Biographie... It really shocked me to death! Poor her to die sooo young!! I really think I have the same dream, become an actress and I am passionate about books! I will try and read Anne's Diary...
Thanks a ton!

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale
Anne Frank had an amazing life well not that amazing In her thirtennth birthday she was given a diary were she wrote about her life and dreams,Her family was asked to go to a work camp but in stead they hid in a Attic with another family for 2 yearsshe died at age 15 in a concentration camp and was buried in a grave mass , t would be very sad to be given the diary of your daughter who died. I am looking foward to reading her book. I liked the book number the Stars but I would have liked it better if it went more in subject. I think miss Alice will teach us about this but I can't wait !!!!!!
I wan't to hear about her life and how she was treated. This type of writting is a biography, biographys are written by someone . They tell a part or all the life of someone.
great post and beside I think this subject is very interesting an d catchy

Axel said...

Hi Miss Ale from Posadas,
This is a biography of Anne Frank, it talks about her diary, how she did an autobiography of how the Germans were persecuting her and all Jewish people. It is very sad all the story of the Second World War because 40000000 people died only because a man called Hitler wanted lots of power and attacked the world with all he had.
See you,

Axel G

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs Ale!!!!!!
World War II was really sad and with a lot o history to study. I think this type or writing of what I just read is a way to write biographys. I know some of Anne Frank's history but I am full of doubts such as the one of Caro and Ana. How difficult it should be for Jewish people to live I imagen, I can't believe waht Adolf Hitler did. I algo know that Anne Frank is a real person who existed and There is a diary which someone transformed it into a book it is cold Anne Frank's Diary and I was going to start reading it, but I didn't have time so I decided to live for vacations of for when I have more time. There are lots of things I want to know aobut World War II, I got lots of questions.

Valentina P. said...

Hello Miss Ale!!!
I clicked on the click button and I read the information that appeared in your wiki. I´ve got shocked of what it said. That a Jewish German girl had to hide for her life in an old atic with another family. We started to learn about the Industrial revolution and that also was lo´t of suffering but not as the World War II. In Social Studies Miss Alice said we would start learning about World War II, about Hitler, Nazi occupation. We read a book in our Winter Holidays named Number the Stars. I loved that book, because I love history and that book talkes about a 10 yera-old girl who hids her Jewish best friend prettending she is her sister, who then escapes to Sweedan that is a country where the Nazi never went.
Anna Frank was killed in a concentration camp, for me those camps are one of the worst the things of WWII, they lied and said it was a beautiful place. Now a days you can go and visit to them. Thanks to this girl who wrote in her diary we know the real feeling of what was happening and of the point of view of a teenage girl. One day I was in a taxi and I started talking with the taxi driver and he told me that there is a woman who was part of the WWII and that she is a Jewish and on her birthdays TV cams go and film her. And they say she is always smiling because nothign would be that bad of what she lived, now she is very old but she is always with a good mood, that is what he told me.

The WWII was a big war where injustice was everywhere, also it was another place another time, and we think much more different from what they did.

This writing of Anna Frank I read is a biography with important dates abot her life.

I know it was something horrible but I do want to learn about this topic, I want to try to analyse peoples way of thinking at that time and see if we really changed because they´re was a very big discrimination of Jewish people, and now, not only for religion we don´t make wars but we discriminate with our words.

I read 2 books because I wanted and one at school about WWII. Escape from war that there are diarys of 2 childen a nazi and a jewish you read from one side one and on the other side the other one adn then they meet in the middle. And I read Anna Frank.

Valen P. 6A

Anonymous said...

It is soo sad to live ina an attic, to be cought and get killed so young!!
This story impressed me alot!

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale I dont know a lot about Anne Frank I cant believe she lived in an attic to hide from the Nazis.This type of writing is a biography where they tell a little bit of her life. When I went to Washington I went to the Holocaust Museum it is very impressive when you see how the Nazis made the jewish houses explode adn when in the concentration camps they took out the air to make the jewish people die because they didn´t have air. You could also see when the war ended all the children and people very skinny and eating a lot
Bye Marina 6b

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale,
I read the dairy of Anne Frank and I really liked that book. I can beleive that a girl of 13, 14 or 15 years could have written that. I knew that they weren't found, somebody told nazi's soldiers were they hide. Also I knew that they potatoes and that there were several fights between her mother and his father and all that was written in her dairy. When they were captured, her father wasn't as he wasn't in his home at that moment, and after the war finished and her family was murdered he married again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale I new Anne Frank from the second world war having to escape being in an atic for two years how she could survive it is incredeble I realy enjoy the biography because her life was fool of pain and sadnes and deingerous it was so sad to imagen the ar all the people dieing many childrens that lost themir families realy it ws horrible now that we are studing this topic Im going to start redding the Diary of Anne frank
By Dolores S.G

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale!!
Anne Frank, I don t really know who she is but I think that she could be someone of the book "Number the stars" because that book was in Denmark and was about the Naziz that were German persons who killed her!!
bye clari.c

Anonymous said...

Hi ale
The writing is biography that tells the life of anne frank during the war.
I new about her because my mother read the book and told it to me. We were all impressed because how they lived and what they eated. Also my grandfather was in the second world war and he is jewish so he had to hide as she did also in an attic and he told me that he eated what he could get at night on the woods like tulip bulps and many nights he nearly didn´t eated. Also a friend of of my grandparents was in the two world wars and in the second his father had gone to a concentration camp and he with his brothers did something to distract the guards and saved him.

Anonymous said...

Hello miss ale:
Well, this diary rememberd me about the world war II, not because I read it but well I read it, it remined me about NUMBER THE STARS...
What I couldent belive that she died when she was 15 years old.
Well it was reali shocking.

well I need to go to sleep now it is realy late.
bye bye
see you tomorrow
lots of kisses
bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

it is interesting
the mystery boy

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
I think there were two separated biographies, one was a short version and the other one was the long one. I like the fact that a 15 years old girl's diary could become in one of the most read books in the world.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ale:
I read the text and is very good, poor Anne Frank had to died at 15 years old!
This is a biography, but its not in order like you told us today, its a bit messy but I understand it.
see you tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Ale,
This is what I know of Anne Frank:
She is a girl that wrote a diary in the middle of the World War 2
(WW2)like Number the Stars. I didn't read her diary but when Sol was reading it she told me a bit of what it was about. I wanted to read it but I didn't have time. I don't like Wars but not only because they are WARS, because lots of people sufre, lose familarities, homes and are separeted from everything around them. And some are tortued in special places with gas and wipes it is terrible. I never been in a War but I imagen( after reading Number the Stars and before) how people feel in that difficult time.
I hope there is never ever a War in Argentina or Central America or North America.
Keep on posting
See you in class
Lucia L. 6a Fleming